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Island: Chinese hat Voyagers Travel Specialists
Island: Chinese hat Voyagers Travel Specialists
Island: Chinese hat Voyagers Travel Specialists
Island: Chinese hat Voyagers Travel Specialists

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Chinese Hat island

This volcanic Islands has the form of a Chinese hat

With penguins, if the only sight one has seen in that on Animal Planet, then one would think that if they have seen one, they have seen them all. But this isn’t so, for a sight of the Galapagos Penguins strutting across the scenic plain is something to be enjoyed especially. The Chinese Hat Island is one of the most curious places to be seen, because of the funny shape of the Island when seen from afar. The shape is that of a Chinese hat turned upside down, and it is best approached from the North. It is from the North that the shape of the Chinese Hat is best observed.

The Chinese Hat Island is the southernmost part of the Santiago Island. Galapagos Penguins and eagles are active across this patch of the land which is also very beautiful for visitors who just come to see and enjoy the scenery. The adventurous eagles glide over the blue waters and make for the best scenes to watch. The island is hardly one square kilometer in size, but it is one of the most beautiful strips of land and sea ever seen together.

For those who are in wait to see sea lions, there is a cove right here and can be seen as soon as the tour boats drop anchor. If one is ready to make the wet landing and has the adventurous spirit within them, then picking up the 400-meter long trail on foot is a great way to spot the sea lions and the iguanas. One can even go swimming or snorkeling in the blue waters.

For visitors, this is one of those sites best enjoyed with the narrative of your naturalist guide. It is a popular cruise landing site on all central Island itineraries. Be sure to carry a camera to take pictures of marine iguanas, several species of birds and even the natural beauty of the cove. The really good photographer would enjoy the challenge of capturing the cone shape of the island from afar.

This cone is a formation that comes from recent volcanic activity and is a pretty interesting study from the geological point of view as well.

Island: Chinese hat Voyagers Travel Specialists
Island: Chinese hat Voyagers Travel Specialists

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