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Encircling the Central Islands on Luxury Catamaran Cruise

Circle around the amazing Central Islands of Galapagos and its marvelous visitor sites filled with endemic and untamed wildlife, volcanic landscapes and snorkeling in the most incredible sites filled with marine life. All this while enjoying the luxury, stability and comfort that your Catamaran offers.

Activity level: Moderate
Ship: Cormorant Cruise information here

►  DAY 01: Santa Cruz Island: Bachas Beach   Details

Bachas Beach Galapagos IslandsDAY 1 Saturday: Santa Cruz Island: Bachas Beach

Arrival to Baltra Airport where the yacht’s Guide will be expecting you to take you to the Catamaran to start your amazing journey. Sail to Bachas Beach, located on the north shore of Santa Cruz. One of the few remnants of the U.S. World War II presence in the Galapagos, a floating pier, can be seen here. You may also see flamingos, Sally Lightfoot crabs, hermit crabs, black necked stilts, and whimbrels. Sea turtles also nest off the beach.

►  DAY 02: Bartolome Island & Santiago Island  Details

DAY 2 Sunday: Bartolome Island & Santiago Island

Bartolome Island Galapagos | Voyagers TravelAM: Bartolome Island

Home of the famous Pinnacle Rock, Bartolome consists of an extinct volcano with a variety of red, orange, black and even green volcanic formations. A trail of stairs leads to the summit of the volcano, boasting one of the best views of the islands. The beach is perfect for snorkeling and possible sightings of the Galapagos penguin, reef-sharks and rays.

PM: Santiago Island

A pristine coral beach landing leads you towards a lava field as far as the eye can see. Hunt and peck over the two distinguished types of lava formations, pahoehoe, for signs of plant life that have managed to emerge over the past 100 years since the most recent volcanic explosion. A truly amazing volcanic experience…up close and personal!

►  DAY 03: South Plaza Island & Santa Fe Island Details

South Plazas Island, GalapagosDAY 3 Monday: South Plaza Island & Santa Fe Island

AM: South Plaza Island

In the morning, you will head to South Plaza Island. This small island with steep cliffs was formed by rising lava and is now covered by Opuntia cacti. It is home to one of the largest sea lion colonies as well as colorful yellow and red land iguanas and you will also spot Nazca-Boobies and Swallowed-tailed Gulls. The most characteristic plant is Sesuvium. During the rainy season its color is a greenish to yellowish tone and in the dry season (end of June through January) a bright red.

PM: Santa Fe Island

Santa Fe is home to the small picturesque bay and anchorage on the island’s northeast coast. The bay has two visitor trails, one leading to a scenic viewpoint atop a cliff, and the other spanning from a small beach to a tall prickly pear cactus forest.

►  DAY 04: San Cristobal Island: Witch Hill & Pitt Point  Details


DAY 4 Tuesday: San Cristobal Island: Witch Hill & Pitt Point

Punta Pitt-San Cristobal Island | Voyagers TravelAM: Witch Hill

Located on the northern coast, this eroded hill and its surroundings present one of the most picturesque beaches in the Galapagos with its white powdery sand and the abundance of animals. Wildlife includes sea turtles, rays, and various types of booby birds. The clear water provides an excellent opportunity for enjoying swimming and snorkeling with playful sea-lions and tropical fish.

PM: Pitt Point

Pitt Point is situated on the northeastern tip of the island, hosts frigate birds, storm petrels, and all three types of boobies: Blue-footed, Nazca and Red-footed. A steep trail goes up a cliff and through a ravine leading visitors to an area with an abundance of birds and sea-lion colony. This site is also great for snorkeling!

►  DAY 05: San Cristobal: Tortoise Breeding Center  Details

DAY 5 Wednesday:  San Cristobal: Tortoise Breeding Center

Galapagos Tortoises | Voyagers TravelAM: Tortoise Breeding Center

This is a new visitor site in the northeast part of San Cristobal Island and can now be reached in roughly one hour by road from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. In the Breeding Center, you will be able to admire the hatchling turtles from their birth until the are 120 days old when the grown turtles are taken to their natural habit.
After the morning excursion you will be taken to the airport for your flight to the mainland.







Cormorant Galapagos Cruise | Itinerary Map | Voyagers Travel


  • Discover the marvels of the Marine Reserve by snorkeling in one of the most amazing sites of the Central Islands like Witch Hill.
  • Hike along fantastic cliffs along South Plaza Island with the company of Land Iguanas and Nazca Boobies.
  • Witness the majestic views from Pinnacle Rock at Bartolome and swim with lovely Galapagos Penguins.
  • Enjoy the unique views, sunrises and sunsets from your stateroom’s private balcony or from the boat’s large sun-deck & Jacuzzi.


  All programed visits as per itinerary with specialized naturalist bilingual guide;
  Accommodation in twin/double cabin with private facilities;
  All meals on board, drinking purified water, coffee and tea;
  Snorkeling equipment (fins, mask & snorkel), wet-suits & sea-kayaks;
  Transfers within the islands on cruise dates as per itinerary;
  Personalized 24/7 assistance during tour.


  Airfare to/from Galapagos from/to Mainland Ecuador (to be added);
  Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee US$100 per person (in cash only upon arrival);
  Galapagos Migration Card US$20 in cash per person (at Mainland’s Airport);
  Alcoholic/soft drinks, personal expenses, extras, and tips;
  Travel, medical & cancelation Insurance and any services on Mainland;
  Other services not specified in the program.

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