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Galapagos Cruises

Now that you have decided to visit the Enchanted Galapagos Islands, the difficult question arises: should I take a sailing cruise or a land-based tour? This is a typical question among travelers for diverse reasons: pricing, sailing time, length, etc. We as Travel Specialists believe that even though taking a land-based tour is an excellent option to get a glance of the marvels of Galapagos, the best wat to get a more complete experience is by choosing a full-sailing cruise to get the best of your time during your holiday in this paradise on Earth.

In the upper menu you can see the many wonderful variety of Cruises in different categories, sizes and itineraries so you can explore the alternatives and choose the most convenient yacht/vessel to enjoy a memorable experience.

Why taking Galapagos cruise?

Taking a Galapagos cruise is undisputedly the most recommended way to explore the enchanting archipelago. There are many ways of making the most of the unique natural beauty of the Galapagos Islands, but few would disagree that by far the most elegant and rewarding method is, for instants, sailing in one of the luxury Galapagos yachts and vessels which expertly navigate around the archipelago visiting its most wonderful sites.

Galapagos Cruises Voyagers Travel Specialists

Cruising on board a small yacht/catamaran is truly special to the intrepid explorer as you will enjoy a more intimate and tailored experience on board, still without sacrificing the comfort of a spacious cabin (some with balcony) and social areas plus ample decks to enjoy the marvellous surroundings. For those worried about sea-sickness but wish to travel on a small cruise, then Catamarans are ideal as they have twin-hauls that provide a smoother sailing.

Now, if you are looking for very stable cruises, or are planning to travel with small children, or enjoy the company of many nice fellow-travellers on board, then you should consider a wonderful Luxury Large Vessel which also offer a great experience as they divide guests into small 16-pax groups for the hikes and activities so everyone can enjoy the marvels of the Galapagos without feeling overwhelmed by large crowds from your same cruise.

How to Choose my Galapagos Cruise?

Economy class cruises offer dorm accommodation and basic amenities. However, they provide a very good price and offer more rough and ready travelers a chance to sample the delights of the islands. Midrange class boats will usually offer private quarters but they will often be small and bathrooms will still be shared.
On the other hand, First class Galapagos tours boats will offer private cabins with en-suite, top quality English speaking guides and better communal facilities. And finally, the top of the range Luxury class yachts & vessels have everything you would expect and more – exquisite food, ample  sun decks, and even Jacuzzi to enjoy.

Size does matter
Larger vessels like the Galapagos Legend, have more room for luxurious facilities. Travel on large expedition cruises and you’ll have a greater choice of food, facilities, and activities. They’ll also be able to take on the occasionally rough seas around the Galapagos with greater ease. Meaning you will be less likely to get seasick.

However, when exploring the islands with a hundred or more fellow travelers, some of the magic can be lost. The smaller, more boutique cruises like Catamaran Petrel might lack some of the facilities, but a more personal and individual touch can be preferable in some Galapagos Islands locations.

Part of the magic of the islands is that they are a place that went undiscovered for so long. There is occasionally something a little incongruous about making your own voyage of discovery with so many other people. But it really comes down to what you are looking for most from Galapagos tours and adventures.

It is also possible to combine luxury and tranquillity – facilities and freedom – by going on luxurious smaller yachts like the Sea Star Journey. This lovely yacht has an exclusive feel and exceptional accommodation for all guests, as well as delicious food and a world-class crew.

Galapagos Cruises Voyagers Travel Specialists
Galapagos Cruises Voyagers Travel Specialists

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