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Seaman Journey Galapagos Cruise

First Class Galapagos Cruises

Eco Galaxy

A stylish and cozy catamaran with adventurous itineraries and stable sailing.

From USD 2.151
(4 days)

Seaman Journey

Imagine sailing restfully and calmly from site to site while resting on the boat’s sun-deck accompanied by Frigate birds on top.

From USD 2.149
(4 days)


A yacht with insatiable spirit of adventure offering spacious cabins, ample decks and diverse programs to amaze its guests.

From USD 2.590
(4 days)

Eric & Letty

A couple of wonderful small yachts that sail and discover together the marvels of the Archipelago with well-designed schedules.

From USD 4.700
(8 days)

Coral I & II

Two of the most magnificent first class cruises around! Experienced crew and guides will surely make your journey an unforgettable one.

From USD 1.662
(4 days)


A well-designed motor-yacht that will surely cover your expectations while cruising the Archipelago.

From USD 1.991
(4 days)

Blue Spirit Galapagos

One of the most renowned yachts cruising the islands with interesting itineraries and quality service on board.

From USD 2.700
(4 days)

Tip Top II

A different experience of quality and comfort on board a marvelous Catamaran to explore de biodiversity on each stop scheduled in your trip.

From USD 3.070
(4 days)

Tip Top IV

A medium-size yacht for 16 passengers comfortably accommodated to explore the marvels of each natural and historic site.

From USD 2.865
(4 days)

Tip Top V

The proud new member of the Tip Top family, proud to offer incredible adventures to its guests with style and comfort on board.

From USD 4.845
(8 days)


We are all waiting for this beautiful and renewed motor-yacht to sail the Galapagos Marine Reserve in September 2019, it promises amazing itineraries and unparalleled service on board to its guests.

From USD 2.445
(8 days)


A Catamaran with personality, smooth sailing, great crew & guide plus amazing activities during its journeys.

From USD 2.720
(4 days)

Reina Silvia

A classic style motor-yacht that will definitely cover your expectations on what a first class yacht should offer during your voyage.

From USD 4.845
(8 days)

Why should you choose Galapagos First Class Cruises?

For the ultimate in luxury during your adventures on and around the Galapagos Islands, first-class cruises are in order. A journey to the enchanted islands is a voyage of discovery, an unforgettable journey which will expand the mind, inspire the imagination and delight the senses. As such, traveling aboard one of our many Galapagos first-class cruises will enhance your encounter with this stunning and unique archipelago like nothing else, and leave you with memories which will last for a lifetime.

To make the most of the Galapagos archipelago, you really must experience it with the help of an expert and professional crew who can not only navigate their way around the large and smaller islands effortlessly, but are also happy to help you plan a rewarding itinerary which will include all of the highlights the islands have to offer.

The Galapagos attracts a very particular type of tourist, and our crews are aware that you’ll be wanting to get up close and personal to the wide range of flora and fauna which have made these islands famous around the world. As such, your trip with a first class yacht will include island hopping by cruise and access to special and unique parts of the Galapagos which are accessible by no other method.

Relax and Unwind in Excellent Conditions

Of course, after your days exploring the fascinating terrain of the islands and viewing the stunning array of animal and plant life, you’ll be needing somewhere to relax and recharge your batteries. Here is where the first class cruises of the Galapagos Islands really come into their own and excel like no others – you’ll be able to retire to your double ocean view cabin equipped with all the modern amenities you require, or spend time in the spacious social areas where you can discuss your day with fellow passengers, and plan your next adventure.

All you need for the trip of a lifetime

Naturally, the first class yachts are equipped with the highest international levels of security and safety equipment, and so you can sleep peacefully in the knowledge that you’re being well looked after every step of the way. The food on board is prepared to very high standards in order to provide you with the energy you’ll need when exploring the islands, and each yacht provides at least one Galapagos naturalist – National Park certified guide – who will be very happy to provide you with information or help plan your itinerary.

All in all, the first class cruises available for your holiday around these very special islands are designed for your pleasure and comfort, and keep in mind that a tour of the Galapagos is to be nothing short of the cruise of a lifetime.