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Galapagos Vacations by Voyagers Travel in 2023 - 2024

Discover the magic of the enchanted isles by planning your Galapagos vacations with Voyagers Travel. Our adventure planners have vast experience creating comprehensive itineraries based on your preferences. A vacation to these islands opens the opportunity to experience a unique natural history journey either cruising on board an expedition cruise ship, catamaran or sailing yachts, or taking a land-based tour staying at nature lodges. We specialize in Luxury class travel to Ecuador's wildlife archipelago, yet we can accommodate to most any budget, our team offers personalized and swift responses so you can have your vacation program ready in a few days. We take care of the environment by focusing on sustainable and responsible tourism to maintain the natural and untamed beauty of every Galapagos Island. 

A Galapagos Islands vacation will allow you to encounter the unique marine iguana, walk alongside a giant tortoise, befriend a playful sea lion and the peculiar Galapagos penguin among other endemic species on each volcanic island.

Galapagos Vacation Ideas

"Check out our Galapagos price calculator to get an estimated cost of your Galapagos vacation, you can also send the completed form to our reservations team and they will send you a customized itinerary to bet started with inspiration. "

Galapagos YachtIf you finally found the time to visit Ecuador and the Enchanted Isles in the next weeks or maybe within the next couple of months, Voyagers Travel has the most amazing deals and last-minute offers for nature avid travelers. Enjoy your Galapagos tour traveling by boat and enjoy the most amazing and life-rewarding experience on board a magnificent small ship  program with exceptionally affordable rates and add-ons included; here are some special deals for you to live a memorable Galapagos vacations
Do you have your own group?
Why not charter a yacht?

Do you want the perfect Galapagos cruise with your Family or Friends? Then you should consider chartering your own yacht! The benefits of chartering a wonderful boat journey are many, including personalized attention throughout the trip, complete yacht’s areas at your disposal, special group rates, services according to the group’s needs and special add-ons to complement the experience! Galapagos yacht charter information here

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Galapagos Luxury Vacations

Galapagos Legend

A Galapagos Islands cruise is the ideal way to fulfill your natural history expedition with high touch service on board, they have everything you can imagine to make your journey a comfortable, enjoyable and overall relaxing experience; choose between small 16-guests yachts/catamarans or large 48-100 guests Vessels for your Island getaway.

Enjoy exclusive amenities on board, cabins with panoramic views or private balconies, delightful Ecuadorian and international cuisine, stylish ample social areas and amazing open-decks with Jacuzzi, the ideal spot to observe the frigate birds or a Galapagos hawk flying above. For a more intimate experience while traveling in these islands, we recommended a yacht or catamaran; large expedition vessels offer larger areas that may be ideal for families traveling with children.

Land Based Vs Liveaboard VacationsCormorant Galapagos cruise

Although traveling the enchanted archipelago on board an expedition cruise is the most efficient and extensive manner to enjoy the wildlife marvels during your Galapagos vacations. Land-based tour programs or “Island Hopping” tours have become a popular alternative in the past few years; especially for travelers that do not wish to take sailing trips for a variety of reasons, among them the effect of sea-sickness on board and the fact that boat vacations are a bit pricy in comparison to a hotel based-tour.

Galapagos HotelsWhen cruising the islands, you have the opportunity to visit a larger variety of sites, mostly on uninhabited Islands where untamed wildlife prevails and the fact that you have two excursions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, then overnight at your boat. On the other hand, land-tours offer the possibility to explore the best visitor sites on populated Islands: Santa Cruz, San Cristobal and Isabela plus day-visits to nearby Islands like Bartolome, Plazas, North Seymour with overnight stay at wonderful hotels and nature lodges on different categories and daily speed-boat rides to the sites with professional bilingual guides; land-based tours are also a great way to enjoy occasional diving day-tours.

Options for boat vacations and island hopping tours are quite abundant, the decision depends on your specific preferences, budget, time for tour and physical condition; Voyagers Travel can surely guide you on how to decide which option is best for you to enjoy a fascinating expedition trip.

Diving GalapagosDiving Vacations

Diving cruises or live-aboard expeditions are a magnificent experience for the eager divers. The best way to explore the underwater world on your Galapagos vacation; the boats are fully dedicated to complete diving experience on the very best sites and locations within the Marine Reserve, including two top-diving sites in the World, Darwin & Wolf Islands on an 8-days program. These small yachts have itineraries that offer the best diving experience, but they are crafted specifically for experienced open-water divers.

However, being a diverse destination as only the Galápagos can be, if you are a PADI certified diver but do not have great experience, there is also the possibility to hire daily-diving tours from the populated Islands to wonderful locations like Kicker Rock, Academy Bay, Gordon Rocks and more!

Our top full-diving recommended yachts for a Galapagos dive vacation are:

More diving information

What are the Galapagos Islands ? Where is Ecuador ?

The Galapagos Islands are a volcanic archipelago located in the Pacific ocean 600 miles (1000 kms) off the coast of Ecuador in the northern trip of South America. This island cluster is made of 13 main islands, about 9 minor islands, 39 islets and some 600 ocean rocks is home to a strange and fascinating collection of creatures, many of which cannot be found anywhere else on earth.  About 3-5 million years ago, a huge volcanic eruption shook the earth breaking its crust creating  and under sea mountain range. The molten lava formed a chain of islands, most of them the peak of an underwater volcano, which remained untouched for millions of years. A diverse array of animals and plants found their way there – and thrived. It’s hard to believe that such a harsh jumble of saltwater soaked lava fields has become so rich with life.

The Galapagos was where Charles Darwin came up with his theory of evolution in 1835, (which he presented in “The Origin of Species”) when he realised that it was possible to tell which island a finch came from based on the shape of its beak. When you explore these islands, it’s easy to see why Darwin was so inspired by the natural wonders he found here. The best way to explore these unique islands is on a yacht cruise.

The enchanted islands are a dream destination for any adventurous traveler and ideal for family trips as it allow visitors to explore and discover the unique natural marvels and untamed wildlife of this inimitable paradise of Earth. The information found on this site will surely guide you to choose the right trip to enjoy a memorable voyage.

A Guide to the Galapagos Islands

Uncertain on when is the best time to visit the Archipelago? Don’t really know what to expect from your trip or the activities to enjoy while exploring Galapagos? We have created a specialized Galapagos Vacation Guide  to provide you with first-hand insider information and tips that will help you plan your trip; this is complemented with our personalized assistance that we provide our valued customers. If your looking for a Galapagos Cruise we can help by presenting a selection of boats or show you our choice of hotels for Galapagos Land Based Tours.

Galapagos Islands Wildlife

Galapagos wildlife are not afraid of humans, this is what has made the islands a bucketlist item for nature avid travelers. Our complete guide to Galapagos’ primary attraction for all visitors, its untamed incredible fauna, in great part endemic, allows you to discover each specie’s features, behavior and where they are settled within the National Park. Take a peek and discover why the Galapagos islands are one of the richest natural paradise in the World.

Evolution of species - How these animals developed?

Complete and detailed information and facts that will help you understand why Charles Darwin described the Archipelago as a natural evolution laboratory and helped him develop his theory of natural selection. Even know the constant evolution of the species don’t cease to amaze scientists, scholars and the eager vacationist.

Galapagos Islands Flora

Being a natural laboratory of Evolution with rich biodiversity, the Islands possesses a great variety of plant-live, mostly endemic species (over 500 native flora) that have magnificently adapted to the tough environment of the Reserve. Our complete guide will show you the different vegetation zones including spectacular live-filled mangroves.

History of the Islands

The Galapagos Islands has always been considered as a faraway Eden to the human race, first visited by Fray Tomas de Berlanga in 1535, then followed by pirates, whalers and of course, in 1835, the visit of its most illustrious foreigner, Charles Darwin. Also a comprehensive history of the formation of the islands from volcanic forces which even today continue reshaping the landscape of this enchanted paradise.

More information

The best complimentary information and interesting facts about the Galapagos archipelago: its history, its geology and the efforts made by the Ecuadorian authorities and international Institutions to preserve this natural paradise based on sustainability and responsible tourism and resources’ management.

Top Activities You Can Enjoy in our Galapagos Islands Vacation Packages

  • Snorkeling: Explore the Pacific Ocean's best kept marine reserve, surrounded by colorful reef-fish, playful sea-lions, sea turtles, adorable endemic penguins, rays and much more! An essential part of exploring the Galapagos national park is snorkeling for sure.
  • Sea-Kayaking: Not a fan of submerging or not a great swimmer? No problem! First and Luxury class boats have single and/or double kayaks on board to enjoy the sea breeze as you paddle your way in the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean; still a great way to spot marine life.
  • Hiking: Most of the excursions are done by hiking on sandy beaches, volcanic terrain and well-structured trails that when you follow, you will literary be tripping with hundreds of animals like Blue Footed Boobies, Land-Iguanas, Lava Lizards and more! All this while enjoying each island’s geological history and breathtaking landscapes. Easily accesible from Puerto Villamil, a Hike to the Sierra Negra crater on Isabela Island is a truly a magnificent experience.
  • Scuba diving: Galápagos is a top-diving destination in the World! Choose between live-aboard vacations (advance diving) or daily-diving trips (intermediate) from Santa Cruz island and/or San Cristobal island.

But, Why travel with Voyagers Travel?

Thanks to our extensive experience of helping tourists explore South America, we can advise you on everything you require to make your Galapagos vacations as special and memorable as it no doubt will be, if you are not sure about yachts, small ships, hotels, tours or any other activity in the Isles, we can give you advice. Furthermore, through the reservation forms that are easily found through this website, you can tailor your trip to your own individual needs and requirements by selecting the yachts and ships which navigate the archipelago – making sure that everything is exactly as you dreamed it would be.

As specialists in Ecuador and Galápagos travel programs, we have the knowledge and expertise required to make your trip to these enchanted and world-famous islands an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll never be able to forget. We can also help you combine your Ecuador tour with a trip to Machu Picchu.