San Vicente Hotel

Isabela  Island
Tourist Class Hotel

San Vicente Hotel
San Vicente Hotel
San Vicente Hotel
San Vicente Hotel
San Vicente Hotel
San Vicente Hotel

Hotel San Vicente Galapagos is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and comfort to each and every one of its guests. You can complement your visit to the Galapagos as you prefer. San Vicente Hotel is one of the most popular of the Galapagos hotels on Isabela Island. It is because its standard of excellence and personal commitment with guests.

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From the hotel, you can arrange a variety of breathless land tours. The Galapagos natural beauty will amaze you while you enjoy a comfortable and superior service
Nowadays, San Vicente Hotel has become the most important Galapagos hotel on Isabela, offering superior accommodations. The hotel is designed with tourist superior rooms, specially for those travelers who search comfort. Tourist Superior facilities have more detailed in room and appliances.

If you require previously, your rooms can be equipped with a small fridge, so you will have all your beverages at your preferred temperature. Also, the rooms have more space decorated with a lot of care.

The people at the hotel, arrange every detail to ensure that your stay becomes unforgettable. The hotel has 48 guests accommodated in 19 comfortable rooms.
The hotel is well-known to offer the best local food!

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San Vicente Hotel
From USD  98 per person

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May 1, 2018