Iguana Crossing Hotel

Isabela  Island
Luxury Class Hotel

Iguana Crossing Hotel
Iguana Crossing Hotel
Iguana Crossing Hotel
Iguana Crossing Hotel
Iguana Crossing Hotel
Iguana Crossing Hotel

Iguana Crossing Boutique Hotel, is a beachfront hotel in the Galápagos Islands surrounded by endemic vegetation giving guests a privileged accommodation for a memorable and relaxed stay. Decorated with genuine and exclusive materials of the Island, it approaches a harmonic atmosphere between nature and modernity. Named after the “iguana crossing” path, is the best place for the Galapagos tour and travel experience.

Puerto Villamil, Isabela´s Island town, has a total Iguana Crossingpopulation of 2200 people. Its resources of fresh water are very limited; however, towards the south of Sierra Negra and Sierra Azul volcanoes, it´s found endemic vegetation creating an ideal area for livestock. All agricultural production is for local consumption only.
For those who are looking to experience island life, Iguana Crossing Boutique Hotel in Isabela, Galapagos, is the best option. It is one of the least populated places in the Galapagos Islands and Isabela Island has all of the Galapagos nature in its grand splendor. In Isabela, time literally stops and you can experience a total relaxation of your mind, body and spirit.

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After an active day on Isabela Island guests can relax on the poolside terrace, enjoying a book or just laying upon a sunny sky and surrounded by spectacular Galapagos wildlife. We invite you to taste the best culinary of the Island and settle down at the ocean view bar.
Friendly staff, almost all from the island, will make your stay as carefree as possible so you can just relax and enjoy.
The gastronomy offers a variety of regional food which includes the world-famous shrimp or fish ceviche, the traditional sancocho (an authentic Ecuadorian soup which is made with fish and yucca), among other delicious dishes.

Among the chef’s special creations, we have gourmet fusion dishes. Our specialty is the grill carved out of lava stone, where the real delicacies complete with organic vegetables grown and harvested in our Isabella highland’s hacienda are served together with wonderfully tasty fresh fruit juices that enhance the unique flavor of our food.

The coffee and the milk also originates from the hacienda, while some of the fruits are from other local farms. The seafood is always fresh with the catch-of-the-day, and the bread is baked fresh every morning in the local bakery.
Isabela Island in Galápagos is a fantastic place to visit. It´s the largest island of the archipelago and is also known as the Island of Volcanoes. Is formed by six volcanoes, five are still active, capturing the interest of scientists, geologists and tourists.

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Iguana Crossing Hotel
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May 1, 2018