Laguna Seca

First Class Hotel

Laguna Seca | Bedroom
Laguna Seca | Bathroom
Laguna Seca | Bar
Laguna Seca | Dining room
Laguna Seca | Food

Located in a privileged valley with fronduosas green areas. To 6 km of the city of Cajamarca.

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Private bath
Thermal water well
Cable TV
Telephone service with DDN and DDI
Apliances for 110/220 volts
Air condition
Cold bar

Telephone and fax
Internet access
Wireless Internet access
Turkish baths
Room service
Free Parking
Business Center
Convention Center
Swimming pools

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Your Galapagos Hotel Specialist
Juan Velez

Laguna Seca 10
Laguna Seca 9
Laguna Seca | Bedroom

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July 1, 2019