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Phone:    1 949 682 7745

Toll free: 1-866-725-3255

Local Contact in Ecuador :    593 9 8 494 0762

Ecuador Office Adress:    Calle Bolivar #19 y Lola Quintana, Conocoto

Quito - Ecuador

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We’ve spent the last 10 years with travelers developing the best tours in South America – with smaller groups, all the insider info, local secrets, great photo ops, our local recommendations, fantastic English-speaking guides.


You can book all your accommodation for your visit to South America at our website, we offer the best rates available, travel planning and itinerary suggestions. We can also help you hire guides and transportation.


Voyagers Travel Group a select collection of inbound tour operators in several countries around Ecuador to offer you the best prices in your Galapagos cruises. Fixed Departures

Custom Travel Experiences

Patagonia Experiences

Patagonia Experiences

Patagonia Cruises & Travel invites you to discover this far away land.For a truly unique adventure vacation in Patagonia, choose from our handcrafted cruise and expedition itineraries on board enchanting small ships that visit the most remote corners with ease and while offering great comfort.

Galapagos Experiences

Galapagos Experiences

The islands’ most famous residents are the endemic Galapagos tortoise population. These charming and charismatic animals are renowned for their longevity and friendliness.

Amazon Experiences

Amazon Experiences

With such staggering scenery, abundant wildlife and fascinating culture, it’s no wonder that the Amazon is one of the world’s most impressive and spectacular holiday destinations.

Machu Picchu Experiences

Machu Picchu Experiences

We are getting many requests for the Inca Trail tours for May, June and July; unfortunately the trail is sold out until the beginning of August and spaces continue to be booked out.

We are fascinated with the possibility of sharing this wonderful region of the world with travelers from all corners of the planet. Our professional team of travel advisors has travelled extensively in Central, South America and the Amazon rainforest in order to know the diversity of this Region. We invite you to plan your travel experience with us…