VOYAGERS TRAVEL is extremely concerned with our website’s users and visitors and how their contact information is being used to identify an individual in context. Please review our privacy policy carefully to understand how we use and handle your provided information in our website.

What information we collect?
When registering or contacting Voyagers Travel through our website, you may be prompted to provide basic information such as name, email address or other details to be able to provide information or detailed proposal for the trip experience you are looking for.

How we handle and use your information?
– To send you a personalized tour offer that suits your needs.
– To provide better quality service to your enquiry.
– To follow up (once only) mostly via email on our provided offer after first correspondence.
– To confirm program/tour, request payment, travel information and other necessary to process a booking and generate corresponding invoice.
– To request trip feedback after services have been provided.

How we collect information?
We only collect information mainly when you fill out one of our contact forms, email, phone call or via live-chat service. We may also receive your contact information from a third party: travel agents, tour operators, family or friends and as referral or personal recommendation.

Your information is protected.
We will never share, trade or sell your provided information with third parties; neither will publish services or products from other providers that do not have commercial contract with Voyagers Travel for tourism services. Also we use SSL certificate for additional security and protection to our on-line visitors.
It is also important to mention that our website uses cookies, which can be enabled/disabled from your browsers

Customer has the right of edition or rectification on all provided information to Voyagers Travel through or contact channels at any time; such action can be requested via email to [email protected].