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Best 9 Patagonia Tours for 2024 & 2025 – Explore Southern Chile and Argentina

You're about to dive into epic itineraries that offer everything from plush lodges with jaw-dropping views in Torres del Paine National Park, cultural detours through vibrant Buenos Aires, to otherworldly adventures like sailing towards Antarctica. We've lined up options for every taste: whether you seek tranquility or thrill, we help connect those dots.

These itineraries can be tailored just for you:

The Southern regions of Argentina and Chile allow for a great array of activities and can cater to the special interests of nature lovers, adventure seekers and cultural explorers.

Browse through the diferent tour categories and check out our sample itineraries, you can join our tours as listed or request custom arrangements:

Each of our Patagonia handcrafted tours has been created several principles on mind:

  • Local guides with personality to enhance the experience
  • Great wildlife viewing
  • Cultural immersion
  • Responsible tourism practices
  • Optimized logistics to maximize your time
  • Comfort and peace fo mind – explore by day relax by night, we work with the best hotels, lodges and camps in the region
  • Possibility to customize each journey to your interests, needs and budget
  • Value – help you get the best for your money

Embarking on the Australis Cruise

Your adventure begins with a choice between Ushuaia and Punta Arenas as your launching point into splendor. Once aboard the Australis Cruise, prepare for an odyssey that carves through serene fjords and sails past colossal glaciers—nature's ancient sentinels standing guard over these southern seas.

The cruise itself is not merely transportation but part of the spectacle; from every deck, panoramic views invite passengers to gaze upon wild shores and perhaps spot wildlife that calls this frontier home. Days are spent exploring untouched terrains where few have trodden, while nights promise rest under starlit skies at sea—a contrast fit for explorers who appreciate comfort alongside their adventures.

Exclusive Lodgings and Unforgettable Views

As majestic as Patagonian days are, nights bring their own allure when you retreat into luxurious lodges tucked within nature’s embrace. Picture waking up in a room where expansive windows frame mountain peaks touched by dawn light or gazing out at vast steppe lands that stretch beyond sight—all without leaving your bed.

This journey ensures each lodge becomes more than mere shelter—it becomes part of your connection to Patagonia's soulful terrain. With amenities designed to pamper after long days outdoors, such as gourmet dining sourced from local ingredients or spas offering massages perfect for soothing hiker’s muscles, there’s no skimping on indulgence here amidst raw nature.

Multi-Country Patagonia Tours: Argentina and Chile Combined

Venturing deeper into this realm means embracing both Argentinean pampas windswept grasslands and Chilean glacial fields within one seamless itinerary—an exploration made simple despite spanning two nations’ treasures.

Adding Buenos Aires to Your Itinerary

Buenos Aires beckons travelers with its tango rhythms before they even set foot in wilderness areas like Torres del Paine National Park or Los Glaciares National Park—the jewels in Patagonian crown known globally among trekkers seeking routes less traveled by mass tourism crowds yet rich with geological wonders like Perito Moreno Glacier or Fitz Roy peak looming large against sky lines meant for postcards back home. Imagine ending a day sipping Malbec during wine tasting sessions because yes—even adventurers need moments to steep themselves in the local culture, unwinding from their exhilarating exploits.

Tour packages often kick off from this vibrant metropolis, blending cultural experiences like wine tasting in Mendoza with wildlife tours spotting guanacos on windswept plains further south. With direct flights linking Buenos Aires to key gateways like El Calafate—your portal to glaciers such as Perito Moreno—it becomes clear why including this city adds depth to any Patagonian itinerary.

Beyond Borders – The Atacama Desert and Iguazu Falls

If you think the splendor stops at Torres del Paine National Park, hold onto your hat because there’s much more beyond those granite peaks. Extend your explorations northward towards another one of South America's natural wonders—the moon-like terrain of Chile's Atacama Desert. And while we're crossing items off bucket lists, let’s not forget about taking time out for jaw-dropping views at Iguazu Falls. Sitting on the border between Argentina and Brazil, this cascade is so mighty it makes Niagara look like a leaky faucet.

Your adventure doesn’t have to end when leaving behind Cape Horn or Tierra del Fuego National Park. You can soak up even more awe-inspiring vistas by adding these two iconic destinations, savoring everything from salt flats bathed in otherworldly hues at dawn in Atacama, to thunderous waterfalls surrounded by lush rainforest mist.

The Ultimate End-of-the-World Experience with Antarctica Cruises

Imagine pairing the wild terrains of Patagonia with a journey to the most isolated continent on Earth. That's what you get when you embark on an epic Antarctica cruise. It’s not just a trip; it’s entering chapters of an adventure book where every page turn reveals something more astonishing than the last.

From Glaciers to Penguins – The Antarctic Connection

Patagonian adventures often start or end in Ushuaia, hailed as the southernmost city in the world. From this bustling port, your voyage sails through channels and fjords that echo tales of explorers past before crossing into waters where few have ventured. Transitioning from Patagonian glaciers like Perito Moreno to icebergs twice their size is awe-inspiring, but nothing quite prepares you for your first penguin sighting amid Antarctica's vast wilderness.

Your time trekking through Torres del Paine National Park, admiring its rugged peaks and azure lakes becomes even more poignant when juxtaposed against Antarctica's stark beauty. Onboard experts provide context - these aren't just icy landscapes; they're living ecosystems vital to our planet's health.

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FAQs in Relation to Top 14 Patagonia Tours Flexible Trips, Vacations & Travel Packages

Do you need a tour guide for Patagonia?

Hiring a guide isn't mandatory but it's smart. They navigate tricky terrains with ease and enrich your journey with local insights.

How long should you go to Patagonia?

To really soak in all of its glory, aim for at least 10 days in Patagonia. It gives time for both trekking hotspots and hidden gems.

How much is a trip to Patagonia?

A Patagonian adventure varies in cost but expect to shell out anywhere from $3000 to over $7000 depending on travel style and tour length.

Why is a Patagonia trip expensive?

Patagonia's remote beauty comes at a cost. Logistics, limited infrastructure, and high demand for its untouched wilderness bump up the price tag.

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