Our Writers

Agata Szymula


I could say I'm a freelance travel writer with a Master in Latinamerican Studies. I could list all my acheivements, hobbies, favorite sports and the languages I speak. Instead I'll just say that I'm in love with our world, its nature, its people and all its crazy colors. And I want to share it
Marco Dreilich


I once read that the journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step, and I thought to myself that this quote truly identifies me. I started travelling around Ecuador early; at the age of five. My grandfather has always been into mountaineering for as long as I can remember, so travelling to different parts of Ecuador to climb or visit a new mountain was something that we used to do often. I remember the first time we went on a family excursion, and from the first moment I was hooked. One of the wonders of mountaineering apart from the thrill and excitement you get at a certain height, is the chance you get to relish the scenic beauty of nature. 

I love not only the experience but the thrill of visiting a new place. Getting out of my comfort zone inspires me to taste new flavours, see new places and experience new cultures. Having the opportunity to explore new surroundings and engage with different people and different cultures is by itself rewarding enough. Now as a blogger, having the chance to share new places and meaningful experiences with my audience is one of the things I love about my job

Andre Robles


Andre Robles is an expert in everything South America, his passion for the region and exploring off the beaten path makes his travel writing both useful and interesting. He has written for several mainstream publications and you can read his guides on Ecuador, Peru, the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon. Andre is also an accomplished photographer and has been recognized as one of the best wildlife photographers in the region, his photos have been featured in National Geographic and other journals. As a travel agent Andre specializes in curating unique experiences, crafting tailor made itineraries and helping visitors make the best of their vacation, always putting the experience first
Geraldine Mills


Geraldine Mills is a self-confessed wanderlust from the land down under, Australia! She funds her adventures by working as a brand consultant and as a travel writer. She loves sharing the allure of backpacking and being one with nature
Juan Martinez


I'm Juan Martinez. I was born in Bariloche, I travel around Latin America and my country and I like to write about it. I'm a digital nomad who loves to travel
Kirstynn Joseph


Kirstynn Joseph is a biologist, science communicator, and freelance writer who loves a good adventure, especially if it makes for a great story. She is from Canada and has lived in Ecuador for 5 years. She loves being outside and travels as much as she can, especially to places with great hikes and interesting wildlife. You can follow her adventures on Instagram!