Polar vacations

Polar Expeditions: Discover the Thrill of Earth's Extremes

Have you ever imagined taking an exhilarating voyage to the most remote places on Earth? To feel the biting cold and witness untouched landscapes where few dare to tread?

Looking for the ultimate trip of a lifetime, we invite you to think of Polar expeditions. One of the only vacation experiences that canoffer you this unique opportunity. A chance for intrepid adventurers like yourself, seeking both solitude and connection with nature's raw beauty.

The chill air filling your lungs as you marvel at majestic glaciers... The thrill of spotting elusive polar wildlife in their natural habitat... These experiences are just an iceberg tip away!

This isn't just about crossing off another item from your bucket list - it's also about expanding horizons, discovering uncharted territories, engaging with indigenous communities...

Does this sound intriguing? Don't stop now! As we venture deeper into our exploration of these breathtaking destinations, we'll also reveal the best ways to get there. And yes - even when...

Destinations for Polar Expeditions

If you've ever dreamt of exploring uncharted territories, brace yourself for the ride. Voyagers Travel Company offers polar expeditions to some breathtaking destinations - from Antarctica's icy wilderness to the Arctic's rugged landscapes.

The Untouched Wilderness of Antarctica

In Antarctica, nature has an untouched quality that is hard to find elsewhere. Its pristine beauty captivates even seasoned travelers. Home to a variety of unique wildlife like Emperor penguins and Weddell seals, this place tells stories as old as time itself.

Polar explorers often recount their unforgettable journeys in these frosty lands where famous expeditions such as Shackleton Crossing and South Pole / Vinson expedition (16-17 days) took place. Antarctica expedition ship cruises are among our most popular offerings.

The Majestic Landscapes of the Arctic

Moving on from the southern pole to its northern counterpart, let's talk about the diverse landscapes and rich cultures found within regions like Greenland, Svalbard, Canadian Arctic, Russian Arctic, Norwegian Arctic, and Alaska...the list goes on. The scenery varies dramatically between these places but they all offer something incredible - think midnight sun illuminating fjords and glaciers or indigenous communities thriving amidst harsh conditions.

Beyond stunning vistas though lies a world full of adventure – polar bear expeditions anyone? And how can we forget Roald Amundsen’s history-making journey? Each expedition cruise trip to the arctic with us will make you feel part explorer-part historian thanks to amazing attractions reminiscent of historic polar expeditions or visits to abandoned explorer huts.

Careful preparation is a must for those who are keen to take their first steps in these extreme environments. We’ve been guiding expeditions for over 20 years and trust us, the right planning can make all the difference.

In summary, polar expeditions offer an unparalleled opportunity to delve into nature’s secrets while witnessing firsthand how climate change affects our planet. So pack your spirit of adventure and join us as we journey through some of Earth's last remaining wildernesses.

Unleash your inner explorer:

Unleash your inner explorer with Voyagers Travel Company's polar expeditions. From Antarctica's untouched beauty and unique wildlife to the Arctic's dramatic landscapes and rich cultures, you'll discover a world beyond imagination. With over 20 years of experience guiding adventurers, we make sure your journey into Earth’s extremes is thrilling yet safe. So pack up your adventure spirit - it's time for an unforgettable exploration that will redefine what you know about our planet.

How to Get to Your Polar Expedition

Packing your bags for a polar expedition? Exciting times. But let's talk about how you're going to get there. Reaching the ends of the Earth may appear daunting, but it's simpler than you imagine.

Flying into The Icy Wilds

The most common way travelers start their journey is by air. Flights operate regularly from major cities across the globe heading straight for both the Arctic and Antarctica. Once on solid ground, Voyagers Travel Company ensures smooth transitions from airports to expedition vessels or lodges.

And we have good news - this year (2024) marks our 21st anniversary in guiding expeditions. So believe us when we say that handling logistics is second nature at this point.

Sailing Across Oceans Blue (or Ice White)

If flying isn't your style, don't worry - cruise ships are another great option. This allows more time soaking up panoramic ocean views as you edge closer towards these frozen paradises.

You'll find several options available whether it be cruising aboard comfortable ships designed specifically for icy conditions through Arctic waters, or drifting along on an Antarctic-bound vessel surrounded by breathtaking glaciers and icebergs. It’s all part of what makes each trip so unforgettable.

Planning Before You Go: What does your pre and post trip look like.

Before embarking on your expedition, it's a good idea to get familiar with the environment you're about to step into, and also what else you can do in these latitudes. And we've got just the thing for that: our expert Polar travel planners will create a custom itinerary before and after your expedition cruise so you can make the most of your adventure vacation. The comprehensive pre-trip planning helps prepare unique itineraries to make the most of your experience during your journey.

Packing Right is Half The Battle Won

Knowing how to pack smartly makes all the difference. Check our polar packing list and guide.

What to pack and how to get there?

Ready for your polar expedition? Getting there is simpler than you think. Catch a flight from major cities or cruise across icy oceans. Voyagers Travel Company makes sure your transition is smooth. Prep with our adventure concierge team to craft a unique itinerary and pick the right gear. Remember, packing smartly is key.

What You'll See on Polar Expeditions

The polar regions are a treasure trove of natural wonders. Glaciers, icebergs, and Arctic wildlife take center stage in these frozen landscapes. Every polar expedition presents you with an incredible show put up by Mother Nature herself.

Stunning Ice Formations: Glaciers and Icebergs 

A trip to the poles wouldn't be complete without witnessing its icy residents - glaciers and icebergs. These towering formations shimmer under the midnight sun like giant diamonds scattered across a blanket of white. As your vessel weaves through this icy maze, it's hard not to marvel at their majestic beauty.

But don’t just watch from afar. With our Weddel Sea Expedition, you can trek across these glacial giants for an unforgettable experience.

An Abundance of Arctic and Antarctic Wildlife

Beyond breathtaking sceneries, there’s more life here than meets the eye. The pole regions house diverse populations of seabirds and sea mammals like whales that thrive in their chilly habitat.

Polar bears roam freely around Churchill while penguins waddle along Antarctica’s shores – all part of nature’s charming performance during your voyage. Make sure to have your cameras ready as spotting them is always exciting.

Photo Emperor Penguins | Antarctica

Majestic Whales Breaking Surface

If there's one spectacle that will make you gasp in awe during a polar expedition - it's seeing whales breach the surface right before your eyes. From humpbacks performing acrobatic displays off Greenland coasts to blue whales showing off near Svalbard – whale watching here feels like attending exclusive underwater ballet shows only Mother Nature could choreograph.

If you want to get a closer look at these gentle giants, consider joining our Antarctica whale expedition for the whale watching adventure of your lifetime.

The Playful Penguins of Antarctica 

Emperor Penguins | Antarctica

Penguins are truly Antarctica’s show stealers. These charming birds are incredibly agile in water and provide endless entertainment with their waddling antics on land or simply enjoying each other's company. Observing their complex social dynamics in such large numbers is truly fascinating.

Awe Inspiring Moments

Experience the awe of polar expeditions. Marvel at nature's icy sculptures, trek across glaciers, and immerse yourself in a wildlife spectacle. From playful penguins to majestic whales breaching the surface, each journey offers an unforgettable show put on by Mother Nature herself.

When is The Best Time for a Polar Expedition?

The best time to embark on your polar adventure depends heavily on the destination and what you hope to experience. With factors like weather conditions, wildlife viewing opportunities, and daylight hours all playing significant roles in your journey's success.

Polar expeditions are unique in that they aren't just about the final destination; they're about embracing the journey itself - each day brings new surprises as we sail through uncharted territories.

Arctic Summer (June-August)

The Arctic summer, from June to August, provides an optimal climate for exploration. During this period of midnight sun, travelers can witness remarkable fjords and glaciers by daylight round-the-clock. Wildlife enthusiasts will be thrilled with frequent sightings of indigenous communities of seals lounging on ice floes or polar bears hunting along coastlines. And if you’re lucky enough to visit North Pole Last Degree, witnessing such a phenomenon becomes an unforgettable spectacle.

Antarctic Summer (November-March)

In contrast lies Antarctica’s summer season from November till March where visitors get privy to spectacular vistas carved out by giant tabular icebergs against cobalt-blue waters under seemingly endless sunlight. There’s no shortage of wildlife either – imagine stumbling upon colonies after colonies of charismatic penguins or watching whales breaching nearby while cruising onboard expedition vessels. It's worth noting though that shoulder seasons provide more solitude but less predictable weather patterns so do plan accordingly.

Shoulder Seasons for Polar Expeditions

Falling outside these peak times are what we call 'shoulder seasons'. These periods often offer slightly harsher climates with potential storms brewing up now and then. However don’t let it deter you. Shoulder seasons often come with their own rewards. In Antarctica, the early season (October and November) welcomes pack-ice formations that are a visual delight while the late season (March and April) is prime time for whale sightings.

Meanwhile, the shoulder seasons in the Arctic offer a unique show of their own. The spring months, from March to May, transform the landscape into flawless snowscapes. These conditions are ideal for those who enjoy skiing or dog-sledding adventures.

It's All About Polar Summers

Your polar adventure's timing depends on your desired experiences and destination. The Arctic summer (June-August) lets you explore fjords under constant daylight, while the Antarctic summer (November-March) offers endless sunlight with stunning icebergs. But don't discount shoulder seasons—they offer unique rewards like pack-ice formations or prime whale-watching times.

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Regions to Visit in Antarctica

If you're looking for a unique, luxurious and unforgettable travel experience, exploring the untouched beauty of Antarctica should be on your bucket list. Voyagers Travel Company offers tailor-made itineraries that will take you through some of the most breathtaking regions this icy continent has to offer.


Your journey begins at Ushuaia, Argentina - known as the 'End of The World'. This charming city is not only your gateway to Antarctica but also boasts stunning landscapes worth exploring before setting sail.

The South Shetland Islands

Next stop: The South Shetland Islands. These islands are home to diverse wildlife including seals, penguins and various bird species. Get ready for an immersive nature encounter unlike any other!

Antarctic Peninsula

Sail further south and discover the Antarctic Peninsula's majestic icebergs and glaciers up close. Its pristine wilderness makes it one of the last true wild places on earth.

Iceberg | Antarctica Peninsula

Wedell Sea

A visit to Wedell Sea promises unparalleled scenic views with its vast floating ice shelves and massive tabular icebergs. If lucky enough, you might even spot a few whales here!

Wedell Sea | Antarctica

Falkland Islands & South Georgia

Note: Optional extensions available! 

For those wanting more adventure, extend your trip to the remote Falkland Islands and South Georgia. Known for their abundant wildlife, these islands offer a truly unique experience - from witnessing King Penguin colonies in South Georgia to exploring the British charm of the Falklands.

Embark on an expedition cruise with Voyagers Travel Company that combines luxury and adventure, offering you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness Antarctica's untouched beauty firsthand. Start planning your Antarctic journey today!

King penguins| South Georgia

Regions to Visit in the Arctic

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with Polar Expeditions. Explore stunning landscapes, meet unique wildlife, and learn optimal travel times. Dive in now.

Spitsbergen: A Polar Paradise

Spitsbergen, situated within Norway's Svalbard archipelago, is an ideal starting point for your arctic adventure. Here you can witness towering glaciers contrasted against dark summer skies - a sight that will surely take your breath away.

Iceber | Spitsbergen

The Enchanting East Coast of Greenland

If untouched natural beauty appeals to you, then Greenland's East Coast should be on your bucket list. The stunning ice formations coupled with glimpses of elusive polar bears make it a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

Iceberg | Greenland

The Wild Canadian High Arctic

Your journey through the arctic wouldn't be complete without experiencing Canada’s remote corners where muskoxen roam free and Inuit communities warmly welcome visitors. The Canadian High Arctic promises these experiences and more.

Russian Far East: Uncharted Territories Await

Cruise along Russia’s far eastern coastlines or explore Siberia's tundra; if exploring uncharted territories excites you, then look no further than our tours around the Russian Far East.

Norwegian Fjords: Beauty in the Extreme

For those of you who seek dramatic landscapes, make sure to visit the Norwegian Fjords. Witnessing the majestic cliffs dropping into azure depths will make a lasting impression on your mind.

Alaska's Arctic: A Wild Frontier

The untouched wilderness and diverse wildlife of Alaska's Arctic region offer unparalleled opportunities for exploration. From witnessing grizzlies fishing for salmon to spotting bald eagles soaring overhead, it’s a place where nature reigns supreme.

In conclusion, each destination in the Arctic has its own unique charm and wonders to offer. Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with Polar Expeditions and discover the beauty of the Arctic firsthand.

North Pole extravaganza

Set out on a thrilling journey with Polar Expeditions. From Spitsbergen's breathtaking glaciers to the wild muskoxen of Canada's High Arctic, every destination in the Arctic has its unique allure. Uncover Greenland’s untouched beauty, navigate Russia’s uncharted territories, marvel at Norwegian Fjords' dramatic landscapes and explore Alaska's wildlife-rich frontier.

Itineraries for Polar Expeditions

Polar expeditions offer a range of itineraries, each with its own unique set of experiences. From the icy realms of the Arctic Circle to the isolated corners of Antarctica, these journeys promise unforgettable memories.

Arctic Circle Expedition

The Arctic Circle Expedition lets you explore ice-covered seas and rugged landscapes teeming with wildlife. Witness polar bears in their natural habitat or marvel at flocks of migratory birds soaring against a backdrop of midnight sun. The thrill is real as you navigate through uncharted territories and indigenous communities steeped in rich traditions.

You may also come across historic explorer huts from famous polar expeditions like those led by Roald Amundsen and Fridtjof Nansen - an intriguing peek into our planet's past explorations. This journey truly brings together nature's grandeur with fascinating tales from human history.

Northwest Passage Exploration

Northwest Passage Exploration, on the other hand, is akin to tracing history’s footsteps. You'll be sailing along routes once sought after by legendary explorers such as Borge Ousland and John Franklin – men who braved unimaginable hardships seeking this elusive sea route connecting Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

This expedition takes you close to colossal glaciers that are living remnants from Ice Ages long gone while giving you glimpses into Inuit culture which has endured centuries amidst harsh climatic conditions - something we city-dwellers can hardly fathom.

Antarctic Peninsula Cruise 

If snowy wilderness calls your name then look no further than an Antarctic Peninsula Cruise. From navigating through towering icebergs to getting up close with adorable penguins, this journey is all about experiencing Antarctica's pristine beauty in its rawest form.

And if you're lucky enough, you might even get a chance to witness the southern lights - Aurora Australis. Trust us when we say it's a spectacle that'll make your heart skip a beat. Also don't miss out on visiting historic whaling stations and research bases along the way.

Whether your adventurous spirit is calling you to an Arctic Circle Expedition, a Northwest Passage Exploration, or an Antarctic Peninsula Cruise – we've got something for everyone

You Can Visit Both North and South Polar Regions

Unleash your adventurous spirit with polar expeditions. Traverse the icy wonders of the Arctic Circle, trace historic routes in a Northwest Passage Exploration or marvel at Antarctica's pristine beauty. From encountering wildlife to experiencing indigenous cultures and witnessing natural spectacles like Aurora Australis - these journeys offer unique thrills and unforgettable memories.

Activities on Polar Expeditions

Polar expeditions are not just about sightseeing. They're brimming with exciting activities that let you engage directly with the breathtaking environment around you.

Zodiac Cruises

The Zodiac, a sturdy inflatable boat, is your ticket to intimate encounters with polar landscapes and wildlife. Skim across icy waters, weave between sculpted icebergs or pull up beside glacier faces for stunning photo opportunities. It's like having front-row seats at nature's grandest spectacle.

Zodiac Cruise


If you've got an adventurous streak in you, kayaking in polar regions will certainly satisfy it. Paddle amidst towering ice formations and get closer than ever to seals basking on floating sea ice - but remember to give these curious creatures their space.

Kayaking | Antarctica


Lace up your boots for some invigorating hikes through Arctic tundra or Antarctic snowfields. There's no better way to immerse yourself in these unique ecosystems - every step brings new sights and sounds into focus. Plus, guided walks mean there’s always someone nearby who can share fascinating insights about the local flora and fauna.

Hiking | Antarctica

Snowshoeing Adventure 

For those willing to try something more traditional yet thrillingly different from hiking – don't miss out on snowshoeing adventures during your expedition trip. Not only does this age-old mode of transport make trekking over snowy terrain easier; it also lets us follow paths less travelled by regular tourists.

Camping under Midnight Sun or Southern Lights

Fancy spending a night out under either the magical midnight sun (if you're in the Arctic) or under the mesmerizing Southern Lights (if you're in Antarctica)? You can. And it's not just about sleeping on ice – we organize camping activities that offer a fun and engaging way to experience polar nights.

Wildlife Photography 

Don't forget to pack your camera. These polar expeditions offer a feast for the eyes, and you'll want to capture every moment. Whether it's the vibrant Arctic wildlife or the unique Antarctic creatures, each click of your shutter is sure to tell an unforgettable story.

Unique Activites and Experiences

Polar expeditions are more than sightseeing - they're packed with thrilling activities. From intimate Zodiac cruises amidst icebergs and wildlife, to adventurous kayaking near seals or invigorating hikes through unique ecosystems. Try snowshoeing for a traditional twist, camp under the midnight sun or Southern Lights, and capture unforgettable moments of vibrant polar wildlife on camera.

Attractions in Antarctica

Welcome to the world of ice and snow, where you can experience a unique blend of serenity, wilderness, and breathtaking beauty. Our Antarctic expedition cruises are designed for those who crave an extraordinary adventure filled with unforgettable moments.

The White Continent

The heart-stopping landscape is one of the main attractions that draw visitors to Antarctica. It's an unspoiled paradise covered in white; massive glaciers calving into turquoise waters create a sight that will leave you speechless.

Penguin Colonies

No trip to Antarctica would be complete without visiting its most famous residents: penguins! Whether it’s the comical Adélie Penguins or the regal Emperor Penguins, these charismatic creatures never fail to amuse their human spectators.

Emperor Colony | Antarctica

Lemaire Channel & Paradise Bay

These two spots offer some of the most picturesque views on your journey. The Lemaire Channel is known as "Kodak Gap" due to its photogenic appeal while Paradise Bay offers perfect opportunities for zodiac cruising and wildlife spotting.

Lemaire Channel | ANtarctica

Historical Sites

You'll also get a chance to visit historical sites such as Port Lockroy - home to 'the Penguin Post Office', which was once part of British Operation Tabarin during World War II.

Remember, every voyage may vary depending on weather conditions and wildlife sightings but rest assured each journey promises an exceptional encounter with this enchanting icy realm.

Whether you're stepping foot onto land dotted with thousands of penguins or sailing through spectacular iceberg alleyways under midnight sunsets – there's no other place like Antarctica.

Get ready for awe-inspiring vistas, captivating wildlife encounters, and the adventure of a lifetime with our Antarctic expedition cruises.

Attractions in the Arctic

The Arctic is a place of mesmerizing beauty and extraordinary experiences. From towering icebergs to indigenous communities, this icy wonderland has much more to offer than meets the eye.

Ilulissat Icefjord: A Majestic Ice Paradise

Ilulissat Icefjord, located on Greenland's west coast, offers an unforgettable experience with its massive floating icebergs that are illuminated by the midnight sun during summer. The sight of these glistening giants is something out of a fairy tale.

Lofoten Islands: Where Mountains Meet Sea

A gem within Norway's Arctic Circle, Lofoten Islands are renowned for their rugged landscapes where mountains plunge into clear blue waters. The islands' traditional fishing villages add a unique charm to your polar expedition journey.

Lofoten | Arctic

Franz Josef Land: An Explorer’s Dream 

If you're interested in explorer huts and uncharted territories, then Franz Josef Land should be high on your list. This Russian archipelago boasts historical sites from famous polar expeditions led by explorers like Roald Amundsen and Fridtjof Nansen.

In addition to man-made attractions, let's not forget about our furry friends. In Churchill (known as "the Polar Bear Capital"), you can take part in one-of-a-kind polar bear expeditions where spotting polar bears up close is all but guaranteed.

Expedition Cruises: The Best Way to Explore the Arctic

Exploring these breathtaking attractions is made possible by companies like Voyagers Travel and their cruise ship partners, who offer an unforgettable voyage on their ice strengthened ships. The real magic lies in how each journey can be tailor-made to suit your interests - whether it's cruising fjords and glaciers or exploring indigenous communities living within this harsh yet beautiful landscape.

Icing on the Cake

Discover the spellbinding Arctic with its majestic icebergs, rugged landscapes and historic sites. Whether it's cruising on an expedition ship or embarking on a daring adventure, each journey can be customized to your interests. Remember, in this icy wonderland, even spotting polar bears up close is possible.

Encounter Wildlife in Polar Regions

If you're a wildlife enthusiast, polar expeditions are a dream come true. The icy climes of the Arctic and Antarctic are abounding with living creatures that manage to survive in these extreme conditions.

Polar bears rule the ice floes of the Arctic while colonies of penguins add splashes of color to Antarctica's snowy landscapes. Yet, there's more than just polar bears and penguins. Resident and migrant populations of seabirds pepper the skies and sea mammals like whales grace the ocean depths.

The Majestic Polar Bears

In Churchill, known as 'The Polar Bear Capital', guided tours give us an up-close look at these majestic creatures. There is nothing quite like watching them play or hunt on their home turf.

Bear spotting expeditions, for instance, let you observe these magnificent animals without disturbing their natural behaviors - an experience worth cherishing.

Polar Bears | Arctic

The Charming Penguins

On your journey towards South Pole on a well equipped expedition ship, brace yourself to be greeted by armies...oops. Colonies (that’s what they call groups) of cute little waddling figures – yes we’re talking about those charming tuxedo-clad birds: Penguins.

A highlight on many Antarctic voyages includes visits to rookeries where thousands gather during breeding season—a spectacle sure to make any nature lover swoon.

King Penguin colony

Mighty Whales

You might not think it when looking out over the vast, ice-covered landscape, but polar regions are home to several species of whales. Some stay year-round, like belugas in the Arctic and Orcas in Antarctica.

Others make epic migrations for feeding or breeding purposes. Spotting a whale surfacing next to your expedition ship is a moment that'll make your heart skip a beat.

Birds of Polar Regions

The sky isn't left out either when it comes to wildlife sightings on polar expeditions. Bird watchers will be thrilled by rare sights of birds adapted to these harsh environments.

Not just puffins, there's a whole lot more to discover. The animal kingdom is full of surprises waiting for you.

Grand Wildlife Encounters

Embrace the magic of polar expeditions and meet wildlife like never before. Witness majestic polar bears in their Arctic homeland, enjoy a heart-melting spectacle of penguin colonies in Antarctica, spot mighty whales that call these icy waters home, and marvel at the unique bird species soaring above. Every expedition promises unforgettable encounters.

FAQs in relation to Polar Expeditions

What was the polar exploration in the 1800s?

Polar exploration during this era focused on charting unknown territories. Key figures included John Franklin searching Northwest Passage while James Clark Ross discovered magnetic North Pole

Who is the most famous polar explorer?

Roald Amundsen holds fame as one of history's greatest polar explorers. He was first to reach both poles - South Pole in 1911 and North Pole in 1926.

What is meant by polar expedition?

A polar expedition refers to a journey undertaken for exploration or scientific research in the Earth's Polar Regions, namely Antarctica and the Arctic.

Who are the 3 famous Antarctic explorers?

The three most renowned Antarctic explorers include Ernest Shackleton, Robert Falcon Scott, and Roald Amundsen - all pioneers of early 20th-century expeditions.

Why Voyagers Travel is your best option for Polar Exploration?

Exploring the thrill of polar expeditions can truly be a life-changing experience. The untouched wilderness of Antarctica and the majestic landscapes of the Arctic have been laid bare for you to marvel at

The journey there, whether by flight or sea voyage, is just as exhilarating. You've seen what makes each expedition unique - from stunning glaciers to diverse wildlife like polar bears and penguins

You now know when it's best to embark on your adventure considering weather conditions and wildlife viewing opportunities. Unforgettable regions within the Arctic such as Spitsbergen and Greenland's East Coast are no longer mysteries but future destinations

From Zodiac cruises to wildlife photography, these thrilling activities will make your trip unforgettable. Lastly, remember that encountering wildlife in their natural habitats during your expedition is an experience unlike any other.

Polar expeditions aren't simply about visiting remote corners of our planet; they're about gaining new perspectives on our place within it all. Get ready for a journey like no other

This is the vacation of a lifetime, leave it in the hands of experts who will optimize your time in planning and look after your trip every step to the way. Voyagers Travel has been hand-crafting experience-filled expeditions for over 20 years. Are partnerships with some of the worlds leading tour guides, lecturers, and ship operators give us the leverage to craft a journey that fits you like a warm glove!

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