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Voyagers Travel Expeditions: Premier Arctic Cruises and Adventures

Ever dream of drifting amidst towering icebergs, watching polar bears in their natural habitat or witnessing the mystical dance of the Northern Lights? You're not alone.

The Arctic - a remote, frozen wonderland at the top of our planet. A place where sunlight dances across endless white landscapes and star-studded skies reflect on icy waters.

But how do you even start to plan an adventure to such a distant frontier?

Welcome aboard! We'll navigate this journey together through the enchanting world of Arctic cruises and expeditions. This is your passport to learning about Voyagers Travel – a specialist agency with over 20 years in expedition cruises. A whole lot of knowledge under our thermal belts.

From perse itineraries crafted for every type of adventurer, to cozy cabins redefining the concept of 'ice hotel', we've got it all. Our commitment to environmental responsibility helps protect this stunning natural wonder. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey that's simply beyond words.

Voyagers Travel Company: Specialists in Arctic Cruises and Expeditions

The beauty of the Arctic is undeniable, with its icy landscapes, unique wildlife, and breathtaking Northern Lights. But who better to guide you through this vast wilderness than the expedition planners at Voyagers Travel? Like the Indiana Jones of Polar Exploration - minus any rolling boulders or poison darts.

Having spent 20 years mastering the craft, we’ve perfected an adventurous yet safe approach to exploring these remote regions. Imagine a blend between your favorite explorer's grit and your grandmother's caution; that's Voyagers for you.

Diverse Itineraries for Different Preferences

With an experienced polar travel advisor, there are as many paths to adventure as there are ice crystals in an iceberg. Whether you want a quick dash across the tundra or prefer soaking up every frosty detail on longer expeditions, we’ve got it covered.

To give context here: if Arctic adventures were pizzas (bear with us), some people might just crave a simple Margherita while others yearn for all toppings available. That’s how perse these trips can be. You can pick from a variety of selections.

Comfortable Accommodations for a Memorable Stay

We get it; adventuring can be exhausting. That’s why at day's end aboard one of the newly built expedition ships feels more akin to checking into a cozy hotel rather than bunking down in Captain Ahab’s quarters.

Their cabins are comfortable, warm and give you that much-needed rest after a day of exploring. Picture yourself kicking back in your cozy room while outside the window; polar bears roam and Northern Lights dance across the sky.

Safety and Environmental Responsibility on Board

Just as Batman wouldn’t be caught without his utility belt, Voyagers Travel would never venture into the Arctic unprepared. Our team comprises experienced expedition leaders who ensure passenger safety like hawks watching over their nestlings.

Indeed, they've gone beyond merely making changes. Together with our Arctic partners we have developed stringent environmental guidelines that are actively enforced.

Arctic Exploration Leaders

Environmental policies ensure that the beautiful Arctic remains pristine for generations to come. Voyagers doesn't just provide an adventure, they deliver a lifetime experience that leaves you with unforgettable memories and a deeper understanding of our planet's icy wilderness.

The Journey on an Expedition Ship: Itineraries and Accommodation

When you're planning an Arctic adventure, the right itinerary can make or break your trip. With Voyagers Travel, variety is the spice of life. They offer a wide range of itineraries designed to satisfy every explorer's taste.

Diverse Itineraries for Different Preferences

If time isn't on your side but you've got that polar passion burning in your heart, don't fret. Several ships have shorter trips just for you. These condensed adventures let travelers get up close and personal with glaciers, fjords, and wildlife without having to commit too much time away from home.

For those who prefer their expeditions more extensive - say hello to longer trips. Perfect if "the further north, the better." is your motto. Whether it’s spotting polar bears in Spitsbergen or chasing Northern Lights across Greenland's skies – these extended journeys have got you covered.

Comfortable Accommodations for a Memorable Stay

Your stay onboard should be as memorable as what lies beyond deck; this means cozy quarters are key. All ships curated by the Voyagers team come equipped with several cabin options ranging from budget-friendly shared rooms to high-end suites fit for royalty (or at least feel like one).

No matter which option suits best, all cabins promise comfort after long days spent exploring arctic wonders outside.

Now imagine yourself unwinding while looking out onto icy landscapes from large picture windows available in select rooms... now that's what we call chilling out.

Moving forward into uncharted waters:

The future holds even more excitement with new routes being explored and added to the itineraries every year. So, whether you're a seasoned polar traveler or an arctic newbie, there's always something new for you with Voyagers Travel Company.

Safety First – Always

Any of our expedition partners understands this necessity. Their extensive knowledge and preparation help to navigate the icy landscapes while maintaining utmost safety. With their expertise, they turn every expedition into an unforgettable journey without compromising on your well-being.

Expeditions for Every Kind of Traveler

Expeditions booked with a Voyagers Travel expert bring variety to your Arctic adventures, with itineraries tailored for every explorer's taste and time. Shorter trips let you experience glaciers, fjords, and wildlife without a long commitment. Longer journeys offer more polar wonders like spotting bears in Spitsbergen or chasing Northern Lights across Greenland. As for accommodations? They range from budget-friendly shared rooms right up to luxurious private spaces - something to suit everyone's needs.

Safety and Environmental Responsibility on Board

As leading specialists in Arctic expeditions, Voyagers Travel Company understands the importance of maintaining safety standards while respecting the environment. Our commitment to both these aspects has been instrumental in creating unforgettable experiences for our clients and passengers.

Ensuring Passenger Safety through Experienced Crew Members

The crew on each expedition ship is more than just a team; they're seasoned explorers with a passion for polar travel. The crew members are ready to take on any difficulties that may arise during their journeys into the frigid environment, equipped with the knowledge they have gained from extensive practice and completion of specialized training courses such as IAATO's Polar Operations.

The expedition leaders boast extensive experience and have completed rigorous training programs which include IAATO's Polar Operations courses. This ensures they can guide passengers safely during zodiac cruises or hikes on ice-strewn landscapes.

But it’s not only about leadership skills - every crew member undergoes comprehensive medical check-ups before embarking on any journey. In fact, ships carry qualified doctors who are available 24/7 because your health matters as much as your adventure does.

Upholding Environmental Responsibility in the Fragile Arctic Ecosystem

Much like you'd tread lightly while visiting someone else's home, voyaging through the Arctic demands respect towards Mother Nature. And this respect forms an integral part of Voyagers ethos and responsible travel pledge - from avoiding disturbances to wildlife habitats to minimizing carbon footprints wherever possible.

Aiming high when it comes to sustainability, all waste produced onboard is processed according to strict international regulations such as MARPOL Annex V guidelines IMO's MARPOL guidelines. They also use eco-friendly products and adopt sustainable practices, such as reducing single-use plastics.

But it doesn’t stop there. Every ship in our portfolio is a proud member of the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO), actively promoting responsible travel behavior AECO's guidelines.

Safe and Responsible Adventures

Voyagers Travel marries thrilling Arctic adventures with a firm commitment to safety and environmental responsibility. Their seasoned crew, trained in polar operations, ensures passenger safety while their eco-friendly practices help protect the fragile Arctic ecosystem. This balance of adventure and respect for nature sets them apart in creating unforgettable polar travel experiences.

The Unique Portfolio of Ships of Voyagers Travel Company

When it comes to Arctic cruises, the vessels you travel on can make all the difference. Voyagers Travel knows this well and has designed a unique fleet of ice-strengthened ships specifically for polar exploration.

All aboard. Peep at these remarkable ships, which offer convenience and an opportunity to experience nature in some of the most isolated places on earth.

Ice-Strengthened Vessels: Designed for Adventure

Built with robust hulls capable of slicing through pack ice like hot butter, these ice-strengthened vessels are made for adventure. They navigate smoothly across icy waters, providing safe passage into uncharted territories where standard cruise liners dare not tread.

The engineering brilliance doesn't stop there. These ships have advanced navigation systems ensuring your safety while making sure no iceberg goes unnoticed.

Ortelius | Arctic

Luxury Meets Exploration: Accommodations On Board

You might be exploring one of Earth’s final frontiers but who says you can’t do so in style? Each ship within the portfolio offers comfortable accommodations without compromising on its expeditionary spirit.

Cabins range from cozy interiors to spacious suites equipped with modern amenities and large windows offering panoramic views - perfect for spotting wildlife or admiring those spectacular Arctic sunsets right from your room.

Superior Cabin | Hondius | Arctic

Dining With A View And More...

Fine dining in the middle of an icy wilderness sounds too good to be true? Well, think again. Every vessel boasts restaurant-quality meals prepared by skilled chefs. Imagine feasting on gourmet dishes while floating amidst glaciers - now that's a dining experience to remember.

But there’s more than just great food and comfy cabins aboard these ships. Amenities like saunas, fitness centers, libraries stocked with polar literature, and lecture theaters for interactive sessions add to the overall experience.

Safety Is Priority

Adventure is something that excites us, fills our lives with new experiences and unforgettable memories. It's an essential part of life. Safety is an essential part of the adventures offered by Voyagers Travel.

Elevated Arctic Expedition Cruises

Voyagers Travel elevates Arctic cruises by offering a unique fleet of ice-strengthened vessels. These marvels not only assure safe, adventurous journeys into remote icy realms but also promise comfort and luxury with cozy cabins, gourmet meals, and enriching amenities. So get ready to make unforgettable memories while exploring Earth's final frontiers in style.

Experiencing the Arctic Wildlife with Voyagers Travel Company

The magic of an Arctic cruise lies in its intimate encounters with wildlife. On an expedition trip into the world’s northernmost seas, you'll get up close and personal with nature's most stunning creatures, from majestic polar bears to awe-inspiring whales.

Zodiac Cruising, Hiking, and More

Your journey begins when you step into a Zodiac - sturdy inflatable boats that let us navigate through ice-strewn waters. These vessels give you unparalleled access to remote shorelines and hidden coves. Imagine cruising along the coast while seals sunbathe on ice floes nearby or hiking on vast glaciers where few humans have tread before.

We also offer guided hikes led by our experienced team members who are well-versed in local flora and fauna. Whether it's traversing tundra carpeted with wildflowers or navigating rocky ridges for panoramic views of glistening fjords below - each hike is as invigorating as it is educational.

For those looking for more adrenaline-pumping activities, we've got them covered too. You can paddle amid floating icebergs during a kayaking expedition or even take a plunge into freezing Arctic waters under the supervision of our expert crew.

Zodiac cruising | Arctic

Spotting Polar Bears, Whales, and Seabirds

No trip to the Arctic would be complete without spotting some incredible wildlife. On board one of these polar expeditions cruises around Svalbard islands (home to more polar bears than people), passengers often catch sight of these magnificent creatures roaming across sea ice hunting for their next meal – truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Beyond bears, the Arctic waters are teeming with marine life. Keep your binoculars ready to spot pods of whales - from playful humpbacks and minkes to elusive narwhals. You could be fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the bowhead whale - one of Earth's longest-living creatures.

And let's not forget about our feathered friends. From puffins with their colorful beaks to parrots flaunting vibrant plumage, the world of birds is full of beauty and wonder. Let's continue exploring it together.

Polar Bears | Arctic

Wildlife Encounters Galore

Polar Cruises bring you face-to-face with the Arctic's mesmerizing wildlife. Your adventure starts aboard Zodiacs, offering unrivaled access to remote shores and icy waters where seals bask in the sun. From exhilarating hikes on wildflower-laden tundra to adrenaline-filled kayak rides amid icebergs, every moment is filled with awe and education.

Learning about the Arctic's Unique Environment and Culture

The Arctic region is more than just a vast expanse of ice and snow. The Arctic is home to a complex ecosystem, filled with varied lifeforms, and also hosts ancient cultures that have endured for millennia. Let a team of expert naturalists and scientists guide you through this amazing world.

Diving into the Wonders of the Ecosystem

You'll be amazed at how much life exists in such seemingly inhospitable conditions. From microscopic organisms living within sea ice to towering polar bears roaming on top, every element plays a vital role in sustaining this fragile balance.

Your journey will let you witness many rare species up close – whether it’s observing seals lounging on floating chunks of ice or spotting majestic whales breaching amidst stunning icy backdrops. You might even catch sight of elusive arctic foxes darting between frosty hillocks.

But it isn’t just about watching from afar - you’ll get opportunities to hike across tundras bursting with vibrant wildflowers during summer months or paddle alongside glaciers aboard kayaks. Every step taken or stroke paddled takes us deeper into understanding how each organism contributes towards maintaining harmony in this complex web of life.

Gaining Insights into Indigenous Cultures

A visit to Greenland gives a fascinating glimpse into Inuit culture, which has been intricately tied with nature for centuries. Greenland Adventure cruises allow for these intimate encounters. From the colourful houses dotting the coastlines to ancient tales of their sea-faring ancestors, every aspect reflects a deep respect and understanding for their environment.

Listen to local guides narrate captivating stories about how they've adapted over generations, hunting seal and whale just as their forefathers did. They'll show you around settlements that feel like stepping back in time but are filled with warmth and hospitality. You may even get to try traditional dishes.

The Inuit people’s intimate knowledge of the land is invaluable not only for survival but also adds another layer of depth when experiencing these remote landscapes through their eyes. This unique blend of adventure and cultural immersion makes an Arctic expedition truly unforgettable.

Arctic Mysteries Unraveled

Each stride on this adventure not only immerses you deeper into the stunning wilderness but also broadens your grasp of nature's grandeur. Unraveling the Arctic's mysteries with your loved ones and fellow travelers is an unforgettable journey that enlightens and inspires.

FAQs in Relation to Arctic Cruises and Expeditions

How much does it cost to cruise the Arctic Ocean?

An Arctic cruise varies in price, but expect to pay between $2.5k-$25k. The cost depends on factors like trip length, ship amenities, and cabin selection.

Where do Arctic cruises leave from?

Arctic cruises often set sail from ports such as Longyearbyen or Tromsø in Norway, Reykjavic in Iceland or Kangerlussuaq in Greenland. However, your departure port will depend on your chosen itinerary.

When should I go on an Arctic cruise?

The best time for an Arctic cruise is during summer months - typically June through August when ice melts enough allowing ships passage into remote areas.

How much would a trip to the Arctic cost?

A journey to the Arctic can range anywhere from $2.5k for budget trips up to $30k (or more) for luxury expeditions including flights and extras.

Why Choose Voyagers Travel Company to Book Your Arctic Journey

Voyagers Travel Company is your gateway to unforgettable Arctic cruises and expeditions. We've been at the forefront of remote adventures and expedition cruising for over 20 years, making our experienced advisors a reliable source of advice.

We feature many perse itineraries that can cater to every adventurer's taste, whether you're seeking a short trip or an extended expedition. You'll enjoy comfort even in the remotest corners of our planet thanks to the cozy cabins on ships and boutique luxury at the small lodges in faraway areas.

Safety comes first on board with experienced crew members by your side. Voyagers also respects this fragile ecosystem through strict environmental guidelines.

Engage with the stunning natural beauty of the Arctic during activities like zodiac cruising and hiking. Spot incredible wildlife including polar bears, whales, and seabirds – experiences that are truly beyond words!

Contact one of our expert advisors to start planning your adventure.

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