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Embark on an unforgettable adventure to the Arctic aboard our luxurious cruise! Experience the majesty of the Arctic nature as you sail through crystal-clear waters and explore the realm of polar bears. From the comfort of our elegant ship, you'll get up close to wildlife in their natural habitat, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Join us for a unique and exclusive experience that will leave you awestruck by the beauty and grandeur of the Arctic. Book your spot now and get ready for a luxury adventure you'll never forget!

12 Day Artic Itinerary

Day 1: Reykjavik

Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland, and our starting point for an Arctic adventure! It takes 45 minutes to drive by taxi or airport shuttle from Keflavik Airport into the city centre. You can explore the city after checking in to your hotel. This has been pre-arranged and included as part of the package.

We recommend that you start your tour of Iceland at the National Museum and Culture House. Reykjavik is also home to the most iconic landmark, Hallgrimskirkja Church. Whales of Iceland Museum is a great place to visit if you are interested in the natural world. It has full-sized replicas of 23 different species of Icelandic whales. Reykjavik has a wide variety of authentic Icelandic meals to choose from for dinner.

Day 2: Reykjavik

You can spend the rest of your morning in Reykjavik after breakfast. Enjoy a stroll in a tranquil garden, or relax with a soak at a spa. Tjornin is a tranquil lake located in the center of the city. Bird lovers can enjoy the abundance of birdlife. Shop for last-minute essentials such as winter gear or souvenirs. Remember that you'll soon be receiving your own parka and boots for borrowing on the cruise ship.

You will then be transported to the deluxe expedition ship. Explore the spacious ship and settle into your suite. This will be the home for your extraordinary journey. Your expedition team will provide you with informative presentations and briefings as soon as the ship sets sail. Step out on the decks after the first delicious dinner to enjoy the view as we cruise through Faxafloi. It is also possible to see our first whales.

Day 3: Denmark Strait

We celebrate crossing the Arctic Circle as we cross the Denmark Strait and head to East Greenland. In the waters around the steep rise in Greenland’s continental shelf, we are constantly on the lookout for whales. We also keep an eye out for flocks of birds feeding. We have the first chance to view aurora borealis after nightfall.

Day 4 to 9: Scoresby Sund

Scoresby Sund is also called Kangertittivaq by Greenlandic speakers. The area is home to some of Greenland’s most beautiful scenery, as well as the best wildlife. Our exact itinerary and schedule will depend on the weather and ice, as with every true polar exploration. We expect that sea ice will have a minimal impact on our explorations at this stage in the season. We will, however, be on the lookout for surging glaciers that can create interesting navigational difficulties. In this remote and wild corner of the Arctic, our experienced expedition leader and captain will constantly adjust their plans to suit conditions.

Scoresby Sund has one of the most beautiful and longest fjords in the entire world. It is one of Earth's most natural and pristine environments. The forces of nature have created a breathtaking landscape in this vast wilderness. The sheer walls of rock that rise up to 2000 meters frame the deep fjords, narrow passages and rocky cliffs. The fjords are dotted with colossal icebergs, carved by enormous glaciers into incredible shapes by the wind and water. They contrast sharply against sparkling waters and mountains covered in fresh snow. Scoresby Sund is a journey through the most scenic landscapes in the world. From the verdant coast to the ice-clad mountains and the heart of Greenland.

We explore a part of Northeast Greenland National Park - the largest, most northern national park on the planet. Hikers who enjoy the breathtaking views of unspoiled tundra will find this vast Arctic landscape a haven. A flash of white can be seen across hillsides painted in autumnal yellow and red, as a mountain hare or snowy owl takes flight. Underfoot, tufts of fine fleece are entangled in the polar willows and point to the nearby herds of shaggy muskoxen. Bulls may be heard roaring as they engage in a fierce battle of strength. All kinds of boreal birds are getting ready to head south, accompanied by their chicks. Scoresby Sund is a place where we keep a constant eye out for marine mammals such as polar bears. We also look closely at seals, walruses, and narwhals.

The ancient archeological sites of Thule remind us that humankind has had a long-standing relationship with the harsh but life-sustaining nature. We will visit Ittoqqortoormiit to see how the tradition is being carried on. Ittoqqortoormiit is the only permanent settlement of this region, and it's one of the remotest communities of the world. This village has a great museum, an excellent bookstore, handmade craft for sale, as well as a post-office and a large number of Greenlandic dogs.

At the September equinox you will be equally amazed by day and night. The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon that occurs as the night begins to fall. East Greenland has some of the best views in the Arctic for this amazing natural phenomenon. Scoresby Sund is not only at the ideal latitude to see strong auroras, but the sky above Scoresby Sund can also be cleared out by the katabatic wind that blows down from Greenland Ice Sheet. The dazzling lights dancing across the horizon and reflected in the calm water are romantically magnified by the serrated mountain silhouettes, icebergs, and horizons.

This itinerary takes you on a journey through one of the most beautiful and spiritual environments in the Arctic. Your days are filled from dawn until dusk, with amazing shore excursions and world-class Zodiac cruises, as well as enough breathtaking scenery to overwhelm you and fill up your camera. Hikers can live out their wildest dreams, and kayakers are rewarded by some of the best paddling in the world.

Day 10: Iceland

We head across Denmark Strait to Iceland after our wonderful time in Scoresby Sund. Our expert crew will present workshops and presentations, while our onboard facilities ensure this is a day well spent. From the open balconies and decks, you can enjoy whale and seabird sightings.

Day 11: Westfjords

Vestfirdir, the Westfjords of Iceland is our last excursion day. Only 10% of Icelanders visit this remote region with its crenulated coasts, waterfalls in abundance and rugged mountains. Whales live in the deep fjords, while seals and birds are abundant along estuaries.

Day 12: Reykjavík

We bid you farewell to Reykjavik after a final breakfast buffet onboard. If you want to stay longer in Iceland, we can provide transfers from the airport to Reykjavik or back to your hotel.

Itinerary Map

Arctic Sights and Northern Lights

12 Day Artic Itinerary Includes

  • Group transfer to the ship on day of embarkation
  • Group transfer to airport or central location upon disembarkation
  • Shipboard accommodation
  • All scheduled landings/excursions
  • Leadership throughout the voyage by our Expedition Leader & Expedition Team
  • Leadership throughout the voyage by our Expedition Leader & Expedition Team
  • WiFi on board
  • All meals on board throughout the voyage
  • Tea and coffee station 24 hours daily
  • Branded Poseidon Expeditions parka
  • Rubber boots for shore landings for the time of the cruise
  • Welcome and Farewell cocktails
  • All port fees
  • Predeparture materials
  • Digital Voyage Log

12 Day Artic Itinerary Does not Include

  • Visa and passport fees (if applicable)
  • Luggage and trip cancellation insurance
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages other than those for special events and celebrations
  • Personal expenses such as laundry and telecommunication charges
  • Mandatory Emergency Evacuation Insurance to a minimum benefit of US$ 200,000 per person
  • Staff gratuities

12 Day Artic Itinerary Highlights

  • Explore iconic landmarks like the Hallgrimskirkja Church and the Whales of Iceland Museum in Reykjavik.
  • Celebrate as we cross the Arctic Circle on our way to East Greenland, keeping an eye out for whales and the aurora borealis.
  • Discover the stunning beauty of Scoresby Sund, home to towering fjords, colossal icebergs, and a diverse range of Arctic wildlife.
  • You'll encounter majestic waterfalls, abundant wildlife, and rugged landscapes.

Meals Included

  • Breakfast Served Daily
  • 11 Dinners
  • 12 Lunches
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12 Day Artic cruise activities

Sea Kayaking
Under full instruction from your sea kayaking guide, experience true tranquillity as you paddle through clinking ice floes and realise the enormity of the surrounding scenery. Look out for breaching whales, lounging seals and penguins zipping alongside your kayak. Some experience is required.
Ice Camping
Camp out on the ice and experience the silence which blankets the continent by night. This is your chance to completely connect with this ethereal ice world – wrap up warm and embrace the Antarctic elements.
Get a spring in your step when you slip on a pair of snowshoes in Antarctica. Enabling you to easily scale gentle slopes, this unique activity allows you to access hard to reach places and seek out the most impressive views.
Learn to capture wildlife and landscape shots in a small group photography program, including critiquing sessions and editing classes. Plus, Explorer Boat excursions with a dedicated photography expert on landings.
Explorer Boats
Achieve the best views and photographs from a forward facing Explorer Boats. They allow you to sit comfortably and securely while crackling through the ice-strewn waters. Look out for wildlife such as penguins, seals and whales as you cruise.
It doesn’t get more serene than complimentary yoga classes to the tune of glacial scenery. Join the most unique exercise setting in the world after a day of exploration. Classes are regular but are dependent on weather conditions and swell.
Arctic Sights and Northern Lights
12 Days
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