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Best River Cruises 2024 – 2025

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of South America's stunning landscapes on our luxurious river cruises. The Voyagers Travel Company offers unparalleled journeys on the majestic Magdalena River in Colombia and the mighty Amazon, traversing Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador.

Visit Amazon river with us

The Magdalena River Cruise: A Colombian Gem – Coming Soon!

Embark on a voyage down the Magdalena River, Colombia's principal waterway. This journey is not just about stunning vistas; it’s also an opportunity to immerse yourself in local culture as you visit quaint riverside towns teeming with vibrant art scenes and lively markets.

Brazilian Amazon Cruise: An Adventure from Manaus

Your journey into Brazil starts at Manaus, where you'll board your luxurious vessel for a thrilling cruise along the Amazon River. You’ll experience wildlife encounters like no other – imagine waking up to sights of pink dolphins frolicking alongside your boat!

Ecuador & Peruvian Amazon Cruises: Unforgettable Experiences Await

  • Ecuador Amazon Cruise: Depart from Coca for an expedition along Napo & Coca Rivers. Witness exotic wildlife such as colorful macaws or elusive jaguars while enjoying world-class service aboard our boutique riverboats.
  • Peru Amazon Cruise: Your adventure begins at Iquitos cruising Ucayali and Marañon rivers that form part of the vast Amazon basin. Experience unique cultural interactions with indigenous communities living harmoniously within this biodiverse ecosystem.

Why Book a River Cruise with Voyagers Travel

Our river cruises are designed for those who seek adventure and luxury in equal measure. They offer a unique perspective on the regions they traverse, providing intimate access to some of South America's most untouched wilderness areas while ensuring comfort and style every step of the way.