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South America is definitely one of the most incredible destinations to travel, especially for the eager adventurer looking to experience a fantastic variety of natural and cultural attractions. South American countries are characterized for having some of the most dramatic and geographically diverse natural landscapes of the planet, rich cultural-human history and protected areas and sanctuaries where wildlife & plantlife can thrive.

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8 South America Tour packages for 2024 – 2025

Voyagers Travel are specialists in preparing dream-holidays for passengers that wish to visit the most popular and enchanted natural and cultural destinations. Our 17 years of proven experience allow us to tailor-made exclusive tour packages experiences so our guests can enjoy a more in depth experience with personalized services to make it a memorable South American journey. We’d like to share a few of our most recommended tours

Reasons to travel to South America

Travel to a South American destination should definitely be on everyone’s bucket-list and we would like to share what we feel are the main reasons to explore this wonderful land full of life, enchantment and culture.

Amazon rainforestThe Amazon Rainforest

  • Considered as the lungs of the World; a magical and energetic place perfect to be in contact with Mother Nature.
  • A true paradise for nature lovers, especially for bird-watchers and adventure-seekers.
  • Complete infrastructure for all visitors either with a river cruise or lodge program.
  • Easy transportation from main Cities via plane or by road and via dug-out canoe.
  • Possibility to visit millenary Indigenous Cultures and share their customs and maybe even a meal in their village, an incomparable experience.
  • When hiring a tour-package with a responsible Tour Operator such as Voyagers Travel, you can trust that you will have the most experienced guides, crew and representatives on each location; also with highest security standards to make your journey completely safe and enjoyable.

Andean RegionThe Andean Region: Avenue of Volcanoes

  • Travel through one of the largest volcano route in South American with breathtaking landscapes.
  • Possibility to visit two of the World’s largest and most beautiful volcanoes, the Cotopaxi and the Chimborazo.
  • Stop by small Indigenous Villages to enjoy their everyday Andean life, customs and visit local Indian Markets along the way.
  • Visit spectacular natural attractions like the Quilotoa Crater Lake, the famous “Devil’s Nose” Train ride, the ancient Inca Ruins Ingapirca and much more.
  • Enjoy comfortable stays at a typical Colonial Hacienda or cozy boutique Hotels on every location between Quito and Cuenca.
  • Possible sightseeing along the way of Ecuador’s endemic and iconic specie, the Andean Condor.
  • Safe journey with professional bilingual guide and transportation with complete knowledge of the routes and the highlights of the route; plus the certainty that you will always have a safe voyage when booking with Voyagers Travel.

Galapagos IslandsGalapagos, the world’s most amazing travel experience

  • One of the World’s most biodiverse Natural Wonders for wildlife, plantlife and geology.
  • Untamed and fearless endemic species on every visitor site that marvel the visitor.
  • Large selection of stylish sailing cruises in all categories on motor-vessels, motor-catamarans and motor-yachts with perfectly crafted itineraries to enjoy the Archipelago.
  • Variety of land-based programs or “island hopping” tours with incredible day-visits and all category hotels.
  • Complete hotel and tour infrastructure to satisfy the most demanding traveler.
  • Specialized day-tours to several islands with professional guides and personalized services.
  • Among the best diving sites in the World, including cruises to Darwin and Wolf Islets.

Local traditions | EcuadorLocal traditions, the charm of South American Countries

  • Discover the rich cultural diversity of every South American Country that your travel.
  • Ancient customs and tradition legacy shared with all visitors, every Country and Region have their own heritage.
  • Explore and discover small Indigenous Communities and Markets for a lively experience.
  • Share daily activities and a delicious meal with a friendly Indigenous family in the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Learn how Cosmo-vision guides Communities to leave in harmony with nature and fully respect the “PachaMama” (Mother Earth”).
  • Discover cities, ruins, sites and locations evolved from the Inca Empire to the Colonial times and how the local have mixed many traditions of the two worlds.

Machu Picchu | PeruMachu Picchu, a cultural and historic site of the World:

  • Considered as the jewel of the Inca Sacred Valley.
  • A spectacular Inca City-Fortress that has been preserved as pristine as possible over the years.
  • Explore the marvels inside the compound like the Temple of the Sun and Huayna Picchu Mountain.
  • Take the ancient way to Machu Picchu by booking the exhilarating Inca Trail from Cuzco to the Citadel.
  • Learn how the Inca society lived in a harmonious and well-organized manner and how they thrived and prospered deep in the Andean mountains.
  • A variety of amazing tours in Peru can be arranged with the inclusion of Machu Picchu, from programs in
  • Cuzco and the Sacred Valley to adventurous Amazon tour/cruise extensions.

Uyuni salar | BoliviaThe Uyuni Salar and the Dali Desert

  • A breathtaking prehistoric lake that nowadays is the largest and only salt desert in the world.
  • It has an 11000 square kilometers area of white-salt surface with many rock formations and small cacti-islets.
  • Explore Incahuasi Island to enjoy the marvelous views of the Sat Sea at 3650 meters above sea level, a unique spectacle.
  • Visit the “Laguna Colorada” near the salar where a colony of pink flamingos can be found.
  • Discover nearby small town of Colchani where local bring the extracted sat and process it as their main way of living in this hostile high-altitude environment.


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Top activities to do in South America

Snorkeling in Galapagos

Galapagos snorkelingOne of the most popular activities in the Archipelago, swim beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean to see the incredibly diverse marine life; you might even spot turtles, sharks, golden rays and parrotfish.

Anyone can enjoy snorkeling as you don’t have to have any special training, anyone can enjoy it, as long as you know how to swim. At the beginning of your cruise trip, you’ll receive a complete snorkeling orientation from your guide.

Among the best and most popular sites to snorkel in Galapagos, we find:

Climbing an active volcano

Cotopaxi National Park | EcuadorSouth America characterizes for having some of the most beautiful and challenging active and non-active volcanoes along the famous Andean Mountain Range that extends between Colombia and Argentina. Our countries are truly a paradise for the amateur to the professional climber, among the most popular climbing mountains are:

  • Cotopaxi snow-caped Volcano in Ecuador with 5897 m.a.s.l. (meters above sea level) is among the highest active volcanoes in the World. 
  • The Ilinizas in Ecuador, a twin-pick magnificent mountain with 5248 m.a.s.l. 
  • The Cordillera Blanca in Peru with almost 55 picks of different altitudes up to 5500 m.a.s.l. the eager climber can choose from different picks and difficulties from moderate to extreme climbing. 
  • The majestic Chimborazo, considered as the farthest point from the center of Earth with its challenging 6260 m.a.s.l.

Visiting a community in the Amazon Rainforest

Community in the Amazon Rainforest | EcuadorPerhaps one of the most attractive and interactive activities that you can enjoy when visiting Ecuador, Peru and even Bolivia. Most of specialized programs with lodges and cruises include a social and intercultural day-tour to a local Indigenous Community.

The wonder of this tour in particular is that guests get to interact with a friendly local family within the Community as you are immerged into their ancient ways of living and traditions that are past from generation to generation. The lively experience also consist in sharing the family’s table with a tasty meal and freshly made “chicha” drink normally accompanied by their traditional dances, folkloric displays, interesting and mystic tales from the elders, all this to have a perfect day in the amazon rainforest when traveling in South America.


Tasting Peruvian gastronomy in Lima.

Peruvian Food In wonderful Peru you will find Inca cities, snow-capped Peaks, grazing llamas, Lake Titicaca, Colca Canyon and the Amazon Rainforest. Besides all those highlights you also need to visit Peru for its excellent cuisine and discover why the Country has won the Top Ten Culinary destination of the World award in 2013.
The Capital of Peru, Lima is a must visit City for people that travel in South America and are looking for a magnificent culinary experience, it has some of the most famous Restaurants like “Rosa Nautica” and others with an incredible variety of dishes that will delight your senses, especially if you try the traditional Ceviche, Spicy Chicken or the “Pachamanca” which means earth-pot and used since pre-Columbian times on important celebrations where fresh vegetables, potatoes and meat are slowly and deliciously cooked with hot stones on the ground. Of course, no Peruvian meal will be completely satisfactory without the savory freshly made “chicha” or Pisco Sour or its variety of cocktails.


Discovering the Amazon Jungle on a river Cruise

Amazon cruiseThe Amazon Rainforest is one of the most captivating travel destinations in South America and one of the best ways to explore the enigmatic jungle is by sailing along the brownish waters of the Amazon River and its tributaries in Ecuador, Brazil and Peru. There are many incredible river cruises that offer adventurous itineraries deep into the Jungle where the most amazing wildlife can be spotted. Even though the cruises visit secluded areas, they all offer great comfort, excellent cuisine, ample social areas, and of course professional and experienced guides and crew to make your jungle adventure a memorable experience.


Traveling down the route of the Spondylus:

Spondylus route south AmericaThe “Spondylus Route” as Ecuadorians knows it, is a long ride along pristine beaches; the route has some of the country’s most beautiful natural scenarios within Machalilla National Park, as well as elements of its culture and pre-Columbian archeology. The route takes its name from the spectacular Spondylus shell which had significance to the ancient Valdivia culture in Ecuador as it was used as currency between traders of the time.

Evidence of this ancient culture and others have been uncovered in the archeological excavations that you can find on the route, which also include spectacular beaches like Los Frailes; it is also a great chance to spot Humpback whales that migrate to Ecuadorian coastal waters between June and September. Also there is the possibility to visit Isla de la Plata also known as “Little Galapagos” as you can find here many species that are found on the Archipelago like Boobies, Sea-lions, Gulls and Pelicans. This is truly a delightful stroll by the shores of the beautiful Ecuadorian coast region and should definitely be part of your South American voyage.


But, why travel to South America with Voyagers Travel?

Galapagos islands | EcuadorWe consider that our customer’s voyage to our Countries should be a once in a lifetime experience, reason why we our Staff is highly committed to provide the most professional service from the very first contact until the very last day of your trip with Us; some reasons why to trust us are:

  • Personalized service all throughout the reservation process until you depart back home.
  • Team of tourism bilingual experts with extensive knowledge of the destination and customer service.
  • Home based in Quito, Ecuador to guarantee day-by-day follow up on your tour.
  • We pick our service providers very carefully considering not only the best prices but also the quality of service and overall customer satisfaction.
  • We love working with local providers and Communities to foment tourism development and economic growth of our Region.

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