Sustainable Travel at the Heart of Every Voyage

At Voyagers Travel Company, we're not just about creating unforgettable journeys, but also ensuring that our adventures respect and preserve the cultures and environments we visit. Our commitment to sustainable travel is woven into every aspect of our tailor-made luxury vacations.

A Commitment Rooted in UN Principles

We are proud to align ourselves with the 30 United Nations principles for Sustainable Development towards 2030. These guidelines serve as a roadmap for us, helping shape unique travel experiences that prioritize cultural understanding, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. From Galapagos cruises to Amazon river basin explorations - each trip is meticulously planned keeping these values in mind.

Infographics agenda 2030 sustainable development

Luxury Meets Sustainability

The notion that luxury can't coexist with sustainability is outdated. At Voyagers Travel Company, we prove it's possible by curating high-end experiences without compromising on ecological integrity or cultural sensitivity. We partner with eco-friendly lodges in Ecuador tours and work only with responsible operators during Peru tours who share our vision for sustainable tourism.

Salt mines  | Cusco | Peru
Photo: Lucia Barreiros  Silva

Culturally Respectful Adventures

Our travels don't merely scratch the surface; they dive deep into local traditions allowing you an authentic experience while respecting indigenous customs and ways of life. Be it learning ancient weaving techniques from Peruvian artisans or sampling exotic delicacies prepared by native chefs – your journey will be richly rewarding both personally and culturally.

Peruvian artisan woman
Photo: Visual Arts

Eco-Conscious Explorations

From minimizing plastic use on Antarctica cruises to promoting wildlife conservation efforts during Galapagos voyages – being environmentally conscious isn’t just a part of our policy; it’s ingrained in how we operate. Every decision we make is weighed against its potential impact on the environment, ensuring that our footprint remains as light as possible.

Baby Galapagos Tortoise
Photo: jkraft5

By choosing Voyagers Travel Company for your next adventure, you're not just signing up for an extraordinary journey; you're also contributing to a sustainable future and supporting local communities in different corners of the planet. We invite you to join us in making travel more meaningful and responsible.

Responsible Tourism

Galapagos responsible tourism

VOYAGERS TRAVEL acknowledges the impact that tourism activities have over the environment and local cultures and we actively encourage our Staff and service providers of the importance of preserving our Countries natural and historic heritage.

We are constantly reviewing our tours and programs to ensure quality of service with strong emphasis on low-impact to the natural balance and local traditions of our Communities.

We work mainly with local service providers and tour operators in order to benefit communities economically as well as socially by helping generate employment and small business development, knowing that they share the same principles of sustainability and responsible growth needed to maintain the delicate balance between human presence and nature.

While touring, our guests will be able to experience and share local customs and help with the conservation of natural resources. Our experienced guides will permanently offer guidelines and suggestions to the sustainable traveler which helps understand and respect local customs and how to support their economy by purchasing local products, art and handcrafts or perhaps even bringing educational materials for local children to help and encourage their education.

We are always looking for our guests to have a positive and fulfilling experience for them and the local people so guests can take back home wonderful memories of our Countries.

In short terms, we pursue:

  • For travelers to experience a different culture and the regions’ bio-diversity;
  • Support local business initiatives, restaurants and local tour operators;
  • Minimize consumption of water and electricity;
  • Respect of local social and religious believes;
  • Recycle & reuse whenever possible and minimization of any kind of pollution;
  • Always look for specific safety rules (do’s and don’ts) especially while touring in and around National Parks, Reserves and Protected Areas.

Knowing that by being on a different Country than yours, you will carefully need to follow recommended safety standards.