Galapagos hotels

Galapagos Hotels

If you are not looking for a sailing cruise to explore the enchanted Archipelago, you can choose to spend your days in a wonderful Hotel in one of the populated Islands: Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, Isabela and even in Floreana.

By staying in a Hotel, you will have the possibility to enjoy a more relaxing experience while sharing with the local “Galapagueños” and possibly taking day-tours to the most amazing nearby visitor sites in your location.

You can always trust your Destination Expert at Voyagers Travel to suggest the best hotel that guarantees quality service and good accommodation in its own category so you can live a memorable experience in one of the World’s most magical natural paradises.

But, how do you know which hotel will best for your holiday?Galapagos Hotels

Here are some important facts to consider when choosing the perfect hotel for your complete enjoyment:

  • Category: whether you are looking for an indulging experience during your stay or just looking for clean, basic but still comfortable accommodations, Galapagos has many amazing options to choose from.
  • Location: many upscale hotels/lodges are located in the Highlands of Santa Cruz (35 minutes from Puerto Ayora) and they offer a peaceful and tranquil environment for guests. On the other hand, you will find many excellent hotels in all categories: luxury, first, superior and tourist class in the heart of the local Towns of the three inhabited Islands.Hotels Galapagos | Red Mangroove
  • Budget:  Due to the location of Galapagos, overall services can be considered as expensive, so it’s very important to define your budget for lodging, meals, activities, tours and others. Hotel nights (with Breakfast) cost from US$95 up to US$550 per night depending on the category and services provided to guests.
  • Comfort: although the Islands are far from Mainland, infrastructure is quite complete to offer guests a comfortable stay with everything you need to enjoy your hotel’s facilities: air-conditioning, good amenities and excellent food. Also it is important to be near restaurants, shops, bars & pubs and local travel agencies that can offer good day trips or packages to complement your Island holiday.