Sol y Mar

Sol y Mar
The place is also dotted with a slew of lodgings where sojourners can enjoy a lavish and comfortable stay. Hotel Sol y Mar is one of those incredible lodgings with a charm of its own. Situated at Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz Island, one of the Galapagos Islands, the hotel flaunts a rich history of service and hospitality. In case you want to make the booking in advance to avoid any kind of trouble later, you can easily search for the hotel details in our Galapagos Directory of accommodations.

The three-star hotel boasts of a humble beginning; it was initially used as a storeroom and was later turned into a bungalow for people traveling to the Charles Darwin Research Station. Gradually, the hotel grew in size to meet the lodging needs of the people who came to this exotic place
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From $348.00 per person
Social area | Sol y Mar
Restaurant | Sol y Mar
Bedroom | Sol y Mar
Exterior | Sol y Mar
Suite | Sol y Mar

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