Our Sales Team:


Has ample experience in the tourism industry and she is and adventurous traveler plus excellent customer service skills and fluid english to guide you through the tour-building process.


Has a degree in tourism administration and also vast experience in hotel administration; he has traveled to Galapagos many times and knows very well the best sites in the Islands, Mainland Ecuador and Peru.


Has been working in the tourism industry for over 15 years and has ample knowledge of each destination; his expertise will surely provide you of a complete guidance to arrange your dream-holiday in South America. He is currently in charge of Voyagers Travel’s Sales & Operations Department.

Our Operations Team:


Loves to travel and loves our Countries, this has allowed her to become a sort of wizard when it comes to handle reservations of hotels, cruises and lodges as she is permanently in contact with local service providers and keeps an excellent relation with all of them while ensuring that our valued customers receive the best service during their tour.


Studied ecotourism in Ecuador and has worked in the filed as tour leader and guide for many years. His great skills permit him to manage the delicate part of hiring only the most professional and friendly guides for our tours and the most experienced drivers and cars/buses to take our guests out on incredible visits around our Countries.

Our Accounting Team:


Kathy & Jonathan are in charge of handling all domestic payments to service providers for all our bookings. Their hard work and professionalism in the filed helps Voyagers Travel maintain an excellent commercial relation with all our suppliers by paying all dues timely and efficiently to guarantee all reservations for our travelers. They also manage proficiently internal finances to keep the Company running and a happy and well maintained Staff.


Our Freelance Writer, Susan

An ethnographer turned travel writer with a love all-things soft, wordsmanship, and staring at people — for research purposes only. From the subculture nightlife in Amsterdam to the hidden expat gems in Costa Rica, Susan knows how to spot traveler diamonds in the rough and then, takes a shower, to then write all about it. Keen on storytelling Susan sees travelling as a mosaic of Earth-stories constantly unfolding. Through her field research she crafts her off-the-beaten-road exploration chronicles and through sheer indulgence-fueled-trips she documents for you the local hidden (and obvious) treasures. Susan is a stubborn cookie addict, a relentless human-optimist, and a radical writing worshiper.



Is an expert developer with over eight years of experience creating websites that are visually compelling, functionally proficient, and focused on the user experience. She has been working with HTML, WordPress, Joomla, and E-commerce for several years.


Is a digital marketing strategist, whose primary focus is optimizing the web content, user experience, and SEO. She enjoys creating advertising campaigns on social media and Google. Andrea has extensive marketing experience in the tourism industry.