Galapagos tours and cruise programs

Galapagos Tours : Boat and land based tour programs 2024 - 2025

A selection of more than 200 Galapagos tours packages for: hotel based, liveaboard cruise and day tour programs to visit the enchanted isles in 2024 & beyond. Each Galapagos island tour itinerary is planned for less navigation time, premium visitor sites, wildlife viewing, both snorkeling and trail walks so guests can observe both land creatures and marine life.

Galapagos Hotel Based Tour Packages

We feature a collection of hotel based tours or commonly known as "Island Hopping" trips for travelers that do not want to spend their nights on a liveaboard yacht or expedition ship. Our travelers have the unique opportunity to discover the marvels of nearby islands with hotel overnights on Santa Cruz, San Cristobal and/or Isabela Island. Galapagos land based tours appeal to adventure travelers looking to explore the Archipelago from the main inhabited islands. Every morning travelers join day trips to the most interesting and wildlife-filled sites around the south and central island area of the archipelago such as Española, North Seymour, Bartolome, South Plaza, Santa Fe and inside San Cristobal, Isabela and/or Santa Cruz island.

Galapagos Liveaboard Boat Tour Packages

In this section, you can find some of the best Galapagos cruise-packages featuring a selection of renowned Tourist, Superior, First and Luxury class tour boats. You can review the day by day navigation routes, visitor sites that are included and the wildlife viewing possibilities at each island. There is a link to each boat and to the Galapagos tour booking form. We have a comprehensive selection of boats from small yachts or catamarans to expedition ships.

Galapagos Day Tours

If you booked or will book your own hotel stay in Puerto Ayora, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno or Puerto Villamil and you are looking to explore the Islands at your own pace, but still wish to do day-tours to the best sites near the Island that you are lodging, we can offer wonderful options from Santa Cruz or San Cristobal Island to explore unique places within a day-excursion.

The Islands and what to expect on a Galapagos Tour Package

Visiting the Galapagos Islands is definitely a once in a lifetime experience to enjoy with your family and friends as it’s consider amongst the most incredible natural paradises on Earth, especially for its incredible Biodiversity in Wildlife.

We are specialists in building fantastic trips on board spectacular cruises in all categories and sizes, carefully customizing your dream-holiday taking into consideration every detail to indulge you during your visit.

How does Voyagers Travel Operate a Galapagos tour?

The main focus of a visit to the islands is the famous Galapagos wildlife, at Voyagers travel we understand this from the go and will optimize your animal encounters. Whether your prefered creature is a marine iguana, a flightless cormorant a giant tortoise or a playful sea lion, we will make sure your cruise ship or land tour program offers plenty opportunities to spot them. We will balance the nature hikes and snorkeling outings so you can enjoy swimming with sea turtles and the exotic galapagos penguin and get to view frigate birds, the colorful land iguana and other unique wildlife found in the Galapagos national park.

What type of hotels are used on Galapagos land based tours?

For our travel packages in the Galapagos archipelago we work with a collection of the nicest hotels and expedition boats that are built with inspirational design and excellent comfort. 

How active are the tours and excursions?

the tours are filled with activities to enjoy the unique natural life and volcanic landscapes of the enchanted isles. Every day is packed with activities as hiking, trekking, sea kayaking,  swimming and, of course snorkeling so you can discover the underwater marvels of the Marine Reserve. Our Galapagos tours are led by friendly and knowledgeable certified guides and on board safe, comfortable and certified watercraft. However each Galapagos travel program is tailored to our clients activity level, ability and interests. We also have specialty tours that are suitable for travelers with mobility challenges.

Can Voyagers travel help me with other travel arrangements in ecuador and south America?

Naturally, all the provided information can be complemented with the personalized assistance from our experienced Staff that will assist and guide you to select the most fitting package option considering your preferences and expectation; no detail is little enough for us to help you build and amazing journey in both the isles as well as in mainland Ecuador. Combining a Galapagos trip with other areas in South America like Machu Picchu in Peru is also an excellent option, our team will be happy to customize a travel plan for you. We will look after and monitor your trip through our 24/7 Concierge department, notify you about any changes and regulations, and make sure your travel plans are following all new protocols that might show up regarding travel in times of the COVID pandemic.

We invite you to review the galapagos islands cruise and land based tour packages, day tours and departures we offer at VOYAGERS TRAVEL, contact us and we can customize an offer for you. When you book with us it includes personalized assistance to arrange your dream-vacation in “the Middle of the World!”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to tour the Galapagos islands?

The best way to tour is to choose the right tour option based on your preferences. A cruise, island-hopping, or land-based tour are all amazing experiences; each of them provides you with unique experiences in the enchanted islands. To choose the best way to tour the islands, you can contact one of our travel experts.

How many days should you stay in Galapagos?

It depends on how many days you want or have to visit the enchanted islands; the tours offer many experiences based on your preferences and the days you have, but one thing is sure: more days mean more experiences to live and enjoy.

Is it expensive to stay on the Galapagos Islands?

You have to keep in mind that the Galapagos Islands are a conservation area, so the majority of the money you spend in the national park goes to keeping the reserve working. But you also have to consider in your budget the type of tour you choose.

What are the best months to visit Galapagos?

Galapagos is a unique place; you can visit Galapagos year-round. But you have to be informed about what kinds of activities are more enjoyable and in what months. For wildlife enthusiasts, the cold season provides more activities related to wildlife encounters. And for those who prefer to enjoy the pristine beaches and relax, the warm season is their season. You can get more information about when is the best time to visit the Galapagos by contacting our travel experts concierge.

How much would a trip to the Galapagos Islands cost?

The cost of a trip to the Galapagos Islands may vary according to itineraries, seasons, and cruise categories. It is always wise to contact a travel expert to learn more about prices and options.