Galapagos Angel 4-day Cruise "A"

Galapagos Angel 4-day Cruise "A" | Galapagos Angel | Galapagos Tours Galapagos Angel 4-day Cruise "A" | Galapagos Angel | Galapagos Tours

This 4-day cruise explores the Galapagos Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The islands are home to a wide variety of unique and iconic wildlife, including blue-footed boobies, albatrosses, sea lions, and land iguanas.

4 Day Galapagos Itinerary

Day 1: Santa Cruz Islands: Highlands

AM: Baltra Arrival

Early morning flight from Quito, Guayaquil or Baltra to the Galapagos Islands. You will then be met at the baggage claim and immigration by a Galapagos Angel employee who will take you to a private vehicle for your Galapagos adventure. The first tour will take place after you are picked up from the airport when arriving on the island. It is therefore important to bring appropriate clothing and walking shoes.

PM: Highlands

The highlands are easily accessible by bus, and their deep green contrasts beautifully with the lower, drier part of the island. Scalesias are the dominant vegetation of the highlands, creating a lush forest. Underground, the lava tunnels are over half-a-mile long. Walking through these is an amazing, unique experience. You'll have your lunch here.

Day 2: Española Island: Suarez Point, Gardner Bay, Gardner Islet & Osborn Islet

AM: Suarez Point

You can see blue-footed, Nazca, and albatrosses on the path to Suarez Point. The island hosts nearly all 12,000 waved albatross pairs in the world. The large albatrosses launch themselves from a stunning cliff on the oceanfront. The famous blowhole will be visible. It shoots water up into the sky. Landscapes are perfect for taking pictures

PM: Gardner Bay, Gardner Islet & Osborn Islet

The Gardner Bay is the destination of this excursion. You can either walk along a beautiful white sand shoreline to see a sea lion colony, or you can dive in the water and swim with pups. On the beach, you may see mockingbirds.

Day 3: Santa Fe Island & South Plaza Island

AM: Santa Fe Island

Santa Fe Island's (Barrington), on its northeastern coast, is home to a small bay with an anchorage. Two visitor trails lead to the bay: one leads to an impressive scenic view from high on a cliff and another stretches between a small sandy beach and a tall forest of prickly cactus.

PM: South Plaza Island

Opuntia Cacti now cover this small island formed from rising lava. The island is home to the world's largest colony of sea lions, as well as colorful land iguanas in yellow and red. Sesuvium is the most distinctive plant. The color of the Sesuvium changes from a yellowish green to a reddish hue during the wet season.

Day 4: Santa Cruz Island

AM: Black Turtle Cove

Black Turtle Cove is located in Santa Cruz's northern region. The inlet, which is enclosed by mangroves, is only accessible via dinghy. This shallow cove provides a safe haven for marine life. Here, you can often see black-tip or white-tip coral reef sharks as well as sea turtles and various rays.

After: Baltra Airport departure

You will then be taken to the Baltra Airport in time to catch your return flight to the mainland.

Itinerary Map

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Galapagos Angel 4-day Cruise "A" | Galapagos Map

4 Day Galapagos Itinerary Includes

  • All meals and excursions
  • Transfers in the islands
  • Bilingual National Park Guide

4 Day Galapagos Itinerary Does not Include

  • Roundtrip Airfare to / from Galapagos
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • $100 Galapagos National Park fee
  • $20 Transit Control Card
  • Travel / medical insurance
  • Tips
  • Personal Expenses

4 Day Galapagos Itinerary Highlights

  • See sea lions, land iguanas, and Sesuvium plants on South Plaza Island
  • Explore four different islands: Santa Cruz, Española, Santa Fe, and South Plaza
  • See iconic wildlife like blue-footed boobies, albatrosses, sea lions, and land iguanas

Meals Included

  • Breakfast Served Daily
  • 3 Dinners
  • 4 Lunches
Cerro Dragón | Land Iguana | Galapagos Islands
Punta Suarez | Waved Albatross | Galapagos Islands
Playa Las Bachas | Flamingos | Galapagos Islands

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Galapagos Angel 4-day Cruise "A"
4 Days (A4)
From $2,745.00 per person

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