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South America is definitely one of the most incredible destinations to travel, especially for the eager adventurer looking to experience a fantastic variety of natural and cultural attractions. South American countries are characterized for having some of the most dramatic and geographically diverse natural landscapes of the planet, rich cultural-human history and protected areas and sanctuaries where wildlife & plantlife can thrive.

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Last Galapagos Cruises Deals

Seaman Journey Galapagos Cruises

All 2020
8 days – 7 nights
Normal price USD $6.129

Current price US 4.283

USD 1.846 OFF!
Main Deck Cabin!
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Infiny Galapagos Cruise | Luxury Yacht

From October 16 to 20
5 days – 4 nights
Normal price USD $4.445

Current price US 2.928

USD 1.517 OFF!
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Calipso | Galapagos Cruises

From October 8 to 15
5 days – 4 nights
Normal price USD $ 5.845

Current price US 4.118

USD 1.727 OFF!
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8 South America Tour packages for 2019 – 2020

Voyagers Travel are specialists in preparing dream-holidays for passengers that wish to visit the most popular and enchanted natural and cultural destinations. Our 17 years of proven experience allow us to tailor-made exclusive tour packages experiences so our guests can enjoy a more in depth experience with personalized services to make it a memorable South American journey. We’d like to share a few of our most recommended tours

Galapagos & Machu Picchu 12 Days

Seeing the staggering ruins of this ancient Inca site and visiting the place that inspired Darwin to write his theory of evolution are on your bucket list, why not combine them in a single trip and tick off two boxes at once?

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Galapagos Cruises

We bring you a large variety of the best cruises to discover the magic of the enchanted Archipelago from 4 up to 15 days.

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Amazon River Cruise

Sail the mysterious brown waters of the Amazon River’s main tributaries on board an exclusive river cruise with quality services and adventurous excursions within Jungle’s primary forest.

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Peru Gastronomic Tour

Peru is well known as a cultural destination with a lot to see; this tour combine the best of this fantastic country and its famous gastronomy.

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Inca Trail from Wiña Wayna

The Inca trail is a famous route that Incas used a long time ago. This long trek takes people to Machu Picchu while enjoying unique landscapes.

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The Jewels of Peru Tour

A short, yet wonderful blend of nature and history in two of the most incredible destinations of Peru.

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Western and Central Galapagos Paradise

A fantastic loop around Isabela Island with visits to the most interesting sites filled with untamed wildlife between the Central and the Western Archipelago.

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