General Information

About Ecuador

If you are spending time on and around the Galapagos islands, it is highly recommended to organize Ecuador tours as a compliment to your vacation. To travel to Ecuador is to visit a culture which epitomizes diversity, which strongly holds a wide range of fascinating traditions, beautiful rituals, religions and cultural practices as its own, whilst being extremely welcoming to visitors keen to uncover this fascinating country and her people.

Ecuador tours allow you to visit this experiential destination, with no less than fourteen separate peoples have indigenous roots in this small equatorial country, and their spiritual practices provide a beating heart and colorful atmosphere which seems to permeate every street, and which can be felt even in the mountainous and densely forested regions. For those interested in very distinct and unusual cultures, a tour to Ecuador is unmissable as a result of the thriving native shamanic practices which have gained worldwide fame and attention over the past few decades.

On your Ecuador tour, you can discover one of the truly unspoilt examples of native Amazonian culture, with the native Indians partaking in rituals (often involving the ingestion of the renowned hallucinogen Ayahuasca) which allow them to commune with their gods, resplendent with their costumes, dances and native music.

Ecuador offers Diversity and Beauty

Ecuador benefits from being one of those remarkable countries which seem to have a bit of everything and holds fine examples of rainforest zones in the form of the Chocó, where cacao beans, bananas and all manner of tropical fruits grow in abundance. A tour of Ecuador would be incomplete without a trip into the Amazon basin, a vast area of dense, lush forest bisected by the famed river, which holds some of the most remarkable species of flora and fauna to be found anywhere on earth. Indeed, it is said that the Amazon jungles are home to the highest levels of biodiversity on the planet, so be prepared to see, smell, hear and touch a remarkable array of wildlife and tropical vegetation.

Something for everyone

One of the most popular features on Ecuador tours is the Pacific Coast, where mile upon mile of unspoilt and untouched tropical beaches can be found alongside important archaeological sites and buzzing cities filled with eager tourists and native people. Should you wish to pick up some original Ecuadorian handicrafts, the great market at Otavalo displays some of the real and authentic treasures of the country in the form of weaved goods which have remained unchanged over the centuries.

From the Andes to the cities, from the jungles to the beaches, a tour to Ecuador will greatly enrich your travels in this unique part of the world, and reveal cultures and treasures which have to be seen to be believed.