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Ecuador Beach towns tour - 5 days enjoying Kite surfing, culture, nature and unique gastronomy

Ever dreamed of drifting along Ecuador's sun-kissed coastline, exploring its charming beach towns? Perhaps you've heard whispers about the adventures that await: from kite surfing on sparkling waters to discovering a vibrant world under the sea.

We're talking turquoise waves crashing against amber brown beaches, local artisans weaving magic into straw hats, and tantalizing Manabi seafood cuisine that dances on your tongue. You can almost taste it, right?

Well folks...that dream is closer than you think! In this post we'll take you by hand through an exhilarating 5-day tour of some of Ecuador's most stunning coastal gems - Santa Marianita, Pacoche Wildlife Refuge and Isla de la Plata.

These spots offer more than just sights - they're experiences waiting to be lived. At Eolia Beach Hotel, we guarantee days packed with adventure and comfort in your sustainable home away from home. All of these incredible experiences carefully planed, booked and supervised by the team at Voyagers Travel Company

5 Day Ecuador Itinerary

Day 1: Quito - Manta - Pile - Santa Marianita

Your adventure starts with a flight from the high-altitude capital, Quito, to the vibrant coastal city of Manta. Known for its bustling fish market and beautiful beaches, this town is more than just a pitstop on your journey.

A quick tour around Manta lets you soak in its charm before heading towards Pile. Ready for an exciting adventure? The small village of Pile holds an incredible secret: it’s home to some of Ecuador's most skilled straw hat weavers. These aren't just any hats but world-renowned "Panama Hats". Despite their name, these iconic pieces are proudly made in Ecuador by hand.

The artisans at work are mesmerizing to watch as they transform simple straws into intricate patterns that form these stunning hats. A visit here offers not only insight into their craft but also a chance to snag one of these handcrafted treasures for yourself.

Sunset Arrival at Santa Marianita


With memories (and maybe even souvenirs) from Pile, you'll head towards your destination – Santa Marianita. As you arrive during sunset, prepare for breathtaking views along this stretch of Pacific coastline known for miles-long beach and peaceful vibe.

Your home away from home will be Eolia Beach Hotel, perched perfectly by the sea offering unparalleled ocean views right from your room window. Its sustainable practices make sure your stay doesn’t compromise nature’s beauty surrounding you.

To cap off Day 1 after a delightful journey, kick back and relax. Let the soothing sounds of waves crashing against the shore serenade you as stars begin to pepper the sky above.

Overnight at Eolia Beach Lodge


Day 2: Santa Marianita: Experiencing Santa Marianita's Coastal Charm

Santa Marianita is a haven for thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike. This beachside locale, boasting magnificent scenery, is the perfect spot to give kite surfing a go or simply take in all of nature's grandeur.

Kite Surfing Adventures


Known as one of Ecuador's top destinations for kite surfing (Actually the top in all of South America), Santa Marianita’s breezy conditions make it perfect for both beginners and pros. The day can be spent riding waves under clear skies while soaking up the sun.

If you're new to this sport, don't worry. Local schools offer lessons that let even novices feel the exhilaration of gliding over water propelled by wind power alone. It’s not just about thrills though; mastering control over kite and board provides a rewarding challenge too.

Natural Beauty All Around


Beyond water sports, Santa Marianita charms visitors with its scenic allure. Picture long stretches of sandy beaches against azure waters - truly a sight worth seeing.

The warm climate invites lazy afternoons lounging on the sand or exploring nearby tide pools teeming with life. As evening approaches, nothing beats watching golden hues paint the sky during sunset hours from your cozy spot on Eolia Beach Hotel's outdoor terrace.

A Taste Of Local Life


No trip would be complete without immersing oneself in local culture. In addition to sporting adventures and idyllic scenery, partaking in everyday life gives tourists deeper insights into what makes this coastal town unique.

Taste fresh seafood dishes at a beachside restaurant or browse through local markets for handcrafted souvenirs. Every experience in Santa Marianita helps you create lasting memories of your Ecuadorian journey.

Overnight at Eolia Beach Lodge or Similar


Day 3: Santa Marianita - Pacoche - Santa Marianita: Journey to Pacoche Wildlife Refuge

Your third day starts with a journey into the heart of Ecuador's natural beauty, the Pacoche Wildlife Refuge. At Pacoche, you'll be immersed in a wide variety of wildlife including monkeys, birds and if lucky wild cats. You'll get up close and personal with nature, as you look into the canopy for howler monkeys, birds, and maybe even spot an elusive ocelot.

Pacoche offers an immersive experience that lets you explore the tropical rainforest in all its glory. As you hike through the trails surrounded by towering trees draped in mosses and bromeliads, listen for rustling leaves or distant calls — these might hint at a nearby creature.

The Rich Biodiversity at Pacoche


This refuge has more than just flora; it boasts over 200 species of birds alone. With so much biodiversity packed into one place, every step can bring about a new discovery. Bring your binoculars because from toucans to hummingbirds, this place is teeming with feathered friends.

You may also encounter different types of primates on your walk. The Howler Monkeys are known inhabitants here—keep your eyes peeled as they love playing hide-and-seek amidst foliage, you are sure to listed to the oooh oooh oooh.

A Free Afternoon Exploring Santa Marianita


After experiencing Pacoche’s wonders first-hand, head back towards Santa Marianita for a free afternoon exploring what else this coastal town has on offer.

Santa Marianita isn't only about water sports like kite surfing—it has local attractions too. Stroll along pristine beaches, check out small boutiques selling artisan crafts or simply relax at a beachfront café. Every corner here has something new to discover.

Remember, every journey tells a story and the third day of your Ecuador tour is all about immersing yourself in nature's symphony at Pacoche and discovering more about Santa Marianita. It’s an experience that promises to stay with you long after you've returned home.

Overnight at Eolia Beach Lodge or Similar


Stay in the now and reflect on beauty


On your third day, immerse yourself in the lush Pacoche Wildlife Refuge. Get personal with diverse wildlife and explore Ecuador's rainforest wonders. Don't forget to pack binoculars for birdwatching. Afterward, enjoy a laid-back afternoon in Santa Marianita—explore local shops or relax at beachfront cafés. This blend of nature exploration creates an unforgettable journey filled with thrilling sights and serene relaxation.

Day 4: Santa Marianita - Isla de la Plata - Santa Marianita: The Magic of Isla de la Plata

If you've ever dreamt of stepping into a world straight out of a nature documentary, Day 4 will make that dream come true. It's all about exploring the mystical Isla de la Plata, fondly known as the "Poor Man's Galapagos". But don't let its nickname fool you. This island packs an unforgettable wildlife experience without draining your pockets.

Isla de la Plata is home to diverse species like blue-footed boobies and frigate birds. They are not shy around visitors, so get ready for some up-close encounters. June through September keep an eye out for Humpback whales that come to visit the warm equatorial waters to give birth to their offspring.

A Guided Hike Like No Other


Your day begins with a guided hike through the island’s network of trails. Every step introduces you to more unique flora and fauna – it's like being on safari, but instead of jeeps, we're using our own two feet.

The knowledgeable local guides can point out animals camouflaged in their natural habitat or share fascinating facts about these creatures' behaviors and survival tactics.

Dive into Nature’s Aquarium


Post-hike, it’s time to switch from land explorer to underwater adventurer. Gear up for snorkeling sessions where turtles might swim alongside you while tropical fish put on color shows that would leave any artist green with envy.

You may also encounter sea turtles, manta rays gracefully gliding past or see curious sea lions getting close enough for a memorable selfie. The underwater world here is just as vibrant and alive as the one above.

We will be on the look out for spotting the gentle humpback whales as they nurture their offspring.

Back to Santa Marianita


The adventure wraps up with a scenic boat ride back to Santa Marianita. Soak in the orange hues of sunset on water, reflecting off your content face - an apt end to such an enriching day.

Once you're back at Eolia Beach Hotel, it's dinner time. You'll have the chance to share stories about your favorite Isla de la Plata experiences over some tasty Manabí cuisine. Now that's a day well spent.

Isla de la Plata


Day 4 of your Ecuador beach towns tour brings you to the stunning Isla de la Plata, often referred to as the "Poor Man's Galapagos". Here, you'll get a chance to mingle with unique wildlife on a guided hike. Afterward, swap out those hiking boots for snorkeling gear and dive into an underwater world full of vibrant life. The day wraps up back at Santa Marianita where we invite you to unwind and relish in your unforgettable experiences.

Overnight at Eolia Beach Lodge or Similar


Day 5: Santa Marianita - San Lorenzo - Quito : Unveiling San Lorenzo's Hidden Gems

On the fifth day of your journey, you'll discover San Lorenzo's beauty and culture. It's a hidden gem in Ecuador that showcases both natural beauty and cultural richness.

A Beach Lover’s Paradise


If beaches are your thing, then San Lorenzo is a slice of heaven. The shoreline here stretches out with golden sands kissed by clear blue waters. Take time for yourself and walk to the old light house for a gifted view of the coastline below.

The locals are friendly too. You might even find them inviting you to join in on beach volleyball games or share their picnic spots.

San Lorenzo’s Lush Greenery


Beyond its stunning coastline, San Lorenzo also boasts lush green landscapes that make it an explorer's paradise. Hikers will be treated to stunning vistas as they traverse the lush hillsides of San Lorenzo.

Culinary Delights Of Manabi Cuisine


Manabí cuisine, famed throughout Ecuador for its seafood-based dishes, can be savored right here in San Lorenzo. A must-try is Ceviche de Concha – black clam ceviche prepared with lime juice and garnished with fresh coriander.

As the day winds down, we'll return to Manta airport for your flight back to Quito. This journey through Ecuador's coastal towns is a memory that will linger long after you've gone back to Quito.


5 Day Ecuador Itinerary Includes

  • Flights Quito – Manta – Quito
  • Guide - English bilingual driver / Spanish
  • Tours and transfers as described in the program
  • Accommodation at Eolia Hotel in Santa Marianita
  • Meals mentioned in the program: B = Breakfast , L = Lunch , BL: box lunch , D: dinner

5 Day Ecuador Itinerary Does not Include

  • Tips
  • Items not specified
  • Personal expenses
  • Alcoholic drinks and Non- Alcoholic Drinks

5 Day Ecuador Itinerary Highlights

  • Immerse in local culture, taste fresh seafood, and explore artisan markets.
  • Hike through tropical rainforest trails and discover over 200 species of birds.
  • Enjoy beach volleyball games, stunning coastal views, and try Manabí cuisine.
  • Snorkeling session with the opportunity to see sea turtles, manta rays, and sea lions.
  • Explore vibrant Manabi cuisine, featuring fresh seafood dishes like ceviche and encebollado.

Meals Included

  • Breakfast Served Daily
  • 4 Dinners
  • 5 Lunches
Isla de la Plata | Ecuador
Santa Marianita | Manta | Ecuador
Pacoche Coastal forest
Ecuador Beach towns tour - 5 days enjoying Kite surfing, culture, nature and unique gastronomy
5 Days
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A Taste of Manabi Cuisine

As you journey through the picturesque beach towns in Ecuador, one can't help but be drawn to the delightful scents wafting from local eateries. The region's cuisine is as vibrant and diverse as its landscape.

In Manabi, seafood reigns supreme. Fishermen bring their catch fresh every day, making for a true feast of flavors right at your table.

Savoring Ceviche Like a Local

The star attraction on any Manabita menu is undoubtedly ceviche. It's a zesty blend of freshly caught shrimp or fish marinated in tangy lime juice with chopped onions and cilantro - simple ingredients that create an explosion of taste.

Ceviche is traditionally served cold, accompanied by crunchy plantain chips known locally as 'chifles'. You'll find this dish not just refreshing but also addictive.

Taste Adventure: Encebollado

If you're up for more culinary exploration, try encebollado – another seafood delight unique to this area. A hearty tuna soup topped with pickled red onion slices (thus its name), it’s often touted as Ecuador’s national dish and the perfect hangover cure.

Delicious Endings: Dulce de Higos

No meal would be complete without dessert. In Manabi province they love dulce de higos – figs stewed slowly in panela syrup until they are sweetly caramelized.

Served over cheese curds for contrast, it's like eating sunshine off a spoon. Truly something worth trying when visiting these beautiful coastal towns.

Note: Make sure to enjoy all these dishes responsibly while considering dietary restrictions if any.

Seafood Sustainability

The local cuisine not only satisfies your taste buds but also contributes to sustainability. The fishermen follow responsible fishing practices, ensuring the rich marine biodiversity of Ecuador is preserved for future generations.

This way, every bite you take doesn't just bring pleasure; it helps keep our oceans healthy too.

But rather, it's the experiences we gain and the memories we create. The thrill of exploration makes each journey truly unique.

Off the Beaten Path in Ecuador: 

Embarking on a culinary journey through Ecuador's beach towns, you'll discover vibrant Manabi cuisine. From fresh seafood dishes like tangy ceviche and hearty encebollado to sweet treats like dulce de higos, your taste buds are in for an adventure. And the best part? Every delicious bite supports local fishermen and sustainable practices that keep our oceans healthy and thriving.

Comfort at Eolia Beach Hotel

After a day of excitement, there's nothing like returning to the coziness of your own special hideaway. That's exactly what Eolia Beach Hotel offers.

A Serene Retreat Amidst Nature’s Charm

Eolia sits beautifully on Santa Marianita beach, offering stunning ocean views right from your room. The sunsets here are truly magical and make for perfect evening relaxation after an action-packed day.

The architecture blends seamlessly into the surroundings, ensuring minimal impact on the environment while providing maximum comfort. So you get to enjoy nature without any guilt.

Sustainable Practices that Make a Difference

The folks at Eolia care about our planet just as much as they do their guests. They use solar energy for heating water and lighting up common areas in addition to using local materials in construction which helps reduce carbon footprint significantly.

Your Home Away From Home

Eolia takes pride in its warm hospitality making sure you feel right at home throughout your stay. Each room is tastefully designed keeping comfort paramount - plush beds ensure sound sleep so you wake up refreshed every morning ready for another exciting day ahead.

Dining Delights
  • Freshly prepared breakfast served each morning lets you start off your days feeling energized.
  • An onsite restaurant caters to all meals including lunch and dinner offering diverse menu options that suit different palates.
Why Visit Ecuador’s Beaches with Voyagers Travel

So, you've journeyed with us through the charm and adventure of our Ecuador Beach towns tour.

You’ve uncovered Manta’s city vibes and Pile's hat-weaving magic on Day 1. Experienced Santa Marianita's coastal allure while mastering kite surfing on Day 2.

The call of Pacoche Wildlife Refuge enticed you into nature's heartland on Day 3, while Isla de la Plata captivated your senses on Day 4.

Savoring Manabi cuisine has been a treat throughout! You found comfort at Eolia Beach Hotel: sustainability met luxury here.

Remember adventurous spirit leads to unforgettable journeys!

This itinerary has been handcrafted by one of the talented travel advisors at Voyagers Travel, not by mere chance but based on first hand experience. If you need adjustments and would like a customized trip contact us and we are happy to prepare your taylor made Ecuador beach vacation. 

Frecuently Asked Questions

Does Ecuador have good beaches?

Ecuador boasts a stunning coastline, with plenty of pristine sandy beaches. You'll find everything from quiet spots to bustling beach towns.

What is the closest beach town to Quito Ecuador?

The coastal city of Manta is one of the nearest seaside destinations to Quito, just 30 minute flight gets you there. It's known for its beautiful waterfront and vibrant culture.

What city in Ecuador is near the ocean?

Manta, located on Ecuador's Pacific coast, offers close access to the ocean. This lively city serves as a gateway to many nearby beach towns like Santa Marianita.

What is the best beach to party in Ecuador?

If you're looking for nightlife and parties by sea waves, Montañita Beach has it all – it’s famed across South America for its energetic atmosphere and social scene.

Book your 5-day Ecuador tour now and create memories to last a lifetime!