Spring Vacations

Spring Vacations: New Beginnings in the Far Corners of the World

Best Spring Vacations 2024 – 2025

Welcome to a season where nature awakens, and destinations reveal their true colors. Spring is an extraordinary time for luxury vacations with Voyagers Travel Company, offering unique experiences from Amazon rainforest adventures to cultural immersion on Easter Island.

Enjoy a luxurious spring vacations with us

Spring Getawas Picked by Our Experts:

Amazon River Basin Cruise

The rebirth of spring pairs perfectly with exploring biodiversity-rich Amazon river basin onboard a luxurious riverboat where comfort meets discovery. Our tailor-made Amazon river cruises will get you closer to nature than ever before.

In spring, the mighty Amazon rainforest is at its most vibrant. As you cruise along its vast river basin, witness nature coming alive - birds singing melodious tunes while exotic flowers bloom amidst lush greenery. This region offers a myriad of activities like piranha fishing, jungle treks or simply lounging on your luxury boat watching pink dolphins frolic in pristine waters.

Easter Island’s Mystical Allure

Away from mainland Chile lies Easter Island, known for its monumental stone statues called moai. In springtime, this remote island basks under clear blue skies providing perfect conditions for exploration. Delve into Polynesian culture by visiting ancient ceremonial sites or take horseback rides across rolling hills dotted with wildflowers during your stay at our handpicked luxury resorts.

Easter Island
Photo: Lindrik

Cultural Treasures Of Guatemala

Guatemala's rich Mayan heritage comes alive in spring, making it an ideal destination for cultural enthusiasts who seek more than just sun-soaked beaches. From exploring Tikal's towering pyramids to witnessing colorful Semana Santa (Holy Week) processions in Antigua, this vibrant country offers a captivating blend of history and tradition. Don't miss out on tasting the local cuisine - with corn tortillas, black beans and tamales being staple delights.

Tikal | Guatemala
Photo:  marcophotos

Why Book Your Spring Vacation with Voyagers Travel ?

Spring is an invitation to embrace new beginnings. Whether it's immersing yourself in Amazonian biodiversity, unraveling Easter Island’s ancient mysteries or soaking up Guatemala's rich culture – each destination provides unforgettable experiences that make your spring vacation truly special. At Voyagers Travel we believe that luxury travel should be a year-round affair. Our goal is to make sure your trips are extraordinary, regardless of when you take them.