Antarctica Cruises

Antarctica Cruises

Why take an Antarctica cruise?

Antarctica! the very word evokes images of vast wilderness, floating ice fields and millenary glaciers and icebergs.

Only accessible by icebreakers and ice strenghthened ships it is the last frontier and the southern tip of the planet: were wildlife roams free, the feeling of purity captures you, the amazing colors of light reflected on the ice are all part of the most remote natural reserve in the World.

On an Antarctic cruise you have the possibility of visiting:

  • Cape horn
  • Drake passage
  • The Falkland islands
  • South Georgia, South Orkney, South Shetland and South
  • Sandwich Islands
  • The Antarctic peninsula
  • Navigate through pack - ice and narrow waterways
  • Giant icebergs  
  • Exotic wildlife

The scenic beauty created by the ice fields that cover mountains and plains is complemented by an impressive variety of exotic wildlife, especially birds, and by the comfort and style of our small cruise ships.

The advantages of expedition cruising:

  • Wake up each day at a different landscape, daily zodiac raft disembarkations into uninhabited islands and fine cruises amongst floating ice, penguins and whales
  • As you sail you may catch sights of polar bears, swimming penguins, leopard seals and whales
  • Half the fun is getting to the next excursion with art class entertainement on-board
  • Your ship is a floating hotel with many creature comforts
  • No need to pack and unpack to see a new site every day
  • Reach areas unaccesible by other means
  • Enriching lecture programs by scientists and naturalist guides covering topics such as birdlife, marine mammals, vegetation and landscapes

Navigating through the waterways of the Antarctic region could be one of you most exciting adventures in your life. The breathtaking beauty of Antarctica is unrivalled and found nowhere else. The rugged landscape, pristine glaciers and abundant wildlife make sailing this area one of the greatest wilderness experiences blending comfort and adventure.

Antarctic expeditions

If you want a truly unique Antarctica expedition you have come to the right place!

We offer airborne expeditions and land trips to the Antarctic interior.

From private flights to the Geographic South Pole and photo safaris with the magnificent Emperor Penguins, to climbing Vinson Massif and Antarctica's highest peaks to commemorative journeys across this polar frontier, we can organize a safe, incomparable experience for the modern day explorer into a forbidding land of awe-inspiring beauty.

Antarctica expedition ships

The expedition cruise ships we use to explore the Antarctica are furnished to deliver the ultimate nature travel experience.

Apart from having great facilities and offering you creature comforts, our vessels are crafted to create a research and learning ambience. We have put strong emphasis on viewing platforms and picture windows.

The vessels are icebreakers (to reach more remote areas) and ice-strengthened ships (for extra stability) - modernly refurbished and well skippered with the best crew and captains.  The crew is experienced and friendly, together with a competent international expedition and hotel staff they will make your stay on board the more enjoyable.

On board you will be in company of scientists and seasoned naturalist guides who will enjoy sharing thier knowledge about the natural history of the Antarctic region. There will be many lecture programs with an educational focus on birdlife, vegetation, marine mammals, landscapes and other natural history topics.

All boats are equipped with inflatable zodiac rafts, these will take you to shore for your guided shore excursions and on mini cruises among floating ice fields, whales, swimming penguins and seals.

Every vessel is equipped with state of the art navigation equipment and meets the highest safety standards. We are obsessed with quality and surpassing all security needs for your peace of mind and tranquility.