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Best Foodie Vacations 2024 – 2025


Indulge in your love for food by embarking on a gourmet adventure with Voyagers Travel Company. Discover delectable flavors and culinary delights as we curate an unforgettable journey across the globe, catering to your passion for all things gastronomic.

Imagine starting off in Ecuador, tasting ceviche made from freshly caught seafood or enjoying a bowl of locro de papa soup high up in the Andean mountains. Ecuadorian cuisine is as diverse as its landscapes.

Discover delicious flavors and culinary delights on an unforgettable journey with us.

Foodie Trips Picked by Our Experts:

A Taste of Peru

Moving southwards to Peru, experience gastronomy that has been declared part of world heritage by UNESCO. Sample traditional dishes like causa and anticuchos while sipping on some pisco sour.

You can also explore Lima’s booming restaurant scene where chefs are reinventing Peruvian cuisine using age-old ingredients mixed with international influences. No wonder Lima is known as the "Gastronomic Capital of South America", with its array of traditional dishes, modern cuisine and Amazonian flavors.

Causa | Food | Peru
Photo: pedrojperez

The Flavors Of The Amazon River Basin

Your culinary adventure doesn't stop there. Our luxury cruises along the mighty Amazon river basin offer exotic foods native to this lush region. Get ready for juicy tropical fruits, freshwater fish dishes such as Tacacá soup, and heart-of-palm salad known as Salada de Palmito.

Part of the foodie vacation experience is learning about the local culture through its cuisine. You'll get to meet chefs, visit markets and even take cooking classes on some tours.

Tacacá soup | Food | Amazon
Photo: Brasil2

More Foodie Ideas

Gourmet Experiences Beyond Borders

If you fancy exploring beyond South America, why not embark on a gourmet cruise in Antarctica? Not only will you be treated to breath-taking views but also meals prepared by world-class chefs using fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

Voyagers Travel Company takes pride in offering these gourmet experiences that cater to every taste bud while ensuring your comfort with luxurious accommodations and top-tier services. What could be more enjoyable than fulfilling your cravings for exploration and flavor in one fell swoop?