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Peru is considered as one of the most diverse and cultural Countries in the World; its rich History takes us back to the incredible thrive of the powerful Inca Empire that chose this wonderful country as their Capital to reign over most of South America. The natural beauty of the Amazon Rainforest, the Sacred Valley, the Andean Cordillera and of course, the charm and friendliness of its local Indigenous Communities all together makes your Peru Vacations  an unforgettable experience.

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Here we share with you our top natural and cultural destinations to visitin your Peru vacations, each one filled with its own charm and enchantment ready to fulfill your adventurous spirit.

What You Need to Know Before Visiting Peru

What You Need to Know Before Visiting Peru

Visiting Peru is an experience that every real traveler should not miss. Peru has the best tourist attractions in South America. The landscapes are especially impressive.

The ultimate guide to combining Machu Picchu and Galapagos

The ultimate guide to combining Machu Picchu and Galapagos

If you’re thinking of taking a trip to South America, why not combine two iconic destinations in your vacation? Galapagos & Machu Pichu

10 Fantastic Family Activities in Peru

10 Fantastic Family Activities in Peru

Plan your family trip to Peru and get the best experiences ever!. Contact a Voyagers Travel specialist to tailor-make an unforgettable vacations

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  • Trekking: Peru is land of great contrast and its Andean cordillera is one of the most amazing sites for trekking fans: from moderate effort up to the biggest challenge of them all: the exhilarating Inca Trial following the steps of the Incas.
  • Rafting: The Country is thoroughly crossed by white-water rivers where the adventurous traveler can enjoy the adrenaline along the challenging waters. There are also tours for beginners and families to enjoy the best river exploration ever! Enjoy the best of the country and let us build the best Peru vacations for you.
  • Hiking: Enjoy the most spectacular hikes in Peru: volcanic craters, lagoons, Inca ruins & vestiges, Indigenous Towns & Markets and primary/secondary forest in the Amazon region. Of course, there is a lot of magnificent hiking in Machu Picchu As well.
  • Biking: Mountain-biking is very popular among Peruvians and travelers who wish to explore the Country side in a more exciting manner crossing through amazing off-the-beaten trails while discovering the charm of each small town they cross.
  • Climbing: The Andean region of this part of South America is home of the most amazing and challenging mountains and snow-capped volcanoes, perfect for beginner and professional climbers.

Why choosing Voyagers to travel to Peru?

Voyagers Travel’s Team are experts in arranging personalized trip for your Peru vacations. We have excellent options for couples, families, seniors and groups all throughout the regions of the country, always working and hiring local providers to bring authenticity to our tours so our customers can live a true and lively experience on this beautiful Country.