Lima to Cusco: flight, bus, and car trip details and information

Lima to Cusco: flight, bus, and car trip details and information


For all those travelers who arrive from abroad, Lima is the gateway to Peru. Its capital has a lot to offer, however, for a different experience on your trip, we recommend that you fly directly to Cusco, to visit Machu Picchu from there.

Other interesting destinations to visit in this South American country are Arequipa, Ayacucho, Huancayo, and Nazca. Let's explore all these options together for your next trip!

The Fastest Way to Get from Lima to Cusco in Style

Once you arrive at the Jorge Chavez international airport in Lima, the capital of Peru, you can decide to stay in the city for a few days or directly fly an hour to Cusco (Alejandro Velasco Astete airport), the Imperial capital of the Inca Civilization. One of the best places to visit in the country!

Flight Schedules (best flights)

The airline that offers direct flights from Lima to Cusco Alejandro Velasco Astete with all services is Latam Airlines. The frequency is really incredible since there are flights practically every hour from 6 AM to 8 PM.Airlines to Peru

If you make your international flight and travel directly to Cusco Alejandro Velasco Astete, keep in mind that the terminal is different. You will have to pick up your bags, then check in again at the airline counter and go to the domestic flight terminal. This process can take up to an hour depending on the influx of passengers.

If you hire a specialized travel agency, this can take less time and be much easier for you.

In order to get to Cusco during the day, the best flights are those in the morning and early afternoon. In this way, you will be able to arrive at the imperial city and directly check in at your hotel, rest, and go for a walk through its Plaza de Armas and its surroundings.

Best Flight connections from North America

From Miami, the airlines that offer direct flights to Jorge Chavez international airport are Latam Airlines and American Airlines. The duration of the flight is less than 6 hours. Keep in mind that the time difference between Miami and Lima is 1 hour. In the capital of Peru, there is one hour less. The round-trip price ranges from USD 1,200 to USD 3,400.

From Fort Lauderdale, you can travel by low-cost airlines for USD 700 round trip. Keep in mind that these airlines have additional costs per bag and certain services.

From New York, the airline options are Latam Airlines (from John F. Kennedy Airport) and United Airlines (from Newark Airport). The duration of the flight is 8 hours and prices are around USD 1,100 round trip.American Airlines

From Houston, the only airline that has direct flights to Jorge Chavez international airport is United. The flight lasts 6.30 hours and its round-trip cost is USD 1,500. The time between both cities is the same.

From Los Angeles, you can get direct flights to Lima by Latam Airlines, with a duration of 8.30 hours and a price of USD 1100 round trip. In this case, the time difference is 2 hours (Lima is two hours ahead of L.A.)

Flight Prices

On average, a round-trip ticket Lima-Cusco by Latam Airlines (direct flight lasting 1.20 hours, with baggage included) is USD 500. This may vary depending on the time of year, how far in advance the ticket is purchased, and certain hours of the day.

Can you see the Andes during the flight?

Yes, if you travel during the day you will see first the Pacific Ocean (the coast of Lima) and after a few minutes the Andes. During most of the trip, you will see the mountains, some of them snow-covered all year round.

Can I fly direct to Machu Picchu?

Unfortunately, there is no airport at Machu Picchu. It is necessary to fly to Cusco and from there travel to the Imperial City by train (the fastest and most complete service takes just under 4 hours).

Expert tips to fly from the US to Peru

1. Where to sit on the plane

The best place to sit on a long flight of more than 6 hours is in the first rows of economy class or the seats at the emergency exit. In this way, you can stretch your legs more and be more comfortable.

Of course, the business and first classes of the planes have more comfortable and spacious seats.

2. Which is the best VIP Lounge

Inside the airport there are four VIP lounges to rest before your return flight or if you want to wait before your flight to Cusco.

The best of the four is the Caral VIP Lounge. Free admission is for passengers with the following memberships: Priority Pass, Lounge Club, Lounge Key and Lounge Pass. Customers with the Dinners Club card or those who pay the fee of USD 25 for 4 hours of use of the facilities can also enter. It offers cold, hot, and alcoholic drinks, magazines and newspapers, showers, television, WIFI, and snacks. It is located just 50 meters from the security checkpoint on the right-hand side.

3. Best Business Class service on Airlines flying this route

The best Business Class service is offered by American Airlines. The seat converts into a bed and has a curtain to maintain the privacy of the passengers. When it comes to entertainment, it has a 10-inch touchscreen tablet. The food can be chosen in advance when checking in and it has a fairly complete menu of alcoholic beverages.

4. How to book a cheaper flight

Booking in advance is the best way to get cheaper flights. It is important to keep in mind that to travel to Cusco, the most requested time of the year is from May to October, and that the high season is in July and August. Therefore, if you want to travel on these dates, we recommend you buy your flight at least 6 months in advance.

5. Luggage Restrictions

For international flights, baggage cannot exceed 23 kg in weight. You can also travel with a carry-on or backpack weighing up to 10 kg in the cabin. It is necessary to pay attention to the measures allowed by each airline in terms of cabin baggage.

6. Airport hotels in Lima

In the surroundings of the Lima airport, you can find hotels with all services included. The Hotel Costa del Sol by Wyndham Lima Airport is inside the airport, it is 4 stars and the rooms cost from USD 200 per night.

Another option is the Holiday Inn Lima Airport, it is only 2 minutes away, is 4 stars, and has a pick-up service at the airport. Rooms start at USD 125 per night.

7. Transfers

From Lima airport, there are different types of transport to get to the hotel. A taxi can be an option (depending on the location of the hotel, the cost is about USD 15).

However, the transfer service is usually the most comfortable. It is requested in advance and with the flight number the driver will be waiting at the airport to take you to the hotel. The cost is about USD 30.

How to go from Lima to Cusco and see Peru

If you want to travel in a different way knowing other beautiful places in Peru (this country is more than Machu Picchu), you can choose to go by bus from Lima to Cusco, making intermediate stops.

The best company for these routes is Cruz del Sur, which has services in most of the country.

Lima Via Nazca - Arequipa – Cusco (1450 km)

The first section will be Lima – Nazca, with a stop in Ica (a place known for its sand dunes). The trip lasts 7 hours (450 km). The VIP service costs around USD 30 per person.

The second section is Nazca - Arequipa, with a stop in Camaná. The trip lasts 10 hours (570 km) and the VIP service costs USD 40.

The third section will be Arequipa – Cusco, a direct service lasting 10 hours (515 km). The Suite bus trip costs USD 35.

Lima Via Nazca - Abancay – Cusco (1100 km)

Until Nazca is the same as the previous one. Then you will continue to Abancay on a 9:30 hours (460 km) non-stop trip. The VIP seat in the bus costs USD 35.

From Abancay to Cusco the trip is only 5 hours (200 km), non-stop. The value of the VIP Suite bus costs USD 15.

What will you see in each destination?


The most famous are the Nazca lines, made in the middle of the desert by the Nazca culture. They are figures of animals that have been traced on the ground and that can be seen from the air.


The city center offers a Plaza de Armas and some other attractions, however, the most beautiful places are around Abancay: Ampay Sanctuary, Saywite Ruins, Pachachaca Colonial Bridge and Taraccasa Viewpoint.


The must-sees are the Misti Volcano, the Santa Catalina Monastery, the Salinas National Reserve, the Yanahuara Viewpoint, the Choqolaqa stone forest, the Colca Canyon (the most famous), and the Pillones Waterfall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lima to Cusco By Private Car

This alternative is very interesting because you can make the stops you want and stay longer in each city on the way. In total, the journey is 25 hours long, but intermediate stops are usually made.

The route Lima - Huancayo - Ayacucho - Cusco is the most recommended. It has a distance of 1140 km:

  • The first section (Lima – Huancayo) is 300 km (7 hours)
  • The second section (Huancayo – Ayacucho) is 260 km (6 hours)
  • The last stretch (Ayacucho – Cusco) is 580 km (12 hours)

Attractions along the way



The 5 attractions are the Nevado Huaytapallana, the place of memory Yalpana Wasi Wiñay Yalpanapa, the geological formations of Torre Torre, the Salesiano Vicente Rasetto Museum and the Junín archeology Museum.

The most luxurious hotels are 3-star, such as the Presidente Huancayo and Turismo Huancayo.



Must-sees in this place: Titancayoq Forest, turquoise waters of Millpu, Jirón (street) 28 de Julio, Temple of San Cristóbal and Santa Teresa Monastery, Cangallo waterfalls, and Vilcashuamán Inca pyramid.

The most luxurious hotels are 3-star, such as the DM and the Santa Rosa.



You must go to Plaza de Armas, Temple of the Sun (Koriqancha), Saqsaywaman archaeological site, Puka Pukara ruins, San Blas neighborhood, San Cristóbal viewpoint, and the Cuzco Cathedral. In the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu!

The 5-star hotels are Palacio Nazarenas, Belmond Hotel Monasterio, Palacio del Inka (Luxury Collection), Casa Andina Premium, Aranwa Boutique, JW Marriott El Convento, Palacio Manco Capac By Ananay Hotel, Casa Cartagena Boutique Hotel & Spa, Warari Real and Inkaterra La Casona.

Frequently Asked Questions


There are many ways to travel through Peru and get to know the most beautiful places, like Machu Picchu. If you have little time, you can choose to go by plane from Lima to Cusco. If you want to stay longer, you can go by bus or car and get to know other natural or urban attractions. Up to you!

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