Who we are and our values…

Voyagers Travel began operations in the year of 2002 with base in Quito, the grand Capital of Ecuador with the solid and permanent commitment of offering outstanding quality personalized tourism services to our valued customers, always focusing on working with local Communities and managing high cultural standards and social responsibility.

Voyagers Travel started as a small inbound tour operator with a small Group of tourism professionals that shared the same enthusiasm and love for our Country as the founder; we strongly believed in the undisputed tourism potential that Ecuador has and has always been keen to share our natural and cultural marvels with the entire World, especially of the Enchanted Galapagos Islands. As years passed by, we have been able to grow progressively and responsibly as a solid Company with focus on social development and nature-friendly practices.

Nowadays we are proud to offer the eager traveler a wide variety of tours and services not only in Ecuador, but also in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and soon in Argentina.

Our Company manages high values, which are reflected every day firstly with our 24/7 personalized assistance to our valued guests during their trip, our pre and post-sale communication with Customers and also with the way we handle local business with our strategic partners and service providers in an ethical and reliable manner. We also have profound respect for our competition on the challenging South America tourism market.

1) Complete knowledge on the destinations we offer and operate.
2) A complete team of English-Spanish speaking tourism professionals that will always offer the best quality personalized assistance during the selling process and from the minute you start your tour with until the day you give us your farewell.
3) The ample variety of tours and cruises that we offer with only the most reliable and renowned local operators and local communities to ensure customer satisfaction.
4) The most competitive prices and deals always looking for the best options for your trip.
5) Tailor-made tours and programs carefully crafted as per client’s wishes and preferences with complete guidance on what to visit and when to travel.

From our CEO…

CEO Voyagers TravelAs I grew up in the small town of San Gabriel in northern Ecuador, my province El Carchi was for me an entire country and the city of Tulcan the longest I had traveled. As a teenager visiting the city of  Ibarra or my countries capital Quito were a world away. High school and college introduced me to a whole new world, we would hear about faraway places like the Amazon and Galapagos. As an Ecuadorian these were wonders of my world. With no internet and only descriptions of these unique places boosted by a black and white photo, it was all about imagination. As I traveled with family and friends around our country, we truly enjoyed the vast nature in the Amazon, the majestic scenery of the volcanic andes and the lazy days at small beach lodges or even staying at fishermen homes. It was hard to find luxury and it was a diferent definition back then, it was for the rich, people who wanted to show off and indulge in extreme comfort and atention, the word experiential travel never existed because everything was an experience, stepping into the unkown and exploring. We stayed at the most unique places, small hostels built by dreamers, fishermen homes and city hotels too. Many of these places have changed, some for the better, it is breathtaking to observe how my beautiful country has grown and heartwarming to still find authentic traditions alive.

As a you woman, me and my family relied much on travel agents for any trip outside of our country and I learned to value their hard work investigating a safe and cozy place for us to stay anywhere around the world. As I explored other countries and broadened my horizons I fell more and more in love with my own country, my beautiful Ecuador. Knowledge of so many beautiful places around the planet, cultures and the love people had for their own places awakened a sense of value of what I had back at home.

I worked as a teacher for over 20 years and taught my students about civics and love for our country. I made it a case to grow appreciation for our own country amongst my pupils. I did this with passion and it was my labour of love to promote exploration of our own country before looking beyond borders. This same sense of caring for our beautiful Ecuador has been shared with my family, my daughters and my grand children. I eventually retired from teaching and decided to share my experience as a traveler with others. I opened Voyagers Travel in 2002, and from its inception it would be a diferent travel company, the focus of Voyagers is to allow our guests to be suprised, to find authentiticy in every travel program, balance comfort with experience (not offer senseless luxury) and enjoy life enriching experiences. I wanted and still want today to share the love for the places that I cherish, not only in Ecuador but around South America at large.

At Voygers we strive for an ideal outcome after a guests visit:

  1. Consider us as their friends in South America
  2. Be longing for more
  3. Have enjoyed a transformational life enriching travel experience
  4. Have a better understanding of our part of the world
  5. Grown appreciation for what they have home as well
  6. Know that they supported the local economy

For me travel is about discovering the world and embracing diference, only then can one feel and truly value what we have at home.

I recognize how globalization has changed the way we travel. It is quite different today, with all the media available, almost every location on the planet has been picked up by a satellite photograph or instragramed by a young explorer who shares the planet’s wonders. The value Voyagers offers is curating and going through hundreds of experiences, hotels, restaurants and uncovering the gems. There is an overload of information and your most valuable asset is time, we help you save time above all. We will offer you access to a unique network of artists, ateliers, chefs, tour guides, small and authentic hotels, viewpoints, local ethnic groups, nature trails and more. All handpicked and qualified for quality, authenticity, safety, comfort, and value – and above all enrichment.

We have been serving travelers for over 17 years. Each of our travel programs offered to guests has been a custom itinerary based on preferences and unique objectives of each traveler or group of traveler.

As the CEO at Voyagers Travel I am still at the head of exploration and finding new routes, curating experiences and creating relationships with local partners, moreover, crafting friendships.

I invite you to travel with us and enjoy the experiential side of South America.

Enjoy your life voyage with us!


Andre Robles
Voyagers Travel