The following terms and conditions will be in effect by Voyagers Travel from the moment of the reservation of any tourism services with our Company; deposit or complete payment with issued non VAT invoice implies the consent of the following terms and conditions:

A) Voyagers Travel is the intermediary in reservation and hiring of some services between its customer(s) and third-party supplier (hotels, cruises, lodges, guide, air & land transportation, others) and proof of confirmation is the issued tour invoice (non VAT) at the time of booking and final trip voucher (if applies) no later than 15 days before start dates of the tour. Voyagers Travel does not take responsibility for any injury, loss, changes or force major events that are beyond our control or the third-party supplier/Operator.

B) Voyagers Travel strongly recommends Customers to buy travel insurance with full coverage including: medical, cancelation, delays, material losses and life coverage. Voyagers Travel does not provides any kind of trip insurance with coverage for accidents or events beyond our control.

C) Voyagers Travel includes all the services detailed on invoice and trip vouchers as previously agreed with Customer and non-included services will have to be covered directly by the traveler. 

D) Voyagers Travel and third-party suppliers assume that the traveler(s) is/are in good health conditions and aware of the physical demands, techniques, altitude and climatic variations and all risks entailed in each activity during the tour. 

E) Payments for tours/services to Voyagers Travel can be made either via wire transfer to our Bank in the USA plus US$38 bank commission or via WeTravel online (Charges may vary depending on the card and the amount to be paid). In most cases, payments are split into deposit and balance payment (unless it is a special or last minute offer) and the percentage in each case is defined depending on the service/tour and travel dates.

F) Cancellation of tours and/or cruises by the traveler(s) will always have to comply with Voyagers Travel’s specific policies and penalties applied:

  • Cancellations made 125 or more days: 15% administrative fee is charged.
  • Cancellations made between 124 and 91 days: full deposit is forfeited as penalty.
  • Cancellations made between 90 and 61 days: 50% of the total of the tour is charged as penalty.
  • Cancellations made between 60 and 01 days: 100% of the total of the tour is charged as penalty.

*Policy and penalties are subject to review on specific cases in compliance with the third party service provider’s specific polices.          

 G) If by any case a service/tour cannot be provider due to weather conditions, force major, natural disaster or mechanical failure, Voyagers Travel and the third-party supplier will find a suitable alternative on the same category (or higher) on the same or similar dates to offer the traveler. As alternative, traveler is entitled to request reimbursement for the missed services/tours and in such  case, the amount to be reimbursement will be calculated based on the specific circumstances of the cancelation of the service. 

H) Voyagers Travel reserves the right to exclude traveler(s) from the programmed activities due to health conditions, threatening behavior or other justifiable reason involving the wellbeing of themselves, other travelers or safeguarding the right course of the activities. In such case, NG&E will not refund for any lost activity, even if included in the Service Voucher. In case of further controversy, the traveler(s) will be subject to the laws of the Ecuadorian Legislation. 

I) Voyagers Travel reserves the right to cancel/modify any tour/service in case customer does not completes payment deadlines on specific requested dates for deposits and balance payments, unless there is a specific concession approved by our Agency.