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15 + 1 Best Things to do in Quito Ecuador | Attractions & Places to visit

Look no further, as a local Quiteño that I am, I have prepared the Ultimate list of things to do in Quito, Ecuador.

Ever found yourself dreaming of standing in two hemispheres at once? How about climbing the stairs of a gothic basilica, or savoring ice cream on an old town square bench?

If you're nodding yes, then I've got news for you - these aren't mere dreams. They're snapshots from Quito, Ecuador's charming capital that brims with rich culture and vibrant history.

I'm here to whisk you off on a virtual journey through this UNESCO heritage city. We'll explore its cobblestone streets and historic workshops; climb volcanic hills; dive into day tours leading to majestic volcanoes; and even hop over to the Galapagos Islands!

A word of caution though: by the end of our expedition, your wanderlust might just compel you towards planning your own adventure! Ready for takeoff?

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What to do in Quito? 

Welcome to Quito, Ecuador's heart and soul. Greet the city of Quito, Ecuador and explore its wealth of experiences enveloped in a unique historical backdrop and vibrant culture.

Here are the 15 to things to do in Quito:

+1 Top Quito Must Do: Sip Achachay Cocktail On ILLA Experience Hotel Rooftop At Sunset

Last but not least; take time to unwind at the ILLA Experience Hotel. Sip on an Achachay cocktail as you watch the sun set over Quito. This hotel, nestled in San Marcos neighborhood is a luxury colonial mansion offering unique experiences and supports local livelihoods.

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Popular Attractions in Quito, Ecuador

Steeped in history and rich with natural beauty, Quito has plenty to offer the curious traveler. Check out some of the must-experience attractions that really capture Quito's essence.

Now You Know What to See in Quito

Quito, Ecuador is a traveler's dream with its mix of historic and modern attractions. Be awed by the gold-clad La Compañía Church, zip through the city on the new Metro Underground, or dive into indigenous culture at Museo Templo del Sol Pintor Ortega Maila. Don't forget to visit Plaza San Francisco for panoramic views and a taste of rich heritage, explore Quito's artistic legacy at Museo Guayasamin, or stroll around the charming San Marcos neighborhood in Old Town.

Day Trips from Quito

Looking for a taste of adventure? Quito, Ecuador's capital, is the perfect starting point. From here, you can easily access some of the country’s most captivating spots.

Cotopaxi Volcano Day Tour

Ecuador has an array of impressive volcanoes and Cotopaxi, one of the world's highest active ones, is no exception. A day trip to this majestic giant offers breathtaking landscapes and exciting trekking opportunities.

You might even spot wild horses or Andean condors. Remember to pack warm clothing – it gets chilly up there.

Cotopaxi Volcano Day Tour

Middle Of The World Trip

Fancy standing on both hemispheres at once? Take a short drive from Qito to visit "Mitad del Mundo", where you can do just that. Here lies the famous Equator Line Monument, which marks latitude 0º. Be sure to snap that iconic photo with one foot in each hemisphere.

Middle Of The World Trip

Laguna Quilotoa Excursion

A little further out but well worth it is Laguna Quilotoa; a stunning turquoise crater lake surrounded by mountain peaks. This day trip includes hiking down into the crater and taking in spectacular views all around.

Laguna Quilotoa Excursion

Tour Packages That Start From Quito

Hotel Illa Experience | Quito | Ecuador
+1 Top Must Do: Achachay Cocktail On ILLA Experience Hotel rooftop at Sunset

Finally, for an end-of-day treat, why not enjoy a signature Achachay cocktail on the rooftop of the ILLA Experience Hotel? Watch as Quito's skyline turns to gold with sunset – it’s pure magic.
Remember, each day trip brings its own set of unique experiences and adventures. So get out there and explore.

Top Hotels in Quito

When you're exploring the wonders of Quito, you'll need a comfy place to rest. So here are our top picks for hotels in this vibrant city.

Luxury - ILLA Experience Hotel

The ILLA Experience Hotel, nestled in the heart of old town's San Marcos neighborhood, is an absolute gem. This luxury colonial mansion offers unique experiences by supporting its neighbors' livelihoods. From rooftop cocktails at sunset to exquisite room designs reflecting Ecuador's rich history and culture, every detail will amaze you.

Luxury - ILLA Experience Hotel

Mid Market - Casa El Eden Quito, Ecuador

Hotel Casa El Eden, located just steps from La Plaza del Teatro and Garcia Moreno Street, oozes charm and elegance without breaking your budget. The hotel is owner managed and is highly rated for its amazing hospitality.

Mid Market - Casa El Eden Quito, Ecuador

Budget - Casa Adamas

If affordability tops your list without compromising comfort or location then Casa Adamas is your go-to option. Situated close enough to all major attractions yet away from bustling crowds gives travelers a sense of home away from home.

Budget - Casa Adamas
Basilica del Voto Nacional | Quito | Ecuador

Quito Travel Advice: Tips and Tricks

Traveling to Quito, Ecuador? Here are some tips and tricks to help maximize your experience in Quito, Ecuador. This is based on my own personal experiences in this beautiful city.

The Best Time to Visit

To get the best weather, plan your visit between June and October. But remember that even during these months, Quito can be a bit chilly due to its high altitude. So pack accordingly. Remember there is no bad time to visit, it is located at the Equator with good weather year round.

Currency Exchange

Ecuador has the US dollar as its official currency, so visitors from America don't need to worry about exchanging money prior to arriving. If you're coming from another country, though, it might be better if you change into dollars beforehand because not all local establishments accept foreign credit cards.

Safety First

While Quito is generally safe for tourists, like any other major city, it has areas where extra caution should be taken, especially at night time or when alone. I recommend using Uber instead of hailing taxis off the street since prices are more transparent with ride-sharing apps.

Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Quito

What is the optimum period for a visit to Quito?

The beauty of Quito is that it has spring-like weather all year round. But for fewer rain showers and more sunny days, June through October can be ideal.

I want to explore beyond the city center. What day trips would you recommend from Quito?

A couple favorites among visitors are Cotopaxi Volcano National Park or Laguna Quilotoa - both stunning natural sites not too far from the city.

How many days is enough in Quito?

Around three days should be sufficient to explore most of what Quito has to offer. However, if you're planning day trips out of town, then plan accordingly.

Do I need vaccinations before visiting Ecuador?

You might need certain vaccines when traveling in Ecuador depending on your itinerary and health history. Check CDC's recommendations.

What language is spoken in Quito?

The main language spoken in Ecuador is Spanish, but English isn't uncommon, especially among younger locals or those working in tourism-related businesses.

Is it worth visiting Quito Ecuador?

Absolutely, Quito's rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant markets make it a worthwhile destination for any traveler.

What is Quito best known for?

Quito is famous for its well-preserved colonial center, the Middle of the World monument, and as a gateway to the Galapagos Islands.

Is tap water drinkable?

No, it isn't. For drinking and even for brushing your teeth, it's advisable to stick with bottled water as a precaution. You can easily find bottled water anywhere.

How safe is Quito for tourists?

Ecuador’s capital city is generally safe but like any big city, you should always stay alert. Stick to tourist-friendly areas and avoid walking alone at night.

Visit Quito with Voyagers Travel Company

There are plenty of other things to do in Quito. From exploring the historic Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site filled with colonial-era architecture and vibrant local markets, to indulging your taste buds at some of South America's finest restaurants. Rest assured that this city has something for every traveler.

We here at Voyagers Travel Company are dedicated to crafting luxury travel experiences tailored specifically for you. Whether it's cruising through Galapagos or touring Peru’s majestic landscapes - we've got you covered!

From standing on two hemispheres at once to savoring ice cream in the Plaza Grande, there's a world of things to do in Quito. Your itinerary might include climbing Panecillo Hill or touring La Ronda neighborhood's artisan workshops.

A trip up the stairs of Quito Basilica can take your breath away. And if adventure calls, day tours from Quito offer thrilling trips to Cotopaxi Volcano and Baños de Agua Santa.

And don't forget that rooftop sunset cocktail at ILLA Experience Hotel – it’s an absolute must-do! So pack those bags because your Ecuadorian escapade awaits!