Mosquera Islet & North Seymour Island - Galapagos Cruise

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Mosquera Islet & North Seymour Island - Galapagos Tour

Operation Day: Every Friday
Meeting point: At the entrance of Puerto Ayora’s Church, in front of the pier and aside from the restaurant “El Descanso del Guía”
Departure hour: 08h30
Arriving site: Puerto Ayora's pier
Coming hour: 16h00 approx.

Mosquera Islet 

We will leave on board a bus for the Itabaca Channel in the morning to visit the Mosquera islet. Here we can enjoy a beautiful coral beach. Home to colonies of Galapagos sea lions, some swallow-tailed gulls, and the spectacle of marine iguanas swimming or feeding underwater while we snorkel. What a perfect way to begin our adventure this day. 

North Seymour 

After a delicious lunch aboard the Galaxy Daily, we will head to North Seymour Island. This island is known for its large colonies of blue-footed boobies, and frigate birds called the Galapagos pirates. 
After arriving in North Seymour, we will have a dry landing. Then, immediately start hiking on a 2.5 km (1.55 miles) trail where we can go clockwise along the coast or head inland first to visit the colony of boobies. 
During this tour, we will access the nesting sites of the largest breeding colonies on the islands. We will then understand why Seymour is known for its rich wildlife. 
Get ready to spot land iguanas and marine iguanas; also, a colony of sea lions, lava lizards, and pelicans! 
While we advance along the path, we will observe several trees where the male and female frigates nest. As we continue through the trail, the terrain will become rocky. There, we will have the opportunity to appreciate the nesting place of the spectacular blue-footed boobies. This species is fascinating for its courtship dance in which they can dance for hours until finally captivating the female attention to nest together. 
Did you know that these boobies never build a nest? That is because a ring of white guano marks their  nesting area. If you like plants, we will see some endemic flora species in North Seymour during the walk, such as Opuntia, Croton, Castela, and Sesuvium cacti. 

Meals Included

  • 1 Lunch
Blue-footed boobies | North Seymour Island
Frigate birds | North Seymour Island
Sea lions | North Seymour Island
Mosquera Islet & North Seymour Island
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