5 day Galapagos tour provided by Voyagers Travel - Yolita II Yacht

5 day Galapagos tour provided by Voyagers Travel - Yolita II Yacht | Yolita II | Galapagos Tours 5 day Galapagos tour provided by Voyagers Travel - Yolita II Yacht | Yolita II | Galapagos Tours

Unleash the Wonders of the Galapagos Islands: Join Our 5 Day Galapagos Tour Adventure

Welcome to the enchanting Galapagos Islands, where nature's marvels await your exploration.

If you're craving a short yet extraordinary journey through this ecological paradise, our 5 Day Galapagos Tour is the perfect escape. Embark on the Yolita II yacht, an intimate vessel designed for your comfort and discover the iconic highlights of the Galapagos in just five days.

Unveiling the 5 Day Galapagos Tour

Our carefully crafted itinerary aboard the Yolita II takes you on a thrilling adventure through the central and southern islands, where each day brings you face-to-face with incredible wildlife, stunning landscapes, and the captivating history of the Galapagos.

5 Day Galapagos Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Galápagos & North Seymour Island Wildlife Extravaganza

Your journey to the extraordinary Galápagos Islands begins with an early flight, transporting you to this mesmerizing archipelago of natural wonders. In the afternoon, we set foot on North Seymour Island, where a wildlife spectacle awaits. Prepare for an incredible encounter with a vibrant array of creatures inhabiting this island paradise. As you tread the trails, be ready to share the path with playful sea lions and marine iguanas, creating unforgettable memories. Witness the captivating courtship dance of blue-footed boobies, a fascinating display of affection. Venture to the rocky shores, where pelicans put on a feeding frenzy show, diving into the crystal-clear waters for their lunch. Delight in the sight of magnificent frigatebirds, their massive wingspans and bright scarlet throat sacks, guarding their equally impressive chicks. Conclude this exceptional day with a snorkeling adventure, immersing yourself in the underwater world teeming with sea lions and rays, a truly magical experience.

Day 2: San Cristobal Island Exploration - Cerro Brujo & Lobos Island Snorkeling

Today, we embark on an adventure to San Cristobal Island, starting with a visit to Cerro Brujo. Embrace the untamed beauty of the coastline, as we set out to explore the diverse wildlife that graces the beaches, waters, and skies. Our knowledgeable Galápagos CEO

shares fascinating insights into the area's human and natural history, making the journey even more enriching. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the turquoise waters and take a short walk to a freshwater lagoon, where graceful flamingos might grace us with their presence. Later, we gear up for an exhilarating snorkeling escapade at Kicker Rock, an iconic landmark with an abundant marine life. Dive into the nutrient-rich waters surrounding this magnificent rock, reaching 150 meters above the ocean's surface, and discover an incredible variety of sharks and fish, making this a unique and thrilling snorkeling experience. The adventure continues at Lobos Island, where we snorkel right off the beach, surrounded by adorable sea lion families and their playful pups. Witness nesting frigatebirds and the famous blue-footed boobies resting ashore, creating a captivating wildlife haven for unforgettable moments.

Day 3: Española Island Delights - Gardner Bay & Punta Suarez

Prepare for an awe-inspiring day as we explore Española Island, starting with Punta Suarez, the southernmost island in the Galápagos archipelago. Hike to the top of the cliff for breathtaking photo opportunities, immersing ourselves in the untamed natural beauty of this remarkable island. Next, we head to Gardner Bay, home to a magnificent white sandy beach, adorned with sea lions and sea birds. Embrace the stunning turquoise waters and the mesmerizing sea life that inhabits this tranquil bay. Spot young sea lions playing joyfully alongside schools of vibrant tropical fish, including yellow-tailed surgeonfish, king angelfish, and bump-head parrotfish. As we gear up for fantastic snorkeling at Gardner Bay, we venture further out towards Tortuga Rock and Gardner Island, witnessing an abundance of colorful tropical fish and the occasional manta ray gracefully gliding by. Don't miss the incredible opportunity to swim alongside the playful sea lions, an experience that will stay etched in your memory forever.

Day 4: Santa Fe Island & South Plaza Island Wildlife Encounters

Today's adventure takes us to the charming Santa Fe Island and South Plaza Island, where thrilling wildlife encounters await. Visit South Plaza, one of the smallest yet most captivating islands in the Galápagos, boasting a large population of land iguanas. Wander along a path through a cactus forest, revealing the island's vibrant combination of dry and coastal vegetation. Marvel at the incredible birdlife, with red-billed tropic birds and indigenous swallow-tailed gulls gracefully resting on the cliffs, while sea lions play in the azure waters. Santa Fe Island offers a unique wildlife-watching experience. Venture towards the island's northern shore, where giant prickly pear cacti create a forest that serves as the habitat for endemic land iguanas. This enchanting island also treats us to sightings of sea turtles, playful sea lions, and even a glimpse of a white-tip reef shark, making it a truly unforgettable day.

Day 5: Santa Cruz Island Discovery & Departure from Galápagos

On this final day of exploration in the Galápagos, we head to Santa Cruz Island, where exciting discoveries await. Our first stop is the Fausto Llerena Breeding Center, a haven for various species of tortoises and land iguanas in captivity. Witness the incredible Galápagos tortoise up close, and learn about the commendable conservation efforts that have brought this majestic creature back from the brink of extinction. The center is also home to the renowned Charles Darwin Research Station, a scientific organization that has been tirelessly

working since 1964 to preserve the Galápagos' unique ecosystem. While the offices are not open to visitors, the research station serves as a study location for international scientists and an educational hub for the local community. After this enriching experience, it's time to bid farewell to the Galápagos, carrying with you cherished memories of this extraordinary expedition into nature's wonders. As you depart, the Galápagos will forever hold a special place in your heart, leaving you with a profound appreciation for this remarkable natural paradise.


Itinerary Map

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5 day Galapagos tour provided by Voyagers Travel - Yolita II Yacht | Galapagos Map

5 Day Galapagos Itinerary Includes

  • All programed visits as per itinerary with specialized naturalist bilingual guide
  • Accommodation in twin/double cabin with private facilities (surcharge for suite)
  • All meals on board, drinking purified water, coffee and tea
  • Snorkeling equipment (fins, mask & snorkel) & sea-kayaks
  • Transfers within the islands on cruise dates as per itinerary
  • Personalized 24/7 assistance during tour.

5 Day Galapagos Itinerary Does not Include

  • Airfare to/from Galapagos from/to Mainland Ecuador (to be added)
  • Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee US$100 per person (in cash only upon arrival)
  • Galapagos Migration Card US$20 in cash per person (at Mainland’s Airport)
  • Alcoholic/soft drinks, personal expenses, extras, and tips
  • All sizes wet-suits for rent on board (in cash)
  • Travel, medical & cancelation Insurance and any services on Mainland
  • Other services not specified in the program.

5 Day Galapagos Itinerary Highlights

  • Look for three different species of Darwin’s Finches and the Albatrosses at Española.
  • Snorkel with playful and curious sea-lions.
  • Send a postcard to your friends and loved ones back home from Post Office Bay.
  • Witness the magnificence of the waved Albatrosses at Española.
  • Enjoy amazing Galapagos views while sailing on board your Yacht from its ample sun-deck or the Jacuzzi.

Meals Included

  • Breakfast Served Daily
  • 4 Dinners
  • 5 Lunches
El Progreso | Giant Tortoise | Galapagos Islands
Santa Cruz | Galapagos Islands
Punta Suarez | Blue footed boobies | Galapagos Islands


Best trip ever
- Jermaine
This is by far the best vacation I’ve ever had and visiting the Galapagos was the crown on it all. I enjoyed every day of the cruise
- Ahmed Garba
The recreation on board was just what I needed to ease off. Have a few drinks, play a few games and mingle with people. Snorkeling was fun too
- Dean Fuel
I would certainly book the Yolita II Cruise all over again in a heartbeat. All the other travelers were nice and friendly. The crew wasn’t an exception either. Their attention to detail and ensuring your needs & desires are met is their priority.
Great service
- Ashanti Charles
I must commend the crew and staff for ensuring we all received proper and excellent service. Everything was great
Our South American adventure
- Craig Stack
My girlfriend and I enlisted Voyagers Travel to help us out with our South American adventure. They helped us secure spots aboard the Yolita II, whose staff was very friendly and attentive to ensure everyone had a great time.
Very good service
- Toni Becker
I had the best experience on my cruise. The weather was flawless and the entire crew was friendly, well organized, and tuned in to every day. I also loved their ability to promptly change plans according to conditions and the opportunities available.

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5 day Galapagos tour provided by Voyagers Travel - Yolita II Yacht
5 Days
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Why Choose Our 5 Day Galapagos Tour?


Efficient and Exciting: Our 5 day itinerary is perfect for travelers with limited time, offering an efficient yet exhilarating experience of the Galapagos' top highlights.

Intimate Yacht Experience: The Yolita II accommodates a small group, providing a personalized and immersive journey with dedicated attention from our experienced crew.

Expert Naturalist Guides: Our knowledgeable guides are passionate about the Galapagos, enriching your journey with their expertise and fascinating insights.

Sustainable Tourism: We are committed to preserving the Galapagos' delicate ecosystem. Our tours follow strict environmental guidelines to minimize our impact on this unique environment.

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Frecuently Asked Questions

Is a 5 day Galapagos tour enough time to see the highlights of the islands?

Yes, our carefully crafted 5 day tour is designed to showcase the iconic highlights of the Galapagos Islands, offering an efficient and exciting experience for those with limited time.

Which islands are included in the 5 day tour itinerary?

Our 5 day Galapagos tour explores the central and southern islands, including San Cristobal, Española, Floreana, and Santa Cruz. Each island offers unique landscapes and diverse wildlife encounters.

What wildlife can I expect to see during the 5 day tour?

You'll have the opportunity to encounter a variety of wildlife, including playful sea lions, blue-footed boobies, waved albatrosses, flamingos, giant tortoises, and many other fascinating species that call the Galapagos home.

Is the 5 day tour suitable for first-time visitors to the Galapagos?

Absolutely! Our 5 day tour is perfect for first-time visitors who want to experience the Galapagos' highlights and get a taste of the islands' unique biodiversity, stunning landscapes, and remarkable wildlife.

What activities are included in the 5 day Galapagos tour?

The tour includes guided hikes to scenic viewpoints, snorkeling excursions to explore the underwater world, visits to research centers to learn about conservation efforts, and encounters with the Galapagos' iconic wildlife.

All departures and prices are subject to availability. Please Contact Us to confirm preferred departure.

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