Galapagos cruises

Why should you choose Tourist Superior Class Galapagos Cruises (mid-range)?

When it comes to cruises, Galapagos Islands adventures are hard to beat. This incredible corner of the world is home to some truly extraordinary wildlife experiences. However, to make it a truly unforgettable experience, you need to have the right boat. Galapagos Tourist Superior Yachts provide travelers with affordable yet comfortable trips. These yachts ensure that everyone will experience a comfortable and convenient stay and at the same time enjoy their trip to the fullest.

These yachts are a cheaper yet fabulous option, thanks to their complete amenities to ensure comfort, convenience, and satisfaction. Aside from these, individuals can also take advantage of all the amazing features and benefits these yachts have to offer. Individuals will definitely have a memorable and fantastic experience when they decide to choose a naturalist cruise on one of these value oriented boats.

The Tourist Superior Class Galapagos Cruises allow individuals to explore these enchanted and splendid islands. These boats are ideal choices for comfortable nature explorations because they offer comfortable cabins with exclusive shower rooms. Cozy social areas(dining room, living room, sun decks). Boat construction, maintenance of facilities, safety standards and procedures meet international marine standards.

For travelers looking for more upmarket options or even lower priced options we have a full range of Galapagos liveaboard boats.


For those who long for ultimate relaxation, these yachts also offer loungers where guests can lay and rest anytime they want in between excursions. Another interesting thing about liveaboard cruising in this nature sanctuary is that every operation has Galapagos National Park certified bilingual guides that will accompany the travelers during their whole itineraries.


These yachts are highly recommended for individuals who have the desire for an economicaly convenient yet comfortable environment, with utmost privacy and security. Lots of travelers book tourist superior trips because these portray an amazing combination of adventure, comfort and value. Altogether travelers will receive a impressive sense of excitement as they come close to the unique wildlife of the Islands.

High standards

Your nature cruise will be delivered in high standards which are proven further by fully air-conditioned social areas and cabins. Aside from cozy accommodations, these yachts take pride in offering exclusive services on board. Behind these yachts are experienced and reliable captains and crew who are capable of preparing and offering high quality and delicious foods. An experienced and service oriented crew makes sure that all the needs and demands of the travelers are well taken care.

The thought of sailing across the islands, basking in beautiful views and creatures and exploring the entire beauty of nature make you feel excited. The Tourist Superior Class Galapagos Cruises category will also not compromise your safety. In fact, the facilities, safety standards and maintenance constantly pass the inspections by the Ecuadorian marine authority.

We invite you to travel and relaxon these wonderful vessels. Let your naturalist cruise be the key towards authentic adventure that will give you lifetime memories.


Food on board these yachts ensures your dining on board a cruise Galapagos Islands is of good quality and arrangements can be made to meet special dietary needs. Small size and character give the feeling of an expedition as you anchor within small bays and inlets next to your next visitos site in search of sea lions, Equatorial penguins, blue footed boobies and other unique specimens found only in the Isles of fire.