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Why should you choose Economy Class Galapagos Cruises?

If you’re looking to cruise Galapagos Islands’ waters on a budget then these economy yachts might be for you. So, you might not get all the little luxuries you have on more expensive cruises but you do get an increased sense of adventure. On board, the facilities are basic but then which real adventurer ever needed luxury accommodation? The cabins are simple but clean and well maintained. The social areas are intimate but if you’re really here for the incredible wildlife and landscapes of the Galapagos, then that won’t really matter.

What the economy yachts do give you is an affordable chance to cruise Galapagos waters. With these trips, true nature lovers get to see the stunning animal and birdlife like equatorial penguins and turtles, accompanied by enthusiastic local guides.

With a number of economy yachts to choose from, you can cruise Galapagos waters in the knowledge that you’re experiencing a world-class holiday destination without breaking the bank.

The economy class Galapagos Cruises, Floreana series is perfect for travelers who are looking to keep costs down and still experience the very best wildlife and nature anywhere on the planet. For family groups, friends and backpackers on a South American adventure, the economy cruise Galapagos experience might just be your greatest ever adventure.

If you are looking for something a little more upscale, we have a selection of more upmarket Galapagos touring boats

Discover the true spirit of adventure on Galapagos Islands cruises. You might not have the luxury, but there’s plenty of camaraderie and the joy of shared experience that only true exploration can provide.

Discover stunning wildlife, incredible vistas and make new friends on your cruise. The friendly crew and your fellow travellers will experience something that none of you will ever forget and, even without the luxury, that’s priceless!

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