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The interior of the boat is finished in dark mahogany, giving it a rich and luxurious look. Each cabin has a double lower and single upper berth, as well as portholes that light up the room and give you a fantastic view of the islands as you pass by.

As with many Galapagos tour operators, a cruise on the Floreana begins on Santa Cruz, following a short flight from the Ecuadorian mainland.

The seven-night itinerary gives passengers an incredibly in-depth and comprehensive experience of the islands, taking in many of the most impressive highlights of the archipelago.

In fact, your adventure begins almost straight away as you visit the white, sandy beaches of Las Bachas to view a sea turtle nesting area and spot some of the local pink flamingos.

During your cruise you’ll also get the chance to see an inquisitive colony of sea lions on North Seymour, marine iguanas on Santa Fe and, if you’re lucky, some of the giant tortoises that give the islands their name.

Throughout your Galapagos tour operators , the cruise will show you everything that the islands have to offer, from their unique habitat to the animals that call them home.

Bilingual naturalists will help to guide you as you journey through the islands, or you can read up on the local wildlife in the ship’s very own library.

Galapagos tour operators know visitors love nothing better than to relax following a day of exploration and adventure by watching the sunset from one of the ship’s outside decks. After this you’ll be digging in to a delicious buffet in the elegant dining area and discussing your discoveries with your fellow passengers.
Floreana |  Galapagos Cruises
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