Galapagos cruises

Diving Cruises

Liveaboard diving cruises in the Galapagos marine reserve are known for their amazing itineraries and outstanding dive sites. Galapagos is rated as one of the most amazing dive sites in the world, with sites for all levels of divers Galapagos liveaboard diving offers an amazing place to gaze at some of the world’s most amazing aquatic creatures.

The Galapagos Islands are some of the youngest Islands in the world which are constantly growing. With new land mass forming above and below water new environments are created every day, and with them new habitats form giving divers a new experience every time.

Liveaboard diving yachts offer the opportunity to cruise through the Islands stopping at various dives sites along the way allowing you to take a dip and discover the oceans marvels. Most yachts only offer longer 8 day 7 night cruises, this is due to the time it takes to get from one site to the other. All meet Galapagos national park regulations and have certified equipment onboard. Most special request can be met onboard like oxygen refills, co2 tanks, etc…

Take your dive passion to another level and visit the Islands on a liveaboard diving cruise and discover why it is ranked as one of the world best locations for dive sites.