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Yolita II

Apart from offering exclusive voyages for 16 passengers only, the Yolita ll yacht features a well-structured and beautiful dining room where you can relax and enjoy your dinner with your friends and family. There is a  lounge bar also, which offers splendid drinks and lavish cocktails if you are looking to chill out a bit. Televisions and DVD players are also present to help you keep boredom at a bay. You will be provided with a resting place on the sun deck where you can take a sun bath too.

For your convenience, a bilingual and experienced naturalist guide is provided, so that you can get detailed information about the places you are visiting in your preferred language. The Yolita ll yacht prefers to take smaller groups on a Galapagos tour, so that you can get plenty of opportunities to learn and explore these beautiful islands. This also means that you will get much more personalized attention, which will make your tour more meaningful.

You are also provided with a guide for shore excursions, and on these tours you will be escorted by a professional English-speaking naturalist guide.

All these facilities in the yacht will provide the visitors complete comfort and value for their money. The Yolita ll Yacht is a budget-friendly and a mid-range cruise that offers the best package without hurting your pocket.

Yolita ll follows an itinerary of eight days and seven nights that will cover all the major islands in Galapagos. It is advisable that you should visit the more remote areas in the Galapagos Islands, which is a land of marine iguanas, giant tortoise and Darwin’s finches, with the guidance of a professional tour operator. To get all the essential information about the Galapagos Islands, all you need to do is to go through any authentic website that provides true and accurate information. There are several online sites that provide you ample information about the islands, offering you the itineraries that would help you to book your tour. You will definitely enjoy your Galapagos travel in Ecuador.

Yolita II |  Galapagos Cruises
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