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The cabins on board have been designed and realised with attractive teak wood. They come with single upper and lower births, a locker for personal belongings, a vanity cabinet and a full bath with hot shower. In short, it’s everything you need to be comfortable on your Galapagos Islands vacation.

The interior of the yacht is spacious, and air conditioning and carpets give her a pleasant and homely feel. The social area is equipped with a TV and VCR, but with large panoramic windows lining the lounge, it might be more interesting to watch the outside world. The views of the world famous Galapagos Islands are hard to beat.

The galley serves fine food, taking inspiration from both international and Ecuadorian cuisines, with all meals being enjoyed in the elegant dining room. After lunch or dinner, head to one of the covered or open-air decks for some fresh air or sunshine. Lounge around with a book or get a little more active as you snorkel among penguins and sea lions.

The Fragata is a solid and reliable vessel with plenty of charm. With nearly twenty years of experience carrying excited passengers around on their Galapagos Islands vacation, the Fragata offers well-structured five and eight-day tours of this unique environment.

If you’re looking for comfort, a little style, and affordable Galapagos tours, the Fragata should definitely be top of your list. Despite her advancing years, the Fragata is equipped with the latest safety and navigation equipment for peace of mind on your Galapagos Islands vacation.

Fragata |  Galapagos Cruises
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Cabin | Fragata
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 Living area | Fragata

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