Galapagos Safari Camp

Galapagos Safari Camp
The Galapagos Safari Camp is a family-owned and run lodge located on the Galapagos Island of Santa Cruz (Ecuador). This luxury tented camp is a labour of love venture created by Michael and Stephanie Mesdag. They run it backed by a handpicked team of passionate hospitality professionals.  The main lodge and each luxury tent is  inspired by the discreet luxury of African safari camps. 

The priviledged location of the safari tents borders the Galapagos National Park. This is the realm of the giant tortoise, the Galapagos doves and other unique wildlife. The panoramic views from the central lodge  are breathtaking and you will be overlooking the pacific ocean and the surrounding islands. The closest populated area is miles away, yet, the strategic position in the highlands is halfway between both Puerto Ayora and Baltra airport. Guests can enjoy long walks to spot tortoises, explore the nearby lava tunnels, the white sand garrapatero beach or easily join a trip to a neighboring island on private boat excursions organized by the front desk team.

You will find yourself at in the heart of the Galapagos archipelago with exploration, science, and adventure at your fingertips. A place to reawaken your senses, reconnect with nature, and renew your spirit touched by the magic of a timeless Galapagos experience. Galapagos Safari Camp was conceived and built with passion. The African-styled tented camp is a creative alternative to explore the archipelago and soak nature in all comfort. 

The stylish camp offers a panoramic lodge, nine charming tents all with private facilities and luxurious amenities. There is a family suite and an infinity pool under a canapé of endemic trees. This is the land where tortoises roam free and you will be able to wake up alongside the escalesia forest listening to the finches sing. It is a common scene to spot a Darwin finch jump around the dining room, as these creatures are repeat visitors and part of the natural show enjoyed by the few privilidged guests. It is quite common to spot a giant tortoise just below your tent sharing this secluded haven within the already remote Galapagos islands. 

The Galapagos Safari Camp is located in a 55-hectare farm in harmony with nature. A visit to the islands will offer the opportunity to learn more about and eco-friendly lifestyle that co-exists with the unique environs of the archipelago. 

This unique property is the first of it´s kind in Ecuador and one of very few in South America. An atmosphere where each daily excursion is celebrated with a homemade meal, fine dining featuring organic produce that is slow cooked highlighting the diverse ingredients of Ecuador. 

Voyagers travel has prepared a selection of Galapagos land based tour packages that include a stay at this secluded hideaway on Santa Cruz Island. The Safari Camp will be your base to explore several national park visitor sites including:

Bachas Beach: featuring a beautiful flamingo lagoon and calm turqoise waters for snorkeling 

North Seymour: a popular day tour island only a couple hours away by boat where you can spot frigate birds and blue footed boobies

Bartolome Island: A place for incredible panoramic scenery of the volcanic Santiago and Isabela islands and a bay where you may swim with penguins

Chinese Hat: As it´s namesake suggests the appearance of this island is unique, also a good place to spot the endemic marine iguana, lava lizards and other wildlife. 

Santa Fe Island: Another short boat ride away and place to enjoy the barking sea lions as they swim by your side in the bay

South Plazas Island: Walk along Opuntia cacti and land iguanas that feed on the falling tunas as you observe the cliff at the southern edge of the island with thousands of fluttering tropic birds

Both peaceful and full of adventure options, the Galapagos Safari camp experience is a luxury travel opportunity. Guests can enjoy their vacation with peace of mind knowing they are engaging in sustainable tourism practices. We invite you to connect with one the experts at Voyagers travel and take part in our premium wildlife viewing opportunities featured in our safari tour programs. 

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