Antillanca Ski Center

Sky & hotsprings at Puyehue Park tour - Patagonia

Like the other parks in this zone, Puyehue is characterized by thick forests on volcanically-created geography and an abundance of riverbeds and drainage valleys.

The humid evergreen forest originated due to high rainfall, and is formed from coigues and ulmo in the lower areas of the park and by tepa, manio and coigue in the higher areas. Located in the Lakes region, 189 km (118 mi) northeast of Puerto Montt. Osorno is 80 km (50 MI) west.

In regards to the fauna in the park, there are pumas, grey foxes, quiques, coipos, güiñas and vizcachas. Among the birds, the condor, the choroy, the chercán, the bandurria and the huala stand out.

Like all the parks, it provides good services and a network of paths and trails which allow visitors to enjoy the beauty and attractions the area offers. There are also hot springs available and in winter you can enjoy skiing at the Antillanca ski center, on the slopes of the Casablanca volcano.

Antillanca is located in Puyehue National Park, very close to Hotel Termas de Puyehue. Offers an ample variety of recreation for those who enjoy the snow, as well as for those who only want to go for a stroll through the snow.

The Ski Center is adequately equipped, and little by little is gaining recognition among national complexes. Located among the foothills of Casablanca Volcano, it’s name means Sun Jewel, and at a distance of 98 km from Osorno, it contains beautiful slopes of powder with differing grades of difficulty, for all types of skiers.

With more than 4 thousand kilometers (2500 mi) of mountains, Chile is the country known internationally as one of the world's best skiing destinations and the best of South America. Recognition is based on the excellent quality of the slopes, a top-level infrastructure, a beautiful landscape, accessibility and proximity to urban centers.

Come on with us and beggin this unreal fantastic experience.

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Antillanca Ski Center
Antillanca Ski Center
Antillanca Ski Center
Sky & hotsprings at Puyehue Park tour
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