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Tierra del Fuego National Park


Located 12 km from the southernmost city in the world - Ushuaia, this park captivates us with its marine, forest, and mountain landscapes.

Its entrance gate marks the end of National Route 3, the fee varies depending on the time of year and ranges between $0 and U$D5, the entrance can be made on foot or by vehicle depending on the route you want to take.

The 70,000 hectares that make it up offer us multiple options to make the most of it, the 2000 hectares open to the public can be explored on foot, by vehicle, or on the end-of-the-world train.

Arrival and departure time

Entry price

8:30am - 9:00pm

May-september : $0 

October- april : U$D 5- U$D 7

The Information Office located at the entrance is where we will get answers to any questions that may arise, it is open all year round at the times mentioned in the table.

ALAKUSH Visitor Center is the place where we will find restrooms, a comfortable restaurant, and a cafeteria. For those interested in the social and geological history of the area, the interpretation room called MAIA-KÚ is located here.

For trekking fans, this park is a dream come true. The designated trails can be covered with paid excursions or alone, the immensity of the place is comparable to its beauty and the pure air that is breathed is a gift for the body.

There are all types of trails, short, long, of greater or lesser difficulty, when choosing one you should check the weather and be prepared for the route, since there is no cell phone signal in the park, therefore we will not have access to GPS either.

TREKKING/CAMPING in Tierra del Fuego Park

Paths Pampa Alta

It is entered by route 3, with a distance of 5km of low difficulty, this road takes us through a lush forest, which when crossing it gives us a panoramic view of the Beagle Channel, the Guanaco hill, and the Pipo River valley. You can shorten the road by entering the Ensenada Zaratiegui bay and arrive at the same place, in a 3.5 km route.

Coastal Path

It is entered through Ensenada Zaratiegui Bay or from Lake Acigami on route 3, it has 8km of travel along the coast of the Beagle Channel, this area of ​​medium difficulty requires the use of appropriate footwear to be able to fully enjoy the landscapes of the forest, the beaches of sand and stone.

Path Milestone XXIV

It is entered from Lake Acigami, with 3.5km of medium difficulty, this route takes us to the division between Argentina and Chile Patagonia.

Guanaco Hill

Once entering the park, the information for access is requested at the entrance, it is recommended to be prepared and have the experience to travel the 4 km ascent, it is of high difficulty, the summit gives us incredible postcards of the mountain range and the Beagle Channel.


Once entered the park, the necessary information is requested at the entrance to choose between different trails, of low difficulty and short distance.

Tierra de fuego National Park







2-4 km


Pampa Alta

Ruta 3



Senda Costera

Ensenada Zaratiegui



Senda Hito XIV

Lago Acigami



Cerro guanaco




You can hire local tour companies for guided day tours of the park, they include transportation and guides, prices can vary between (US$ 35 - 200).

For adventure seekers and extreme situations, these walks can be combined with camping in the park, for this you must request a free permit granted at the time of paying the entrance.

The park has 3 wild camping areas called Ensenada, Río Pipo and Laguna Verde/Cauquenes, they do not have services, likewise there is no electricity from the network, as well as no cell phone signal or internet in the area. Only in the Cañadón del Toro/Valle del Río Pipo sector is it feasible to acquire connectivity.

The basic recommendations for a good experience are:

  • Shoes suitable for walking (walking on forest floor), preferably with non-slip soles.
  • Light, warm and waterproof clothing both in winter and summer because the weather can vary a lot in the same day, in terms of temperatures and/or rainfall.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • Brochures and maps of the routes (there is no cell phone signal)
  • Water and light food.
  • Waste bags
  • Cash (there are no ATMs in the park, although the access fee in summer can be paid by card). Chains or wheels with nails: in the event that you visit the park in winter, the road is usually covered with ice and snow.
Tierra de Fuego National Park

For a better camping experience:

  • Tent (which can withstand strong winds) and adequate sleeping bag.
  • Gas heater and fast food preparation. The use of fire is prohibited. The collection of firewood is prohibited. If you are going to make a fire, check the permitted areas, and bring firewood of verifiable commercial origin, which you must show on the front page, when entering the park.
  • Flashlight and batteries or extra batteries since there is no electricity to charge camera or cell phone batteries
  • Return with your waste: Trash should not be left in the protected area.

An extra piece of advice that we can add is to place the tent away from trees or in protected sectors, as strong gusts of wind cause branches to break and trees to fall. And keep in mind that the period of permanence is 48 hours.

The activities mentioned above are free and can be done independently, the park also offers other attractions such as canoeing and kayaking. For this, you have to contact tourist companies before going to the park, because they are usually accompanied by transportation, trekking, and other options.

Voyagers Travel has several itineraries visiting Argentinian Patagonia and include visits to Tierra del Fuego park and Ushuaia:

8 day End of the World Tour 

12 day tour including glaciers, penguins and Tierra del Fuego

Tierra de Fuego National Park


These excursions usually depart from Ensenada Zaratiegui, and can depart through the Beagle Channel or the Lapataia River, where the islands, the bays, the air and the mountains give us beautiful postcards that will remain in our memory forever.

This activity can be carried out by people without experience and by professionals, the visual impact of the landscapes and the experience is unforgettable for everyone.

The most popular option consists of a combined trekking and canoeing excursion, with a temporary extension of more than 5 hours, so it is advisable to hire the service in advance. The canoes will navigate the Lapataia and Ovando rivers, providing a relaxing experience for all those who dare.

Tierra de Fuego National Park


The other option to carry out this activity will take us a full day, from Estancia Haberton, on the east coast of the Beagle Channel. During the navigation through the Guaraní Pass, you will arrive at Gable Island, a 22km2 place of unique beauty, from where you can get a beautiful view of the Beagle Channel, and from where you can reach Isla Martillo, where the most frequent animals They are the Patagonian penguins

And finally, canoeing can be combined with an Off-Road excursion that crosses old paths created by lumberjacks, until reaching the shores of Lake Fagnano.

Kayak excursions can be done in groups or individually, the most usual itinerary is the one that starts from Bahía Golondrina, which borders the coast of the Beagle Channel, with arrival at Bahía Cucharita and culminates in Bahía Cauquenes.

Visit the Tierra de Fuego National Park

Another recurring circuit to carry out this activity is to tour Gable Island and the Escondido Lake as a combined excursion. You can also sail in the Khami lagoon, which like everything in this place gives us wonderful images to treasure in memory.

It should always be borne in mind that this activity is subject to weather conditions, so it is advisable to check and book well in advance.





All the companies

U$D 60 -90

4hs - 8hs


Canal Parque Ramada


Another essential attraction involves accessing this wonderful place aboard the End of the World Train. This tour begins at the End of the World station, located 8 km from the city of Ushuaia, and ends in an inaccessible place (on foot or in your vehicle) in the park. This train has heating and audio systems (in 7 different languages) that narrate the history of the train and the city of Ushuaia, which is extremely interesting for any history buff since on board the train one will be able to learn the history of the first train that had the same route and was traveled daily by the prisoners detained in the Ex Prison of Ushuaia, which at the time was one of the cruelest prisons in the world.

The rates for this service range between U$D 40-80 depending on the type of seat chosen.


It's not allowed:

  • Camping in places not enabled.
  • Circulate with vehicles or enter through paths outside of National Route No. 3 and secondary roads that are not marked as enabled.
  • Leaving waste.
  • Use bicycles on trails.
  • Disturb and feed the animals.
  • Light a fire, except in areas set up for this purpose (stoves in the camping area), as long as the index allows it and that it is with firewood from outside the park.
  • Enter with pets.
  • Wash utensils or perform personal hygiene in watercourses.
  • Extract any type species of plants, animals, or other elements typical of the place.
  • Carry out overflights throughout the jurisdiction of the National Park (including drones).
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