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Island: Baltra Voyagers Travel Specialists
Island: Baltra Voyagers Travel Specialists
Island: Baltra Voyagers Travel Specialists
Island: Baltra Voyagers Travel Specialists

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Baltra Island

Main airport

Baltra Island, Galapagos – Doorway to the volcanic islands

Apart of Ecuador, the archipelago of Galapagos is a popular holiday destination. Speaking from a geological perspective, these pieces of land are newly formed and are known to be volcanic in nature. Most of the tourists would have first heard of Galapagos from the references made by Charles Darwin, in his research. Even before this time, there is a legend of pirates and buccaneers who are credited with producing the first navigation chart of the archipelago. Although Ambrose Crawley, the buccaneer, initially named the islands after his mates, the Spanish names have been given recently by the Ecuador government.

Baltra Island, also called South Seymour, is one of the main islands and is one of the gateways to the islands that are to be visited by anyone who enjoys a nature vacation. Baltra is connected to the rest of world mainly via 3 Airlines, TAMLAN, Avianca and TAME. It is also the place where the main airport of Galapagos was built by the US Military for the protection of the South Pacific during World War II. It is observed that there had been fauna local to the island before the base was installed. Only recently, new sightings of iguanas have been reported. Baltra Island is still the main naval base and the sightings of wildlife are not as rich as those reported in the rest of the Galapagos National Park. Baltra Airport, until 1986 was the only one catering to the needs of the peoples.

Past this year, a new airport in San Cristobal was built to add to the connectivity. The main airport is still the one with the maximum facilities, catering to most landings and private charter planes as well. Visitors of Baltra, however, will find it is here where there adventure starts, with the boat docking at the island and being met by an exclusive tourist guide who is knowledgeable in the local flora and fauna. He/she would have many tales to tell about the history, culture, Nature and other interesting features of the archipelago. There are ferries and buses to help tourists get across the place. After crossing the Itabaca channel to reach Santa Cruz, many farms and highlands can be sighted along the way while one travels to the main town Puerto Ayora.

Island: Baltra Voyagers Travel Specialists
Island: Baltra Voyagers Travel Specialists

Tourist Information

Upon arrival, Galapagos Park Fees (or the receipt of paid Park Fees) is collected at the Kiosk.

Transfers to Santa Cruz Island: Land transfer services are available from Baltra to nearby Santa Cruz. Those visitors planning land-based visit Staying on Santa Cruz board the bus departing the airport for the Itabaca Cannel (approximately a 10-minute ride). A ferry takes passengers and their belongings across the water to the CITTEG bus waiting at the other side. Then an hour-long bus ride crosses Santa Cruz, cutting through the highlands and passing many farms before finally reaching Puerto Ayora.

Cost: The total cost is about $2.50, including the channel crossing and buses on both islands. It takes a little over an hour to get to Puerto Ayora.

Note: Baltra does not have any visitor sites.

Check out More Islands

The Islands has a surreal volcanic scenery that combined with its natural beauty, it has great appealing to the eager visitor that loves to explore unique environments.

Majestic views from the summit of Pinnacle Rock, snorkel with Sea Lions and Penguins on this beautiful Island on the Central part.

The shape of the islet resemblances a Chinese Hat, enjoy amazing hike to discover several species of birds and land-iguanas.

A peaceful small Island in the Central part, not open for most cruise itineraries to protect its natural beauty and wildlife sanctuary.

The smallest islet in the Galapagos, but truly a wonderful undersea sanctuary that makes it a top diving destination in the World.

The oldest Island of the Archipelago, holds incredible natural beauty and biodiversity, including the Waved Albatrosses and the amazing blowhole.

It holds the best sites in the Western part, meet the Endemic Flightless Cormorant, Galapagos Penguins and Marine Iguanas.

One of the first islands to be settled by human beings; it houses the very first Post-Office plus fantastic natural sites truly worth visiting.

Shaped like a horseshoe, is one of the youngest islands and offers incomparable hiking and snorkeling sites for the adventurous traveler.

The largest Island that houses over 6 volcanoes (some still active) and over 8 spectacular visitor sites; a marvelous destination whether you are taking a boat-trip or a land-based program.

The most remote on the Archipelago with no human presence or settlements allowed coverts it in a truly untamed wildlife sanctuary.

A very rocky environment surrounds its coast, this represents quite a challenge to the visitor as it doesn’t have defined or easy trails to follow.

A Paradise for bird lovers: Frigate Birds, Blue-Footed Boobies, Finches and more make this Island a must-see by sailing cruise or even on a day-trip from Puerto Ayora.

The birth place of “Lonesome George”, an icon of the Galapagos; it is one of the most protected sites as it house a thriving Endemic Turtle population.

A life-filled location: Land Iguanas, Boobies, Sea-Lions, Frigate. A paradise for hiking, birdwatching and snorkeling.

A magnificent islet that allows visitor to enjoy wildlife, Diving, hiking on uneven terrain and water activities as well.

Home of the capital of Galapagos and the second Airport, it has many diverse visitor sites and complete hotel infrastructure for the demanding traveler to enjoy.

Considered as the main populated Island and starting/ending point for most cruises and tours; it also has wonderful natural sites to visits like the Highlands (Turtle in semi-wild environment).

Also one of the first islands to thrive and among the most visited ones as well due to its wonderful biodiversity and natural enchantment.