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Top 10 Galapagos Islands tourist attractions


The Galapagos Islands archipelago is famous around the world for a number of things. Firstly, it is the place that Darwin honed his theory of evolution. And secondly, it is home to some of the world’s very best wildlife and scenery.

However, if you’re considering a trip, then you need to know which are the locations that you absolutely have to check out. Here’s a list of 10 must see Galapagos Islands tourist attractions.

Isla Bartolome

Volcanic backgrounds and crystal clear surrounding waters are just two of the natural phenomena that create this stunning landscape. There’s also the chance to swim with penguins or climb the summit for stunning views. Not to be missed

North Seymour Island

Not the most exotic name but with the famous blue-footed booby, frigate birds and sea lions to study and photograph, this is easily one of the best Galapagos Islands tourist attractions.

Isla Isabela

Stunning blue lagoons, dancing dolphins, and mysterious caves make this is a must-see location for any intrepid adventurer. Base yourself on board a luxury boat such as the Petrel and you can explore in style.

Isla Santiago

Famous for its sea lions, the rocky caves and pools of Isla Santiago make a fantastic place to explore.

Isla Floreana

Snorkel with some cheeky sea lions or check out the simply magnificent Post Office Bay.

Sombrero Chino Island

As the translation from Spanish might suggest, this island is home to a unique volcano that looks like a Chinese hat and is well worth a visit.

Rabida Island

Bright red volcanic sands make this a true one-off. A stunning beach and great snorkeling opportunities are also very appealing to many visitors.

Genovesa Island

Kayak along the caldera, snorkel in deep blue waters or snap pictures of the rare birdlife that calls the island home.

Santa Cruz Island

Home of the Charles Darwin Research Centre, this is one of the world’s most important places for breeding native animals threatened with extinction.

Isla Fernandina

Another major part of any Galapagos Islands tourist attractions list, this isolated island is home to the marine iguana and Sally Lightfoot crabs. All this nature is back-dropped by an equally spectacular volcano.

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