Galapagos | Blue O Two will conduct dive liveaboard Galapagos cruises

Blue O Two will conduct dive liveaboard Galapagos cruises


As one of the world’s fastest growing and best dive locations, it comes as no surprise that Blue O Two have announced they will be offering liveaboard trips to the Galapagos Islands. Using the M/V Galapagos Master as a base, they will bring their vast experience of luxury dive holidays to some of the world’s most exciting dive waters.

The waters around the Galapagos Islands are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and an Ecuadorian National Park. They are home to some of the most unique underwater life on the planet and a great place to dive. The new Blue O Two Galapagos  Dive cruises will be either seven, ten or fourteen-day packages, called Master the Galapagos. On these Galapagos dive cruises, you’ll get to visit some of the top spots, including Punta Shark Bay and the infamous Darwin’s Watch.

All of this will happen on board the M/V Galapagos Master, a 32m long yacht launched in 2004. But before the first cruise departs, it will be undergoing an extensive dry dock refit and upgrade. It will be able to welcome a total of sixteen guests, plus crew and feature eight air-conditioned cabins with en-suite facilities. There’s also a spacious lounge area, cocktail bar, and dining area. And when you’re not exploring the underwater world around you, you can take some time out to relax on the sun deck.

However, despite the luxurious and spacious surroundings on board, the real star of the show is the diving. There are few places left in the world where an entire archipelago is virtually free of commercial fishing, which means the waters here are teeming with life. It’s the world’s second-largest marine reserve with over 400 species of fish, 10% of which are endemic to the islands. You’ll be able to spot hammerhead and schooling sharks, and maybe even glimpse the elusive Whale Shark too. Add to the mix scores of penguins, rays, and whales and you begin to see why diving and Galapagos cruises go hand in hand.

So, to experience your very own diving adventure, why not go with Blue O Two on one of their new dive cruises or check out the existing Galapagos tours with dive options available? It’s sure to be a once in a lifetime experience and a holiday never to forget.

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