Galapagos | What will you eat on a Galapagos cruise?

What will you eat on a Galapagos cruise?


Although the Galapagos Islands are situated in the heart of the mid-Pacific Ocean, around 1,000 kilometers from the main landmass of South America, they belong to Ecuador. Which means that much of the food you will come across in the Galapagos is influenced by Ecuadorian cuisine.

That means that although you’re geographically far from the Andes, the vast mountain range still plays its part in what reaches your table. Potatoes, which originate in the high Andes, form the staple part of most food in the region. But as well as this you will have grains and vegetables.

However, these being islands surrounded by a colossal body of water, fish, and seafood is an extremely important part of the diet. Fish, shrimp, and yuca are found in abundance and often served in traditional style. One dish that you simply have to try on your Galapagos cruises is ceviche. Rapidly becoming popular in Europe and the US, this dish consists of fish or shrimps cooked in citrus juice and marinated with onions. Another dish you have to try is encebollado, a very tasty fish stew/soup.

You are also well advised to try the local fresh lobsters as well as the infamous sea cucumbers. These are very particular to the islands, with several species only being found in the clean and clear waters. It forms a vital part of the marine ecosystem and helps to maintain the food chain balance. They are also very tasty even if they can look a little unusual when brought out of the water.

Of course, on Galapagos custom vacations aboard quality yachts, you will have an onboard chef to cater to your needs. If you have any dietary requirements or are interested in trying some local delicacies then have a word with your crew when you board.

On the four inhabited islands, there are also some excellent restaurants you can visit. Try El Chocolate or La Garrapata on Santa Cruz Island for a delicious dinner.

On Galapagos cruises, it’s also recommended to try and sample some of the fruits and vegetables that are brought from the mainland. These include naranjillas, blackberries, passion fruits and guanabana.

Food is varied and exciting on Galapagos cruises, as you would expect from a top of the range holiday experience. With plenty of traditional and global cuisine available, your culinary experience will be as enjoyable as the rest of your adventure.

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