Best Galapagos Spots for Surfing | Galapagos Islands | South America travel
Best Galapagos Spots for Surfing | Galapagos Islands | South America travel

Best Galapagos Spots for Surfing

January 19, 2017

Everyone knows at least a few things about the Galapagos Islands. The association with Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution, the famous turtles and the incredible volcanic landscapes are well documented. But the islands are still capable of throwing up a few surprises, even today nearly 500 years after their discovery by man. Chief amongst these startling revelations might be that the Galapagos are also becoming a top surfing destination.

Of course, many people already come to the islands to get into the water. As one of the world’s most sensational scuba diving and snorkeling destinations, people don’t mind getting wet in the Galapagos. That’s even given the fact that despite their geographical position, the cooling Humboldt Current of the southern Pacific keeps the waters cold.

Best Galapagos Islands to visit for surf sites

The three main inhabited islands are the best places for some great surfing – Santa Cruz Island, San Cristobal, and Isabela. However, it is San Cristobal that stands out, with around half a dozen top surfing spots to be found there, including La Carola, Loberia, and Tongo Reef. Have a look at a Galapagos map if you are unsure of the exact locations of these destinations.

The Surfing Season

The best Galapagos Islands to visit have conditions suitable for surfing all year round but the peak season is between December and May when big swells and nice weather create the best conditions. But you’ll still find some nice swells throughout the year.

Surfing Equipment

As mentioned, the waters on the best Galapagos Islands to visit are cooler than most people expect, thanks to movements of the currents. You’ll need to bring a suit, light in the summer seasons and full 3mm in cooler times of the year.

Remember that you’ll need to ask permission to surf at a couple of the surfing spots around the islands as they are found on or near military bases but this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Thanks to the fact that the islands are not yet known as an international surf destination, there are fewer crowds in the waters here. Something that is not the case in most other global surf destinations. In fact, go to the best Galapagos Islands to visit on a weekday during the low season and you might just be the only one there – a genuinely rare occurrence in the world of surfing.


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